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text USW, Goodyear Reach Tentative Agreement United Steelworkers 2006-12-23 12:58 PM
(Pittsburgh, PA) -- The United Steelworkers (USW) and the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company today reached tentative agreement on a new three year contract that the union said “secures retiree health care benefits and dramatically increases Goodyear’s investments in union facilities.” (text/plain)

audio The Best of Rustbelt Radio for Fall 2006! Pittsburgh Indymedia 2006-12-18 10:01 PM
This week, we will be presenting highlights of Rustbelt Radio stories from the Fall of 2006 including... * A Proposed Casino for the Hill District faces opposition * the legal struggle over Hazleton, Pennsylvania's trendsetting anti-immigrant legislation * Veterans of the war in Iraq visit Pittsburgh on the Uprise Counter Recruitment Tour * Anti-affirmative action backlash and voter fraud shape Michigan's election results * and more headlines from recent shows But before we begin, during our best-of show we always remind our listeners that our program is produced entirely by volunteers and we depend upon donations of equipment and funds to continue. If you can support us with recording equipment, computers, or funds for these supplies, please call 412-923-3000, or email us at, or donate on our website, You can also help with Rustbelt Radio and other independent media projects by getting involved with the Independent Media Center! We are organizing a workspace for media making at our office on Penn Avenue, where we'll be leading workshops for volunteers to learn how to make radio, TV, and online news! Also, we will be offering internships with Rustbelt Radio starting in January of 2007. If you enjoy listening to the show and would like to learn more about what happens behind the scenes, check out for our internship listings. (audio/mpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for December 11, 2006 Indymedia Rustbelt Radio collective 2006-12-11 10:21 PM
On this week's show... * we'll hear from Mumia Abu-Jamal, who marked his 25th year of imprisonment in Pennsylvania over the weekend * a new film on Cuba's public health system premiered at the University of Pittsburgh, and we spoke to its producer, as well as other members of the panel discussion that followed * the New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has refused the right of transgender people to designate their own genders on birth certificates. * local updates on the Hill District casino proposal, the Mon-Fayette expressway, and the protest at Colin Powell's recent speech * and also, an update from Palestine (audio/mpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for November 13, 2006 Indymedia Rustbelt Radio collective 2006-11-14 1:41 AM
On this week's show... * Angela Davis speaks at the Thomas Merton Center Award Dinner * A discussion about the fight for universal health coverage * A Chicago man sets himself on fire in protest of the war in Iraq * A video posted on You Tube prompts an FBI investigation into the conduct of the Los Angeles Police * plus more in our local and global headlines (audio/mpeg)

audio The Fight for Universal Health Coverage in America david 2006-11-13 2:04 AM
In a recent talk at the University of Pittsburgh, scholars and health care advocates discussed the fight for universal heath coverage in America. (audio/x-ogg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for November 6, 2006 Indymedia Rustbelt Radio collective 2006-11-06 11:22 PM
On this week's show... * Hill District Residents continue to mobilize against a casino in their neighborhood * Taking back the land: homeless Miami residents build a shantytown * We'll hear voices from the International Day of Action Against Climate Change and key predictions on climate from new scientific studies. * Persecution of gays in Iraq has led to several murders * updates on the situation in Oaxaca and more local and global news (audio/mpeg)

audio Dr. Strada of Emergency Speaking in PGH Morgan 2006-10-29 9:23 PM
Dr. Strada of the humanitarian NGO "Emergency" speaking in Pittsburgh on Thursday, October 26, 2006. (audio/mpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for October 2, 2006 Indymedia Rustbelt Radio collective 2006-10-02 10:31 PM
On this week's show... * We'll find out about a new report on harassment and bullying by the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network and advice from local activists on starting gay-straight alliances and creating safer spaces for LGBTQ teens. * Straight from the Picket we'll hear from Irish Residents who are fighting a Shell pipeline in their community * New Jersey residents petition against felon disenfranchisement * A new town in Pennsylvania has adopted a racist, anti-immigrant ordinance * and more in our local and global headlines (audio/mpeg)

text Did Aspartame Cause Pittsburgh Mayor O'Connor's Brain Tumors? Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum 2006-09-18 10:04 AM
Rare primary brain lymphoma began escalating with aspartame. Ramazzini Study in 2005 proved lymphoma. Did the Mayor use it and did it cause his death. New Mayor on Diet Pepsi. Lecture 9/21 at 7:00 P.M., Freedom of Choice in Cancer Therapy, Day's Inn, Butler, Pa. (text/plain + 3 comments)

