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text Stop neocon candidate henhawk Hillary Kucinich Supporter 2007-10-05 3:48 PM
Henhawk Hillary's sheep's clothing reveals wolf fur underneath. Stop her neocon candidacy. (text/plain + 7 comments)

image Governor Otter, Please Bypass Dirk Kempthorne In Replacing Larry Craig Tree Trillions 2007-09-01 12:39 PM
Governor Otter, Please Bypass Dirk Kempthorne In Replacing Larry Craig

text Animals Ask You To Vote Against Hillary Clinton ARC 2007-08-29 1:49 PM
Hillary Clinton supports doubling NIH's animal torture funds, has voted to bomb the animals of Iraq and Afghanistan, has received money from her friend Don Tyson, nation's biggest butcher, has been on the board of animal abusing WalMart, has been silent about Mad Cow, Mad Pig, Mad Chicken in the US (text/plain)

image Hillary Clinton wants to double animal torture monies at NIH ARC 2007-08-28 12:08 AM
Hillary Clinton wants to double animal torture monies at NIH
to see what happens to animals after institutions receive your tax dollars through NIH go to (image/jpeg)

text Nazis in the Military Jason Leopold 2007-08-26 11:16 PM
Swastikas at Hunter Airfield, and a Rabbi on the Run (text/plain)

text Hunters in the Bush regime ARC 2007-08-15 6:03 PM
the correlation between violence to animals and violence to human beings is shown by this partial list of Bush regime hunters and executors of war (text/plain)

text 52 Reasons Not To Mow, 41 Ways To Help Trees, 26 Ways to Prevent Fires Nonmowing Coalition 2007-08-14 5:51 PM
Because of the spontaneous combustion of wood chips in a hot Houston park on Aug 13, 2007, this article has been revised. It speaks of ways to cool the world in summer and warm it in winter. (text/plain)

text Georgia Vivisectors Cause Hoof and Mouth in the UK BBC 2007-08-06 6:42 PM
Merial Ltd, a 'vaccine' manufacturer based in Georgia with fellow vivisectors Emory University and the CDC, has caused a ban on the export of British pig and cow flesh. (text/plain)

text Killer Drug Companies.. ARC 2007-07-24 4:29 PM
International pharmaceutical companies like Glaxo, Roche, Bayer, Pfizer, Merck, Lilly have killed billions of animals to attempt to legitimize their products which poison human beings. These companies have overthrown governments and caused wars, and in the cases in which their products are beneficial and not toxic, have killed as well by their pricegouging prices (text/plain)

text The Animals' Rachel Corrie Is Jill Phipps ARC 2007-07-09 12:36 PM
As Rachel Corrie was crushed to death protesting Sharon treatment of Palestinians, Jill Phipps was crushed to death protesting the live shipment of calves by the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the US' Heifer International and other agribusiness (text/plain)

text 18 Reasons American Children Not Yet Slender ARC 2007-07-05 11:07 AM
cutting the dairy lobby's power, cutting fast food advertising, educating the public about the 23 pounds less a vegan weighs on average than a nonvegetarian etc. (text/plain)

text MOVE 9 Up for Parole after 30 Years in Jail! BE47 2007-06-25 2:39 PM
Ramona Africa is speaking on why the MOVE 9 need to be released on parole in 2008. Ramona is the only adult survivor of the 1985 fire-bombing of the MOVE home in 1985. She has a very personal understanding of what happened to the MOVE activists in 1978 when the MOVE 9 were put in prison. (text/plain + 2 comments)

text Clintons Forced To Sell War Profiteer, Environmental Desecrator and Animal Abuse Stocks ARC 2007-06-16 11:18 AM
By federal law, Clintons were forced to disinvest from their blind trust which included stocks of animal killers, war profiteers, the worst oil and vivisecting drug companies, environmental desecrators because Mrs Clinton is a candidate for president. (text/plain)

text Sofia EU: Mass Farming of Stray Animals Emil Kuzmanov 2007-06-08 1:56 PM
An Open Letter to Mayor Boyko Borissov, a very ambitious and popular politician, leader of the Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) party and former Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior. Since May 30 2007 multiple copies were emailed to The Municipality of Sofia (<>), The Public Ombudsman of Sofia (<>) and The Prosecutor General of the Republic of Bulgaria (<>) - without reply. (text/plain)

text EMERGENCY ALERT! Slaughter of Yellowstone Buffalo Calves Planned by Montana Buffalo Field Campaign 2007-05-30 5:41 PM
The last wild buffalo need your help today! Please take a moment to read this alert and contact the three decision-makers listed below, demanding that they cease plans to capture and slaughter approximately 300 wild buffalo, including little calves, their moms, and families. (text/plain)

text Air Canada plane bound for Paris with lab beagles in its hold Canada.Com 2007-05-29 12:03 PM
Genocidal campaigns by governments, pharmaceutical companies, university and private labs can be reduced if plane, train, truck, shipping, and bus lines refuse to ship them (text/plain)

