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text Files for Online Sit In Against HLS Friday 13th sad 2009-02-13 3:51 AM
sdf (text/plain)

text Walk to Stop Mountain Top Removal peacehq 2009-01-16 1:35 AM
A "Walk to Stop Mountain Top Removal" will take place on February 14th 15th 16th and 17th 2009. On February 14th at 6:30pm at the Friends Meeting House Lexington KY there will be a pot luck dinner and a program "Why we walk". We will start walking on the morning of February 15th starting at Triangle Park 9:00am in Lexington Kentucky. On day 1, February 15th, the walk will start at Triangle Park Lexington Kentucky and end at Versailles Kentucky. On day 2, February 16th, the walk will leave Versailles Kentucky and end at Frankfort Kentucky. On day 3, February, 17th from a spot not yet decided in Frankfort we will walk to the Capitol Building. This will be a short walk of a matter of blocks. All are invited to participate in this event. For more information or if you have any questions please contact either Todd Kelly - or Jim T - This event will be the first of its kind for FootPrints For Peace. We hope that all you around the world that have an interest in trying to stop mountain top removal will join us either on the walk or perhaps you could plan your own action in solidarity with us. If you choose to do this please contact us so we can include you in our plans and maybe together we can make a difference! FootPrints For Peace: Peacehq: (text/plain)

text 22 Of The Ways The Wars Against Gaza, Iraq and Afghanistan Harm Animals One With All Beings 2009-01-12 4:56 PM
The Israeli regime has bulldozed a zoo in Gaza, crushing the animals, has shot donkeys and dogs at checkpoints, allowed thousands of animals aboard embargoed ships to die of thirst, has bombed oil facilities causing oil pollution which suffocated untold numbers of marine mammals, sea birds, and fishes, has burned animals with bombs and missiles As their latest violence was occurring, the US Senate voted unanimously (except for absent senators such as Ted Kennedy) to approve the Israeli violence. Congressional staff reported overwhelmingly negative response from constituents. 202 224 3121. In addition Governro Schwrzenegger signed the Chertoff and Mukasey pushed legislation to criminalize the 1st amendment and to defend not the victims of vivisection but their criminally psychopathic 'research' abusers. (text/plain)

*NATIONAL CALL TO ACTION* BREAK UP WITH BANK OF AMERICA ON VALENTINES DAY FEB 14th, 2009: MASS DAY OF ACCOUNT CLOSURES STOP ALL EVICTIONS AND FORECLOSURES! STOP FINANCING COAL AND CLIMATE CHANGE! Contact: This Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2009, join Rising Tide Boston (RTB) in demanding that Bank of America stop its funding of the dirty and deadly coal industry and demanding, in solidarity with City Life/Vide Urbana, that the Bank stop its unjust foreclosures and evictions of working families. Closing your account with Bank of America (BOA) is an important step in bringing closure to this unhealthy relationship. In Boston, we are planning a day of coordinated bank account closures in at least two locations, and encourage people in other places to organize something similar. (text/plain)

text Calling all for a Anti-Capitalists bloc November 15th against the World Economic Summit UAsleepercell 2008-11-01 8:38 PM
Calling all for a Anti-Capitalists bloc November 15th against the World Economic Summit. On November 15th the ruling elite of the 20 richest nations will converge in Washington DC for a “World Economic Forum.” The decisions the G20 make ultimately will benefit a small handful of transnational corporations and further the exploitation of all oppressed people. ic Summit (text/html)

text Time Ecology - Four Gifts from the Work Less Party marc 2008-09-15 10:25 PM
These four videos from the Work Less party of Vancouver, British Columbia could reinvigorate dialogue and life. As kairos time replaces everyday time, working less could replace overconsumption and destruction of nature. (text/plain)

