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text Caligula Game jacinto 2013-09-15 6:18 PM
Was Warhol another Hitler? (text/plain)

text Growing Numbers Of Vegan and Vegetarian Mormons Poster 2013-07-22 3:48 PM
Information on the growing vegetarian and vegan movements within the LDS Church... Many of these vegan Mormons want the LDS church to get out of cattle and sheep ranching and to disinvest from animal meats (text/plain)

text Global-warming debate shouldn’t exclude role of livestock Systemic Disorder 2013-05-22 4:51 PM
Regardless of what the actual total of livestock contribution to global warming, it is part of the problem and we ignore it at our collective peril. (text/plain)

image Camera Equipped Drone Shot Down at Cruel PA Live Pigeon Shoot Julia MacKenzie 2012-11-20 6:44 PM
Camera Equipped Drone Shot Down at Cruel PA Live Pigeon Shoot
Animal protection organization, SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness camera drone comes under attack at live pigeon shoot. (image/png)

text imling porfivng amigo 2012-11-15 3:05 PM

audio istanbul araç kiralama lacivertcar 2012-08-13 6:02 PM (audio/mpeg)

text Superior Brain Function For Vegetarians, Vegans, And Fruitarians S Shriver 2012-06-28 4:26 PM
empirical data on the best diets for the brain and body (text/plain)

text Earth Fare Stores Promoting Animal Flesh Vegan Affordability 2012-05-30 8:21 PM

text Summoning The Rain Fruitarian Network 2012-05-29 4:40 PM
Many areas of the world need regular soaking rain. Trees create rain by evaporating an average 42 gallons of moisture daily which becomes mist, then clouds, and then falls as rain. (text/plain)

text World Week for the Abolition of Meat: 21-27 May 2012 meat-abolition 2012-05-11 11:20 PM
This year has seen increased participation in the January World Week for the Abolition of Meat and the demand for the abolition of meat continues to attract media interest. Remember that 99.99% of animals exploited are exploited for meat. (text/html)

text As The KFC Boycott Gathers Mass, 7 More KFC's Close Beacon Journal And Poster 2012-05-04 6:02 PM
The KFC Boycott, the exploding vegan and animal rights movement, franchise disputes with Yum Restaurants of Kentucky, world's largest restaurant conglomerate, owner of KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and other chains, declining numbers of customers, and filthy store and dumpster conditions are some factors in the closing of 7 KFC stores in Northeast Ohio. Columbus Ohio stores are affected as well. (text/plain)

text Rescue an Animal, Brighten YOUR Day! Eleanor White 2012-04-22 11:13 PM
Read about a unique way to brighten your day and help deserving animals at the same time. (text/plain)

text Vegan And Vegetarian Cats And Dogs Vegan Lions 2012-04-16 5:52 PM
Millions of dogs and cats have become vegetarian and vegan because of their human companions. Since the 1930's, taurine, an enzyme cats are said to need, has been synthetically available. Vegan and vegetarian pets have longer life expectancy, fewer blocked urethra and kidney problems, less cancer, food poisoning, arthritis etc. (text/plain)

text Pink Slime And The USDA Shriver 2012-04-13 3:42 PM
The United States Department of Agriculture and at least 3 governors of states with cattle concentration camps in them are defending the use of pink slime, which is a mixture of blood, bone, flesh and ammonia gas added to animals' muscle flesh. (text/plain)

text 18 Animal Rights Stories Around The World ARC 2012-04-08 3:19 AM
18 animal rights stories around world (text/plain)

text World Week for the Abolition of Meat: 23-30 January 2012 meat-abolition 2012-01-23 8:13 PM
The next WWAM will take place from 23 to 30 January 2012 and coincides with the World Day for the Abolition of Meat on 28 January 2012. (text/html)

text Johns Hopkins, Md University Cages 200,000 Mice and Rats Johns Hopkins, 1 US University Cages 200,000 2012-01-17 3:27 AM
Johns Hopkins just one of the universities receiving millions of dollars of your tax money while there are millions of homeless, sick, hungry, evicted people in our country. (text/plain)

