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text Latin American Documentary and Film Fest Amigos del Cine Latinoamericano 2007-11-02 5:00 PM
This First Short Film and Documentary Festival brings a number of films that emerge from social and cultural realities of some countries in the region (in particular Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, the U,S., and Canada). (text/plain)

audio Rustbelt Radio for October 29, 2007 Pittsburgh IMC: Rustbelt Radio collective 2007-10-30 3:17 AM
On this week's show... * As fires sweep across Southern California, undocumented immigrants fear deportation * Protesters gather in DC to oppose the World Bank & IMF * Dr. Herb Needleman speaks about his research linking lead poisoning and violence * Racial threats continue in the city as another noose is found at a workplace in Pittsburgh * Desmond Tutu visits Pittsburgh - and SCI Greene * and more in our local and global headlines (audio/mpeg)

audio The Rise of Islamism in Palestine BE47 2007-08-27 5:09 AM
Journalist Charmaine Seitz spoke in Harrisburg on August 27. Her subject was "The Rise of Islamism in Palestine." (audio/mpeg + 13 comments)

audio Rustbelt Radio for August 13, 2007 Pittsburgh IMC: Rustbelt Radio collective 2007-08-14 2:27 AM
On this week's show... * Let's Talk About Sex-- interviews and highlights from the 10th annual Sistersong conference * we take a look at the new documentary Good Copy Bad Copy, which examines copyright and culture, featuring Pittsburgh-based mashup artist Girl Talk * An update on the Local Community Radio Act from Media Minutes * We examine why attacks against the homeless are on the rise * plus more in our local and global headlines (audio/mpeg)

text Cross Country Peace March Event in Bellevue, PA Nicolas Baria 2007-08-12 8:35 PM
The coffee shop Affogato located in Bellevue, just outside of Pittsburgh will be featuring the poetry of The March of the People organizer Mario Penalver. The Reading will begin at 7 PM on Tuesday, August 14. Poetry featured in this reading will come from Penalver’s book, The Patriot. This book is the culmination of Penalver’s master program at the University of Chicago and inspired by the March to Washington, D.C. It is available for purchase as a fundraiser to offset March expenses. Come hear the poetry of Mario Penalver, this Tuesday at the Affogato coffee shop at 613 Lincoln Avenue in Bellevue. (412) 761-0750 (text/plain)

audio Rustbelt Radio for August 6, 2007 Pittsburgh IMC: Rustbelt Radio collective 2007-08-07 2:05 AM

audio Rustbelt Radio for July 23, 2007 Pittsburgh IMC: Rustbelt Radio collective 2007-07-24 3:21 PM
On this week's show... * Is Pittsburgh really America's most livable city? Community groups, organizations and individuals gathered to discuss disparities in the Allegheny County region * from Ireland, an update on arrests in the Shell to Sea campaign * The Newark Rebellion - forty years later, denouncing police violence and commemorating people's resistance * Race, Class, Food and You - a lecture by Breeze Harper * and more in our local and global headlines (audio/mpeg)

video BASTILLE DAY in Harrisburg with Ramona Africa: Paroling the MOVE 9 in 2008 BE47 2007-07-16 11:25 AM
Ramona Africa spoke in Harrisburg on July 14, "Bastille Day." She gave a wonderful history of the MOVE organization and gave a clear description of why the eight surviving MOVE 9 prisoners must be released from Pennsylvania's prison system in 2008. And why they need to be granted a new, fair trial. They have all been in jail for 300 years for one bullet, the sentencing judge admits he has no idea who who fired it. Yet they are all serving his 30-100 years sentence. Many are certain the bullet was actually fired by police, a horrible instance of "friendly fire." This "bastille Day" talk by Ramona is one of the best talks I have ever heard her give [and she sets a pretty high standard!]. Full extended versions of this talk should be available soon on CD. But for now, if you missed her talk, stream this! Peace if you can help finance the MOVE 9 legal defense, please make checks out to "MOVE." the address is: MOVE P.O. Box 19709  Philadelphia, PA 19143 (video/quicktime + 2 comments)

audio Rustbelt Radio for June 25, 2007 Pittsburgh IMC: Rustbelt Radio collective 2007-06-26 1:12 AM
On this week's show... * From the Allied Media Conference in Detroit, Aishah Shahidah Simmons, speaks about her experience making No!, a documentary about Black women and rape. * SEIU protests on behalf of local janitors * Bicyclists, along with Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and local cyling advocacy organization Bike-Pittsburgh celebrate Pittsburgh's second-ever bike lane * and an update on the cases of the 8 former Black Panther Party members on trial in San Francisco for the 1971 murder of a police officer * and more in our local and global headlines (audio/mpeg)