The call of so-called feminists to coddle Palin is really disguised sexism and based on a medieval, male-chauvinist mentality that women are weak and fragile and should be protected. We don’t need an American Margaret Thatcher, an icon and poster child for right-wing policies that harm poor and middle-class working women, the majority of women. It’s time to expose Palin for what she really is. (text/plain)

text Chevron, BP push Sarah Palin as Condoleezza Rice's successor Sea Shepherd Supporter 2008-09-08 1:49 PM
Sarah Palin helps Chevron pollute beluga whale habitat (text/plain)

image Update: The Criminal Corruption and Animal Cruelty of Gov. Sarah Palin ARC 2008-09-04 10:44 PM
Update: The Criminal Corruption and Animal Cruelty of Gov. Sarah Palin
Perhaps after you read this file, you will feel as my friends and I feel, that Sarah Palin was fasttracked from a mayor's job in a 4600 resident town to the governor's chair, coached in everything she said or did, and prepared to be a neocon candidate on the national stage...all in 2 years time. Vote fraud could have defeated her Democratic opponent. All of this occurred as the neocon dominated FBI was investigating Senator Stevens. Certainly Murkowski defeated governor and Stevens had corrupt offices, but the orchestration of the chorus for Palin by oil prostitutes Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and others was it seems planned. "That most dangerous of all classes: the wealthy criminal class" wrote President Theodore Roosevelt of plutocrats and their pawns. (image/jpeg + 14 comments)

text McCain picks prowar, prodrilling huntress as running mate. ARC 2008-08-29 6:27 PM
McCain's running mate choice is pro war, pro drilling in Alaska, a woman who calls herself prolife while gutting the moose she shoots, a woman who wants polar bears removed from the endangered species list. (text/plain)

image SolarFest Renewable Energy Fair Linda Commoner 2008-07-19 8:04 PM
SolarFest Renewable Energy Fair
SolarFest Renewable Energy Fair ~ Meridian Park School ~ 175th and Meridian Ave N Shoreline WA ~ July 19, 2008 ~ 10AM – 8PM (image/jpeg)

text Update on Daniel McGowan Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan 2008-07-17 8:36 PM
On Monday, July 14, Daniel appeared in federal court in the Western District of Wisconsin (Madison) before Judge Barbara Crabb and was found in civil contempt for his refusal to answer questions before a grand jury. (text/plain)

text I-69 Protestors Shut Down Asphalt Plant Again! no more roads 2008-07-15 5:46 AM
Monday morning, over 20 citizens opposed to the construction of Interstate 69 shut down work at the Haubstadt Asphalt Yard belonging to Gohmann Asphalt & Construction, Inc. With construction slated to begin this week, opponents are demanding that Gohmann immediately drop their contract for work on I-69. (text/plain)

image PHILIPPINES: Ban Endosulfan! EcoWaste Coalition 2008-07-14 2:16 PM
PHILIPPINES: Ban Endosulfan!
Citizens Press for Total Ban on Endosulfan to Put Off “Toxic Time Bomb” (image/jpeg)

image End G8 Domination! Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC), Philippine 2008-07-12 1:04 PM
End G8 Domination!
Joint Statement on the 34th G8 Summit in Toyako, Hokkaido, Japan (image/jpeg)

text 16 Ways Newspapers Harm Animals O Anna Niemus 2008-07-11 2:13 PM
habitat destruction, advertising fur, rodeos, circuses, 'livestock', 'outdoors' editors, 'science' writers etc (text/plain)

text Anti-Authoritarian People of Color at the Earth First! Rondy anonymouse 2008-06-28 6:32 PM
Shout out to Anti-Authoritarian People of Color for a caucus or two at the Earth First! Summer Rendevous! All Anti-Authoritarian People of Color (APOC) are invited to attend two proposed caucuses at the Earth First! Summer Rendevous in Athens, OH. The first proposed APOC caucus is for Friday, July 4th starting at 12 PM noon (during lunch) and the second on Saturday, July 5th (during lunch). (text/plain + 10 comments)

text London to Geneva Peace Walk, May 2008 peacehq 2008-06-14 4:00 PM
We have been in France for 28 days, and over a month since the walk began. We have had huge support from not just local people but globally the walk has been joined by people from Japan, Canada, German, France, Italy, Australia, Sweden, Scotland, England, Niger & the United States of America. (text/plain)