text Occupy Pittsburgh International Human Rights Day Celebration Bob Glidden 2011-12-06 3:51 PM
Occupy Pittsburgh sponsors a rally and march to celebrate Human Rights Day at the Kingsley Center in Pittsburgh on December 10, 2011 at Noon. Details are available at (text/plain)

text Primate Abuse At University Of California Furthered By Dianne Feinstein's Husband SAEN Supporter 2011-12-02 9:39 PM
Senator Dianne Feinstein, war profiteer, insider trader, is head of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, from which she has funneled over 1 billion dollars in military contracts to her husband Richard Blum and continued her lifetime career in promoting the illegal wars of the US government. Her husband is also on the Board of Overseers of the University of California. Dianne Feinstein's husband Richard Blum, co-architect of the AETA law which criminalizes 1st amendment rights of animal protectors, has also voted by neglect for brutal conditions in UC's vivisection labs throughout the state including UC Davis, UCSF, UCSB, UCLA etc. Blum was in addition one of those responsible for pressuring the Oakland and San Francisco police... as they brutally removed Occupy participants and ripped apart tents and other property (text/plain + 1 comment)

text Video of new multi-movement organization BWM 2011-11-27 3:04 AM
One month, and 5,200 miles later, we are very proud to show you our new 'About Because We Must' video! (text/plain)

text Romney's Barbarous Record Included Buying Animal Research Company For Bain Capital Peace Action 2011-11-15 10:46 PM
Summary: As the sole voting stock owner of Bain Capital for 15 years, Mitt Romney, touted as the leading Republican candidate for US president, bought vivisection company Behring of Germany, a company which had for 100 years inflicted pain and captivity on dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc. Romney kept brutal rodeos in the Salt Lake City Olympics, invested his company in animal flesh mongers, vivisectors and other ecocide. He participated in canned hunts. His business partner has been Goldman Sachs, itself invested in animal murder around the world. The link is is related to the barbarism of Romney's Bain Capital disc jockeys to animals The longterm animal killing records of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama Human rights violations by Romney will be treated in other articles. The New York Times' Michael Barbaro has done research on some of these violations. (text/plain)

text 25 Brief Drug and Alcohol Tales S Shriver 2011-11-11 8:48 PM
support for legalizing marijuana and eliminating alcohol ads on tv and radio (text/plain)

text Mensa Chapter Promotes Animal Agony, Human Disease, Environmental Destruction Beyond Mensa 2011-11-02 5:36 PM
Please educate Mensa about the brainharming effects of animal flesh. (text/plain)

text 5 Unique Facts About Global Warming Daniel Lanback 2011-10-16 7:21 AM

image World Week for the Abolition of Meat: 23-30 Sept 2011 2011-09-15 2:02 PM
World Week for the Abolition of Meat: 23-30 Sept 2011
The idea is to claim loud and clear that it is not only the duty of each individual to stop supporting the murderous exploitation required by the consumption of animal flesh and "by-products", but that it is also, therefore, the duty of societies as a whole to declare themselves. (image/jpeg)

text Slaughterhouse Jobs: Human and Animal Rights Issues O Anna Niemus 2011-09-04 6:09 PM
Terrified animals kick, peck workers. Workers killed or maimed by chain saws, knives, hooks. Ear dynsfunction from the constant shrieks of animals fighting for their lives (text/plain)

text HaCked By KedAns-Dz KedAns-Dz 2011-08-21 12:40 AM
Hacked (text/plain + 1 comment)

text Who Is Causing the 80 To 150 Degree Days? Help Educate The Anonymous Billions Green Growth 2011-07-28 12:29 AM
In this hottest summer on record in many cities, 39 ways to help cool the earth and foster trees (text/plain)

text Of Sex and Diet: Vegans Higher Sperm Count, Better Performance Frugivore 2011-07-08 6:23 PM
While cigarette ads are banned many places and alcohol ads are restricted, the US government allows mongers of animal flesh which causes more deaths than smoking, drinking, war, traffic accidents combined) to endanger the public health with saturation ads. (text/plain)

text Animal Rights Records of Presidential Candidates Revised Animal Vote 2012 2011-06-22 4:07 PM
The animal rights movement has achieved critical mass and will affect the US election. (text/plain)

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