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text They frack because clear air and water aren’t profitable Systemic Disorder 2013-10-09 9:39 PM
Newly developed fracking techniques represent an intensification, yet a special law known as the “Halliburton loophole” exempts fracking from federal regulations. (text/plain)

text Wall Street plunders Detroit while pensioners take blame Systemic Disorder 2013-08-07 8:41 PM
In North America, Detroit fulfills the same function as Greece does for Europe: A scapegoat. Larger economic and social forces, disinvestment and financial industry legerdemain are the major factors in Detroit’s financial struggles as Wall Street used complex, and poorly understood, derivatives to extract money through “heads I win, tails you lose” tactics. (text/plain)

text Global-warming debate shouldn’t exclude role of livestock Systemic Disorder 2013-05-22 4:51 PM
Regardless of what the actual total of livestock contribution to global warming, it is part of the problem and we ignore it at our collective peril. (text/plain)

text Seeing bias but supporting the architect of bias: We have a long way yet to go Systemic Disorder 2013-01-24 7:27 PM
The wealth and power gained by Europe during the ascendancy of capitalism was built on slavery. Capitalism continues to be based on massive inequalities, which requires strong social divisions in order to be maintained. Divide-and-conquer is an old technique. (text/plain)

text Nationalizing banks works for the short term; why not permanently? Systemic Disorder 2012-10-17 6:03 PM
Temporary nationalization of big banks worked in Norway and Sweden. Permanent nationalization would avoid a return to the speculation and destruction of bankers. (text/plain)

text Quietly, the IMF confesses that austerity does not work Systemic Disorder 2012-10-10 4:48 PM
Not that those who reap rewards from austerity will admit it, but the IMF’s own calculations show that austerity accelerates economic decline. (text/plain)

text Can a no-growth future and capitalism be compatible? Systemic Disorder 2012-10-03 8:39 PM
Is the era of economic growth over for advanced capitalist countries? If stagnation is what is on offer for the future, what does that portend? (text/plain)


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