video 1 - @andalusi@ The Baglady Miguel Rojas Sotelo 2007-06-09 9:49 PM
Short video on the artistic practices of an (i)ndy media artist-activist. The video functions as a pseudo portrait of an imaginary-real artist that deals with a counter systemic way to produce art and communication in a urban setting in contemporary United States. (Duration: 30 min) (video/quicktime)

audio Rustbelt Radio for April 2, 2007 Pittsburgh IMC: Rustbelt Radio collective 2007-04-03 2:32 AM
On this week's show... * US Airways pilots picket at Pittsburgh International Airport * Eric Keroack resigns as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Population Affairs * A Pittsburgh conference looks at global warming and ways to resist it * Founding board member of Creative Commons James Boyle speaks on copyright at CMU * and more in our local and global headlines (audio/mpeg)

audio James Boyle keynote at You're Not the Boss of Me Donald Deeley 2007-04-01 1:57 AM
James Boyle's keynote address at the You're Not the Boss of Me copyright festival at CMU from March 30, 2007. Speech is licenses under a Creative Commons-attribution-3.0 license. Boyle-1: Introduction by Christopher Sperandio. 13:53 96kbps mp3 Boyle-2: Keynote address by James Boyle. min. 96kbps mp3 Boyle-3: Post-speech Q&A. min. 96kbps mp3 (audio/mpeg + 1 comment)

image Pittsburgh/Oakland War Protest Pictures Jeremy Saam 2007-03-26 4:57 PM
Pittsburgh/Oakland War Protest Pictures
These are photos taken during the war protest in Oakland on the 24th. The man being arrested was detained becuase he was interrupting scheduled speakers. (image/jpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for February 12, 2007 Indymedia Rustbelt Radio collective 2007-02-12 9:39 PM
On this week's show... * Leaders of the black community respond to a new report showing Pennsylvania has the highest rate of black homicide victims in the nation * We take a look at the case of Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier on the 31st anniversary of his arrest * A New York City council member discusses racial profiling * The Coalition of Immokalee workers speak on the connections between Fast Food Corporations and Farmworkers wages (audio/mpeg)

text Documentary to Air on the History of Indigenous Muslims in Pittsburgh Haroon Al-Qahtani 2007-02-07 12:24 AM
Pittsburgh, PA – February 7, 2007 – Throughout February a documentary examining the rich history of Pittsburgh’s indigenous Muslim population will air on PCTV channel 21. “An Oral History of Islam in Pittsburgh” begins with the migration of formally enslaved African-Americans to Pittsburgh seeking employment and discusses the contributions of Satti Majid, a Sudanese Muslim who in the early twentieth century worked toward the establishment of a traditional Islamic community in Wilkinsburg. (text/plain)

video Rustbelt TV for December 2006 Rustbelt TV - Pittsburgh Indymedia 2007-01-28 6:18 PM
On this show... * anti-nuclear activists denounce military contractor Bechtel's local operations * participants in the wheels of justice tour speak in Pittsburgh about their recent trips to Iraq and Palestine * the student-farmworker alliance protests McDonald's in Oakland * Tazers and Lies * the struggle to rebuild New Orleans East * taking back the media in Oaxaca * and a preview of the upcoming film Slingshot Hip Hop also, see downloadable MPEG versions from: (video/x-ogg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for January 15, 2007 Indymedia Rustbelt Radio collective 2007-01-15 10:30 PM
On this week's show... * an interview with two independent journalists who documented the 34 day war in Lebanon last summer and its aftermath. * thousands take to the street in a march against violence in New Orleans * Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speaks on collective struggle, the war in Vietnam, revolutionary movements around the world, and more. * 2 local groups claim victory in their campaigns (audio/mpeg)

image Benjamin H. Latrobe’s Pennsylvania-German Family Connections William Hughes 2006-11-06 7:47 AM
Benjamin H. Latrobe’s Pennsylvania-German Family Connections
On Nov. 4, 2006, a ceremony was held to mark the reopening of the R.C. Basilica in Baltimore. It was designed by Benjamin Henry Latrobe, who it was noted emigrated from England, “in 1795.” Latrobe’s Pennsylvania German connections were omitted, however. His mother was born in PA, and his maternal grandfather, John Henry Antes, a German emigrant, was a builder in his own right. Three of Latrobe’s uncles were Revolutionary War patriots. (image/jpeg)