text Think Anti Smoking is Nice, or Anti Corporate? Think Again. Watchdog 2006-09-12 3:45 AM
Odd that so many progressives/lefties etc believe and join the Corporate Promoted Smoke bans. Few remember Refer Madness...the previous Smoke Ban. Few notice that the proposed laws are fraudulent. (text/plain + 20 comments)

text Concert to Raise Funds for New Orleans Free Health Clinic at the Rex Mike Stout 2006-08-31 2:06 PM
Incite! is a group of women in New Orleans who are launching a free Health Clinic for the uninsured. The Raging Grannies, Autumn Ayers, Gab Bonesso, and Mike Stout are holding at concert to raise funds for the free clinic on Sept 9, at the Rex Theater in Pittsburgh. Tickets are $10. Come out for a worthy cause an great night of entertainment. (text/plain)

video Rustbelt TV for Summer 2006 Rustbelt TV, Pittsburgh IMC video collective 2006-08-27 8:38 PM
Pittsburgh Indymedia presents a new edition of Rustbelt TV - news from the grassroots - featuring these stories and more: * Anti Sweatshop activists hold a carnival for workers rights during the All Star Game * Cyclists celebrate as they ride in Critical Mass, a monthly bike ride * Surviving in an Asian Megacity- a video about life in Jakarta * Prometheus Radio holds a station barnraising in Tennessee * Evo Morales is elected as the first Indigenous president in Latin America (video/x-ogg + 1 comment)

audio Rustbelt Radio for August 21, 2006 Rustbelt Radio Collective 2006-08-22 2:07 AM
On this week's show... * People in Pittsburgh and across the US are organizing to fight Walmart * we have a preview of Spike Lee's new documentary on New Orleans titled "When the Levees Broke" * NSA's wiretapping program is declared illegal by a federal judge * Protests, violence, and repression continue in Mexico and Palestine * and also our local and global headlines (audio/mpeg)

audio The Bicycle: Vehicle to social equality and health abie&jessica for Dr. Paul Simpson, M.D. 2006-06-29 10:38 PM
Dr. Paul Simpson, M.D., spoke at Bike Fest about the negative effects of hierarchical society on physical health, and also how the humble bicycle can help fight this. (audio/mpeg + 1 comment)

audio Rustbelt Radio for June 19, 2006 Indymedia Rustbelt Radio collective 2006-06-20 1:21 AM
On today's show... * an interview with author David Carter on the beginning of the gay rights movement at the Stonewall Inn in New York, * single payer healthcare advocates describe proposals for universal health care at the state and national levels, * plus, an anti-war bike tour rolls through Pittsburgh, courts rule on police searches in the US and Germany, criticism of the Guantanamo Bay prison, and news from the eviction of the South Central Farm in LA. (audio/mpeg)

text Universal Health Care rally Jessica McPherson, for Rustbelt Radio 2006-06-18 10:03 AM
Supporters of universal health care held a rally in downtown Pittsburgh on Wednesday, June 7, in front of the headquarters of insurance giant Highmark. (text/plain)

audio Rustbelt Radio for June 12, 2005 Indymedia Rustbelt Radio collective 2006-06-13 12:16 PM
On this week's show... * We'll hear from Eli Kuti and Khalia Latte, organizers of the Pittsburgh Dyke March, on the mobilization of queer women's community in Pittsburgh and plans for Friday's march. * A look at the conservative movement's recent push for what they call Academic Freedom, * as well as local updates on last week's anti-war protest, a wind power conference held in Pittsburgh, universal health care in Pennsylvania and global news from independent media sources around the world (audio/mpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for June 5, 2006 Indymedia Rustbelt Radio collective 2006-06-06 3:08 AM
On this week's show... * We bring you a report from Mexico City about a recent solidarity march for the political prisoners of Atenco * Homewood Residents talk about a police chase that ends in two deaths * We'll hear from the group Pittsburgh Friends of Immigrants on issues facing immigrants in Pittsburgh and in the nation. * And, local news on aids advocacy and the fight over mercury pollution controls currently raging in the Pennsylvania legislature. (audio/mpeg)

text Legislature debates mercury standards Rustbelt Radio / Jessica 2006-06-05 9:27 PM
The Republican-led Pennsylvania General Assembly is set to consider legislation that would prohibit the state Department of Environmental Protection from adopting regulations to limit mercury pollution. (text/plain)

