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image war ethic indoctrination geral 2013-09-04 8:54 PM
war ethic indoctrination
So long as the United States is at war, their power is preserved, and now that they have attained empire the USA must expand the war or fall, for the arts of peace they know nothing and have never engaged in any employment higher than torture & war. Aristotle. (image/png)

text Cops Impliedly Authorized By New Law To ***Kill Innocent Suspects geral 2011-07-06 6:47 PM
See statements from the killer cops themselves regarding their delight in the new law that impliedly authorizes them to kill their innocent suspects. (text/plain)

text Watch Movies Online For Free Gerald 2011-03-25 8:37 PM
Have you always wondered whether it's possible to watch movies online for free? If you didn't, then let me tell you that a lot of people did wonder this. (text/plain)

comment fbi hacks the above message geral 2008-09-10 8:53 PM

text Stop the USA Killing and Torturing Machine geral 2008-09-10 8:51 PM
The USA's war on Mankind through torture, imprisonmen and killing cannot stand; the indominable human spirit does not permit it. (text/plain + 1 comment)

comment fbi/cia world inhumane domination geral 2007-08-09 7:53 PM

comment Buy it now Geraldo 2003-05-24 11:36 PM


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