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audio Rustbelt Radio for June 6, 2005 IMC Rustbelt Radio 2005-06-06 11:28 PM
On today's show... We speak with David Rosenberg of the Pittsburgh Darfur Emergency Coalition about his group's efforts to bring attention to the ongoing crisis in Western Sudan. We hear from the True Cost of Coal Conference held this past weekend in Pittsburgh, part two in our three part series on Coal in our region and the grassroots organizing against its effects. A high school student in Cleveland is suspended for opposing military recruiters at his school. And police in Pittsburgh and in Ohio are getting more dangerous in their use of tasers. Plus headlines from the Pittsburgh Independent Media Center and independent media centers around the world. (audio/mpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for May 30, 2005 Pittsburgh IMC Rustbelt Radio Collective 2005-05-31 12:16 AM
On today's show, an interview with our featured local grassroots organization of the week, Canaries in the Coalfields, a new group opposing the coal industry and its effects on the environment, workers and communities. Also we'll take a look at a new piece of immigration reform legislation: "The Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act of 2005" (audio/mpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for February 28, 2005 IMC Pittsburgh Radio Collective 2005-03-01 3:03 PM
55 Minutes * a report on tasers and activists' efforts to ban their use by police departments * an interview with one of the Greenpeace Smokestack Six, recently relased from jail for scaling a smokestack at a power plant in Greene County, Pennsylvania last summer. * we hear former black panther Ashanti Alston, author of the publication Anarchist Panther, from his talk last week in Pittsburgh * and United for Peace and Justice, a national anti-war network, held its national assembly in St. Louis a week ago, and Rustbelt Radio has a report (audio/mpeg)

audio Interview with John Waterrburg of the Hatsfield Six Quinten / Rustbelt Radio 2005-02-26 6:02 PM
Interview with John Watterburg, one of six Greenpeace protestors arrested and jailed for scaling the 700 foot smokestack at Hatsfield Ferry in Greene County. (audio/x-ogg)

image Activists Sentenced to Prison for Bannerhang on PA Smokestack .. 2005-02-17 12:07 AM
Activists Sentenced to Prison for Bannerhang on PA Smokestack
Six activists were sentenced to prison yesterday for their bannerhang action on a smokestack in southwestern PA. (image/jpeg + 8 comments)

audio Indymedia Rustbelt Radio for February 14, 2005 Pittsburgh IMC Radio Collective 2005-02-14 9:51 PM
55 minutes: On today's show... activists announce Mountain Justice Summer to fight mountain range removal across Appalachia, a report from Philadelphia at a rally in support of death row prisonor Mumia Abu-Jamal, and sounds from the National Conference on Organized Resistance in DC last weekend. (audio/mpeg)

text Greenpeace protestors will be in court on Tuesday Quinten 2005-02-13 1:03 PM
Six Greenpeace protestors, arrested for scaling smokestack in Greene County last June, will be in court this Tuesday. (adds details, background) (text/plain + 2 comments)

text SmokeStack 6 Go to Court Tuesday p 2005-02-13 9:06 AM
The six folks who scaled the smokestack at the Hatsfield Ferry Power Plant in Greene County will be in court Tuesday afternoon for sentencing. (text/plain)

audio Indymedia Rustbelt Radio show for Monday, January 24, 2005 Pittsburgh IMC Radio Collective 2005-01-25 1:16 AM
Rustbelt Radio for the week of January 24, 2005: the Pittsburgh Independent Media Center's weekly review of the news from the grassroots that the corporate media overlook. This first show of our season marks our first as a weekly show. We also are happy to announce that we are expanding to the Wheeling, West Virginia area via WVJW Benwood where we'll be broadcast every Saturday at 5pm. On today's show: we speak to Pittsburgh residents as they convert a diesel-powered vehicle to run on vegetable oil, news from the second inauguration of George W. Bush, and coverage of the Martin Luther King, Jr holiday in Pittsburgh. (audio/mpeg)

image U.S. Attorney Drops Ellerbe's Civil Rights Case david meieran 2004-12-15 8:56 PM
U.S. Attorney Drops Ellerbe's Civil Rights Case
On December 13, the US Attorney's office announced that it has dropped the civil rights case concerning Michael Ellerbe, a 12-year old boy who was shot in the back and killed by Pennsylvania State Police in Uniontown on Dec 24, 2002. (image/jpeg)

ON NOV 3 WALKOUT TO SAY NO TO THE BUSH AGENDA! (text/plain + 9 comments)

text Mumia Legal Update mumia legal 2004-10-29 11:40 AM
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit issued an Order on Oct. 19 denying Mumia's legal team's motion for stay of the proceedings on appeal in order to litigate newly discovered facts & issues. This means that the case will continue to move forward federally at the appellate level even though there are issues pending in the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas. (text/plain)

audio Marakay Rogers, Green for attorney General Mike 2004-10-29 1:16 AM
Marakay Rogers' 30 second radio ad. 349Kb. (audio/mpeg)

If anything good happens for public transit it won’t be till 5 min to midnight on the last day of the session. (text/plain)

text CNN uses Pittsburgh Info Reader 2004-09-17 6:44 AM
The Pittsburgh Independent Media Center reports she recently participated in demonstrations around the Republican National Convention in New York. (text/plain)

image Welcome to the Police State: Suppression of Anti-Bush Protests Daniel Shays 2004-08-16 8:42 AM
Welcome to the Police State: Suppression of Anti-Bush Protests
Here's an excerpt from a Jim Hightower piece on SS suppression of anti-Bush protest (image/jpeg + 1 comment)

text Greenpeace protest at local power plant Jeff Mann 2004-06-24 8:25 AM
Greenpeace protests Bush's clean air policy at local power plant (text/plain + 7 comments)

text Beneath the Shadows of Abu Ghraib Adam Corwin 2004-06-10 4:21 PM
Examining the prison culture of the United States in conjuction with the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. (text/plain)

image Morgantown under Marine Occupation PFC Sundizzy (un)Imbedded 2004-05-15 2:42 PM
Morgantown under Marine Occupation
A report from behind the front lines of the marine occupation of Morgantown. (image/jpeg + 3 comments)

text Wal-Mart: Coming to a Town Near You! Adam Corwin 2004-03-24 8:08 AM
This is a critical over view of Wal-Marts labor and buying practices in response to its interest in a town south of Pittsburgh (text/plain + 7 comments)

text DA Rules Police OK in Shooting 12 yr. Old; Group to Protest F15 miranda c. 2003-02-02 3:22 PM
On December 24, 2002, Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Samuel Nassan shot and killed Michael Ellerbe, an un-armed 12 year old African-American boy, in Uniontown, Fayette County. The boy was shot in the back after running from the officers. Nassan and his partner, Juan Curry, were chasing the boy because they believed he had stolen an SUV. That is where fact ends and speculation begins. What followed was a series of proceedings that highlighted the two troopers’ accounts of the killing that at least one person called a “kangaroo court.” (text/plain + 1 comment)

text Cops shoot 12yr old in back in Fayette County Regina 2002-12-27 1:48 PM
Cops shoot 12 yr old in back on Christmas eve. (text/plain + 122 comments)

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