text 52 Reasons Not To Mow 37 Ways To Help Trees Ahimsa Network 2007-05-28 7:58 AM
reduce global warming, reforest, prevent accidents, create oxygen, foster biodiversity, protect habitat etc (text/plain)

text Bloomberg's Vivisection, AntiHomeless, ProWar Record ARC 2007-05-23 2:23 PM
With the news from Michael Bloomberg's media operatives that he intends to spend 1 billion in order to install a prowar candidate by running himself as an independent, animal activists remember Blalock, who at Johns Hopkins developed the Blalock Press to test how many pounds of pressure a dog's bones could take before breaking. (Time Warner's HBO did a movie praising the sadist.) (text/plain)

text French Court Rules Vivisector Glaxo's Vaccines Cause Multiple Sclerosis AFP and ARC 2007-05-20 1:55 PM
Glaxo vaccines have killed and sickened American soldiers. It is the main driver behind the harrassment of European animal rights activists as well as a vivisector, pricegouger, manufacturer of toxic products, and war profiteer (text/plain)

text 5th Annual Liberation Conference: Agriculture, Imperialism and War 4/28/07 Syracuse, NY S.A.R.O. 2007-04-18 8:11 PM
A brief writeup on the upcoming 5th Annual Animal Liberation Conference Series: Agriculture, Imperialism and War, held by Syracuse Animal Rights Organization, in Syracuse, NY on April 28th 2007. (text/plain)

text Boycott Bulgaria, Boycott Sofia Emil Kuzmanov 2006-12-23 2:02 PM
We call on the concerned authorities and world community alike to boycott and reproach Bulgarian officials till enactment and enforcement of a modern Animal Protection Act takes an effect, one which will guarantee the protection and welfare of animals in Bulgaria. (text/plain)

text PRESS RELEASE: Cynthia McKinney HOLDING PRESS CONFERENCE ON ELECTION FRAUD? Nick Trupiano 2006-12-09 9:01 AM
PRESS RELEASE: PRESS CONFERENCE REVEALED: WILL CYNTHIA MCKINNEY BE TALKING ABOUT ELECTION FRAUD? Cynthia McKinney, official Congresswoman of Georgia retires after sending an impeachment bill against President George W. Bush to the House Floor this Friday. Subjects to be discussed are according to our sources, Election Fraud, Impeachment, Mark Foley, Jeff Fisher and word has it an expose on the Administration. Is there something happening soon? It sure seems to be the case, follow us all through-out the week and be sure to check in for our updates! (text/plain)

image Congressman McGovern Commits to Work with Activists: First Steps Taken to Repeal the AETA jen and laura 2006-12-05 2:52 AM
Congressman McGovern Commits to Work with Activists: First Steps Taken to Repeal the AETA
On November 29th protesters rallied outside of Representative James McGovern’s in protest of The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA), which was signed into law on November 27th. Under the new law, animal rights activists face massive fines and jail time for being involved in nonviolent civil disobedience. In light of increased marginalization and repression of eco-activists by federal officials, all individuals concerned with loss of our civil liberties to need to ban together in protest of the AETA and act in solidarity with victims of the Greenscare. (image/jpeg)

text Systematic Abuse of Cats and Dogs in Bulgaria Emil Kuzmanov 2006-11-22 12:21 PM
Recent letter to Supreme Prosecutor of Bulgaria concerning inadequate behaviour of Minister Nihat Kabil, Mayor Boyko Borissov and popular German SPCA (text/plain)

image Daniel McGowan and codefendants take non-cooperation plea agreement Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan 2006-11-09 10:11 PM
Daniel McGowan and codefendants take non-cooperation plea agreement
We would like to inform everyone about the events in court today. After months of negotiations and consideration, Daniel, along with Jonathan Paul, Joyanna Zacher and Nathan Block, pled guilty to some of the many charges. We cannot emphasize enough what an extremely difficult decision this was for Daniel and we will continue to give him our full support. (image/jpeg + 2 comments)

text Shell Oil slams Irish People Roy McBlunt 2006-10-24 6:04 PM
Shell Oil is trying to steal local peoples land. Shell dumping Toxic Waste into ocean. Other unsafe and dangerous practices. Stop the Butchers from stealing our land and our resources. (text/plain)

text October 15, Worldwide Day of Protest re McDonald's Vegan Campaigns and Others 2006-09-15 7:57 PM
McDonald's is the world's biggest unionbuster, mammal murderer, a major cause of cancer, heart disease, food poisoning, arthritis, obesity, etc., (text/plain)

text Fish Can't Scream... Toxins In Fish Flesh Animal Rights Coalition 2006-06-16 3:59 PM
a response to fish flesh promotions by the NY Times, BBC, and Harvard (text/plain + 2 comments)

text Haiku: Litany of Atrocities to Animals Around the World Sathya Spreads 2006-06-14 7:12 PM
a listing of atrocities to animals around the world (text/plain + 1 comment)

text 52 Reasons Not To Mow Ahimsa Network 2006-06-02 7:39 AM
Mowing harms the environment, wastes time, energy, causes millions of accidents and some fatalities annually (text/plain)

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