video Pittsburgh Web Series Kicks Off Season 4 Erik Schark 2006-09-06 12:24 PM
Pittsburgh-based web series "Something To Be Desired" Season 4 Promo, 2:45 (video/quicktime)

text An independent gothic Childrens book and Halloween Party Christa Driscoll 2006-08-29 6:25 PM
A promotional Halloween party for an independently published gothic children's book collaborated on by local artists. October 28th @ the Union Project 1pm BYOB. (text/plain)

video Rustbelt TV for Summer 2006 Rustbelt TV, Pittsburgh IMC video collective 2006-08-27 8:38 PM
Pittsburgh Indymedia presents a new edition of Rustbelt TV - news from the grassroots - featuring these stories and more: * Anti Sweatshop activists hold a carnival for workers rights during the All Star Game * Cyclists celebrate as they ride in Critical Mass, a monthly bike ride * Surviving in an Asian Megacity- a video about life in Jakarta * Prometheus Radio holds a station barnraising in Tennessee * Evo Morales is elected as the first Indigenous president in Latin America (video/x-ogg + 1 comment)

audio Rustbelt Radio for August 14, 2006 Rustbelt Radio 2006-08-15 12:24 PM
On this week's show... * Rustbelt Radio talks to local non-profit Global Links about shipping medical supplies from Pittsburgh to needy hospitals in other parts of the world. * Global Justice activist and author Vandana Shiva speaks about Creativity, Compassion, and Social Change * two stories from Philadelphia: an annual punk festival is shut down by police, and unions take on the telecom giant Verizon * a small town in Pennsylvania is imposing extreme new laws against immigrants * and more in our local and global headlines (audio/mpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for August 7, 2006 Indymedia Rustbelt Radio collective 2006-08-08 10:28 AM
On this week's show... * Members of Prometheus Radio Project speak about community media in Pennsylvania * People across the US and in Pittsburgh commemorate the 61st anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki * An independent journalist is jailed in San Francisco * Coca-Cola and Pepsi soft drinks are banned in parts of India * and more in our local and global headlines (audio/mpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for June 26, 2006 Indymedia Rustbelt Radio collective 2006-06-27 8:58 PM
On this week's show... * We bring you voices of the various activists, organizers, and media makers who gathered at the 8th annual Allied Media Conference this past weekend * plus, our local and global headlines (audio/mpeg)

text Pittsburgh IWW and Friends of Labor Celebrate May Day & Branch Charter Day Worker Freedom 2006-05-10 10:29 AM
Note: This is an official Pittsburgh GMB posting. The Branch only authorizes officially recognized news and articles to be posted under the Pittsburgh GMB banner. (text/plain)

audio Elaine Brown Interview 2 Andalusia 2006-04-10 4:36 PM
This is part 2 of the interview (audio/mpeg + 3 comments)

image A Fair in the Park Nicole Capozzi 2006-03-31 2:43 PM

The 37th "A Fair in the Park," an annual contemporary arts and entertainment festival, returns to Pittsburgh's Mellon Park September 8 - 10, 2006. (image/jpeg)

text 2006 Midwest Hip Hop Covergence Yes 2006-03-21 6:56 PM
Saturday April 1st at Antioch College 2006 Midwest Hip Hop Covergence sponsored by the coretta scotta king center (text/plain)

image Borderless Puzzle Superbowl Victory Party Tuesday at Club Cafe Bryan Meyer 2006-02-06 1:01 AM
Borderless Puzzle Superbowl Victory Party Tuesday at Club Cafe
Pittsburgh, PA -- February 5, 2006 -- Local band Borderless Puzzle celebrates The Steeler's victory in Superbowl XL with a special Tuesday night show at one of Southside's veteran venues, The Club Cafe, on Feburay 7th at 9:30. (image/jpeg)

application The Vagina Monologues Campus Women's Organization 2006-01-24 12:13 PM
The Vagina Monologues February 9, 10,11 8:30pm University of Pittsburgh, David Lawrence Hall Auditorium $10 admission/ $5 with student ID Benefits the Women's Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh (application/pdf + 2 comments)

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