text 27 Reasons To Dump Time Warner Free Air Waves 2008-06-12 4:06 PM
promotion of war, advertising of the pieces of murdered animals, destruction of habitat, pricegouging, cancellation of free tv, interference with municipal offersings of free internet etc. (text/plain)

text Indiana: Call Out For Tree Siters mom 2008-06-05 9:43 PM
Its been over two weeks since tree sits were set up along the I-69 route in Southern Indiana, and they've been going strong ever since. The reactions of farmers in the area has been overwhelmingly positive, and momentum is continuing to grow. (text/plain)

image 2 Million PETA members win with KFC Canada.. Help KFC US Cave Chicken Rights 2008-06-04 12:31 PM
2 Million PETA members win with KFC Canada.. Help KFC US Cave
With 2 million members and 12,000 pickets against KFC around the world, KFC Canada has acceded to requests for less brutal slaughterhouse methods. It's time to build pressure on KFC in the US. (image/jpeg)

image Executive Signing Statements Ann Ikemann 2008-05-29 10:15 PM
Executive Signing Statements
Pharaoh Bush - Let My People Go (image/jpeg)

text River City Animal Defense League Joins the Fight Against I-69 anonymouse 2008-05-21 3:34 PM
On the evening of Monday, May 19th, the newly formed River City Animal Defense League (ADL) and friends made our public debut. We took to the neighborhoods, and more specifically the houses of executives and contractors of Gohmann Asphalt and Construction, Inc. Gohmann Asphalt and Construction, Inc. is a disgusting company that has decided to proceed with business in the construction of Interstate-69 (I-69) which is the North American Free Trade Agreement's (NAFTA) superhighway. (text/plain)

text Year 1870: Mothers Day Proclamation Anna Howe 2008-05-05 12:19 AM
A copy of the Original Mothers Day Proclamation by Julia Ward Howe - (text/plain)

image Northeastern Anarchist #13, Spring 2008 Out Now! NEFAC 2008-05-01 10:52 PM
 Northeastern Anarchist #13, Spring 2008 Out Now!
Workers at Sanitarios Maracay Fight for Dignity Cleveland Militant Labor in the 40s Vermont Communes in the 60s Public Sector Strike in South Africa The Ecological Challenge and more... (image/jpeg)

text You are invited to Mountain Justice Summer 4 Vicente Rosa 2008-04-24 7:02 PM
Mountain Justice Summer Camp May 17 - 23 Harlan County, Kentucky (text/plain)

text Help break the cycle of mass destruction peacehq 2008-04-24 4:24 PM
Footprints for Peace (Australia), with the active support of the French network for nuclear phase-out, will walk from London to Geneva (April 26 - July 18) via France for a nuclear-free world. (text/plain)

text 5 Days Left to Stop the Bombs! peacehq 2008-04-05 8:31 PM
We are here to tell the DOE and the federal government that we don't want to spend more money on new nuclear weapons or the current popular term WMD or weapons of mass destruction. (text/plain)

text Four Activists Shut Down Bank of America for Fossil Fools Day Action Jeff Reinhardt 2008-04-04 5:30 PM
[See other Fossil Fools Day actions nation-wide at US Indymedia:] On Tuesday April 1, at about 8:40am, four activists took direct action against the Bank of America in Copley Square, Boston, by locking themselves to the front door to protest the banks funding of coal power in the US. The action was done with support from Rising Tide North America, the Rainforest Action Network, and the Energy Action Coalition. (text/plain)

text Irish women tunnels in to stop Construction of M3 Motorway near Hill of Tara Tara Foundation 2008-03-15 10:59 PM
A Female Protester has sealed herself into a tunnel under a hill upon which the Rath Lugh National Monument is positioned to stop construction of the M3 Motorway near the Hill of Tara. 100 protesters have now joined the protest at Rath Lugh. (text/plain)

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