audio Rustbelt Radio memorial day 2006 special Indymedia Rustbelt Radio collective 2006-06-01 5:53 PM
This week on Rustbelt Radio, a special Memorial Day program in recognition of innocent people who have been imprisoned or executed. We will hear an in depth report on wrongful incarceration including interviews with: * Bill Moushey of the Innnocence Institute of Pittsburgh * Tommy Doswell, of Homewood, who was wrongfully incarcerated for 19 years before being cleared by DNA evidence * Duane Kirk, who was wrongfully incarcerated for 15 months * and members of the Black Politicial Empowment Project who are working towards legislation for compensation and services for the wrongfully incarcerated. Also, Blackbox Radio interviews the The Icarus Project, a radical mental health organization. Program note: this show was orginally scheduled for May 29, 2006, but was postponed until May 31 due to unforeseen technical problems at WRCT studios. (audio/mpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for May 22, 2005 Indymedia Rustbelt Radio collective 2006-05-22 10:50 PM
On this week's show... * We'll hear more on a proposal to build a new waste-coal fired power plant in Robinson Township, Washington County * In Dublin, Ireland, a group of 41 Afghanis occupied St. Patricks Cathedral seeking asylum * local news on a funding crisis for needle exchange, solitary confinement in Pennsylvania prisons, and single payer health care reform * and global news on an anti-Halliburton protest in Oklahoma, the Sri Lankan civil war, and more (audio/mpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for May 1, 2006 Indymedia Rustbelt Radio collective 2006-05-01 10:39 PM
On this week's show... * We'll hear about the denial of financial aid to students that have drug convictions * a detailed account of the situation in Darfur and the Sudan * a report from today's immigrants rights protests * and also a special May Day feature story. (audio/mpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for April 24, 2006 Indymedia Rustbelt Radio collective 2006-04-25 12:35 AM
On this week's show... * A memorial service for Pittsburgh Revolutionary Sanjulo Ber * Cover the Uninsured Week - An interview with the Consumer Health Coalition * A Report on Alternative Spring Break trips to Guetamala and New Orleans * The "green scare" and government repression of Environmenal Activists * The Ohio ACLU is concerned with documents obtained via the Freedom of Information Act on anti-war groups, and more (audio/mpeg)

text U-lock justice against McDonalds AnarchyFuckYeah 2006-04-01 5:22 PM
Stink Bombs and U-locks now there is an april fools. (text/plain + 1 comment)

text counter recruitment protest mon rush hour 27 feb 2006 pogger 2006-02-23 1:09 PM
Feb 27- Anti-War/Counter-Recruitment protest (text/plain + 6 comments)

audio Rustbelt Radio for February 13, 2006 Indymedia Rustbelt Radio collective 2006-02-13 8:21 PM
On this week's show... South America's largest squatted highrise is facing eviction, Voices for Animals must renew efforts to make the Big Burrito Restaurant group foie gras free, We hear from the sister of a prisoner held in Guantanamo Bay, and we talk with local peace and activist organizations about their efforts to find out how much the government has been spying on them. (audio/mpeg)

application The Vagina Monologues Campus Women's Organization 2006-01-24 12:13 PM
The Vagina Monologues February 9, 10,11 8:30pm University of Pittsburgh, David Lawrence Hall Auditorium $10 admission/ $5 with student ID Benefits the Women's Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh (application/pdf + 2 comments)

text PA Birth Control Access at Risk Rep. Dan Frankel (via Ben Turner) 2005-12-14 6:11 PM
Rep. Dan Frankel, D-Pittsburgh, is working to stop a growing trend of pharmacists denying access to emergency contraception and other legal prescription drugs such as birth control. Planned Parenthood did a survey of PA pharmacies that found some surprising results. (text/plain + 1 comment)

text #2 from pittsburgh to new orleans vincent / blast furnace radio 2005-12-01 12:53 AM
reflection of my latest trip to the new orleans region (text/plain)

audio Rustbelt Radio for November 28, 2005 Indymedia Rustbelt Radio collective 2005-11-28 11:52 PM
On this week's show... * We speak to an organizer with the South Central Los Angeles Farmers who are fighting the destruction of their urban farm * We hear from Johanna Fernandez's lecture about the Young Lords Party and Late Sixties Radicalism * and Code Pink protests the war outside Kaufmann's on the day after Thanksgiving * and workers at Starbucks are struggling against the company to unionize with the IWW * plus our local and global headlines (audio/mpeg)

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