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text And How Should We Pay For That? Sudhama Ranganathan 2012-03-28 3:31 PM
There are times when you have to wonder why people in important positions say the things they say. They can reveal things about themselves that make no sense quite frankly. Not all politicians are elected officials, most are appointed, but in the world of politics they play the same game among themselves and have to consider those that appointed them – at least most do. Much of what they say is a way of backing up, deferring to or defending those they owe their job to. (text/html)

text Ed Fails Sudhama Ranganathan 2012-03-10 8:26 PM
When I was a student at the University of Connecticut between the years of 2003 and 2006, I experienced harassment due to a combination of my race and my involvement in a violent student protest thirteen years prior to my attending UConn. The time of my enrollment at UConn put me at the school two years after the occurrence of the attacks of September 11, 2001. Tensions were high and I had already dealt with plenty of harassment because of my race alone as a result. Though I didn't agree with it, I let it roll off my back up to a point – anyone that looked in any way as though they could have been from the Middle East had to deal with it to a certain extent following the attacks if they were living in this country knows exactly what I mean. It was to an extent the reality and had to live in it. (text/html)

text Don't Stretch the Truth Sudhama Ranganathan 2012-02-14 1:21 PM
Times have been tough all around for Americans so it's no surprise this year's elections will be all about what we've been going through as a nation. Each side will attempt to frame the current economic conditions as manifestations of poor leadership on the part of their rivals and their rivals' parties. We will hear all the usual election year rancor about how each has done their part to help ease the suffering of the nation. Conversely, we'll be bombarded with talk of how the other party not only contributed to, but caused the economic dilemma we find ourselves trying to dig out of - at times seemingly with no help from our elected officials. (text/html)

image So Is That Right? Sudhama Ranganathan 2012-01-07 8:55 PM
So Is That Right?
It's been said politicians enjoy kicking the can down the road instead of having to take political risks. It's said they believe that is what helps them get elected and to stay in power. As long as they believe it won't cost them anything, politicians don't mind acting or making decisions. We know how scared they can be to make good on what they often say, and that saying anything to get into office and stay there, comes with the territory. (image/jpeg)

image Their Priorities Sudhama Ranganathan 2011-12-17 2:16 PM
Their Priorities
With election season upon us it's very easy to see the impact special interests have on our nation's politicians. Elected leaders in Washington make this fact especially obvious to see, though not purposefully. At this point, not only is it visible in the president, but after so many debates it is starting to become evident on the part of Republicans. Money and power guides not just who they are polite to, but also what promises they make and the flip flops they make while still campaigning even. One moment they may say something leading voters to believe they stand firmly against an issue, and later on they may soften their rhetoric on the issue or information emerges either contradicting the initial statement or placing what they said in a hypocritical light. (image/jpeg)

image Four More Wars Sudhama Ranganathan 2011-10-19 11:27 AM
Four More Wars
For all the rhetoric spoken with passion from behind podiums and into microphones. For all the promises made vowed to be kept. For all that has been pointed out about the party that left our nation saddled with two wars and a bad economy. For all the furor made over the expansion of government intrusions into people's everyday lives. For all the deriding of abuses of executive office powers. For all the proclamations of new days and more understanding of American suffering and people's pain. For all that was said about how it was going to be so different about the current administration than the previous administration, there really have been a surprising amount of similarities.</ (image/jpeg)

image On American College Campuses Sudhama Ranganathan 2011-09-13 4:02 PM
On American College Campuses
There are many reasons for security within the world we live. For those reasons it is prudent to maintain alertness in the appropriate areas. We need people on the ground where there is need of the presence of law enforcement or security. We need the ability to observe appropriately places we have reason to believe are at risk of becoming targets of attack or places crimes in general could be committed. Any credible government needs the ability to make people aware of impending threats when necessary. Any stable civilization needs the ability to reasonably protect itself and keep itself orderly and free from crime. (image/jpeg)

image We Cannot Control It All Sudhama Ranganathan 2011-04-21 4:57 PM
We Cannot Control It All
The struggles for democracy in Africa and the Middle East have displayed to us just how wrong so many of us have been on so many fronts regarding that region. We have gone around the world saying we have been a constant light for liberty and freedom and would always side with people that wanted it. That was not always true. The current revolutions brought to light many places where we supported dictators, and even marketed as somehow free, nations that have been awaiting human rights for a long time. (image/jpeg)

image Let Them Pay Their Own Way Sudhama Ranganathan 2011-02-08 3:25 PM
 Let Them Pay Their Own Way
One of the third rail issues in US politics gets looked at each time politicians seriously consider the closing of American military bases or cuts to the Pentagon budget. It might seem strange to be broaching the subject now while there are two major theaters of conflict - those being Afghanistan and Iraq, yet in some ways it is the perfect time. Americans still spend huge amounts around the world in other places and those two only compound the costs. America hasn’t always kept so many bases worldwide, yet always maintained a healthy and muscular military. It’s true times change it’s also true nothing in life comes without a price (image/jpeg)

image Talking Points Don’t Always Work Sudhama Ranganathan 2010-10-21 10:14 AM
Talking Points Don’t Always Work
Recently we have had a wave of politicians who’ve seemed to be more talking points driven than anything else. It’s an election year, so, yes, they’re all sticking to their talking points and there is nothing new about that. But, when there are candidates who have memorized their talking points and a few sentences related to the talking points, yet don’t seem to know anything about those talking points it does give one pause. If they are capable of no more than repeating some memorized phrases, then what is it they really believe in? Why are they running? (image/jpeg)

image Don’t Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It’s Raining Sudhama Ranganathan 2010-10-06 2:40 PM
Don’t Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It’s Raining
For months now we’ve been hearing about the coming revolution. Maybe, more like just over a year. At first we didn’t believe anything about it. We thought it would pass - most of us anyway. For those of us pacing around, worried about where the money to pay the bills would come from, catching a bus to wherever to follow a script written up by… well, nobody knew who at the time, really didn’t seem practical. (image/jpeg)

image Blame Yourselves -Get Out and Get Motivated Sudhama Ranganathan 2010-01-29 1:34 PM
Blame Yourselves -Get Out and Get Motivated
We learned with the election of Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown a great deal about who Republicans are as a party today. They have multiple voices from varying sectors of their party not always agreeing on principles, but standing together in Congress. They have successfully aligned themselves with the heavily funded Tea Party. They are whipping up populist support and benefiting from everything in the churn. They are determined to put themselves back in the picture that much is clear. (image/jpeg + 1 comment)

image Their Hands Touch the Reins Sudhama Ranganathan 2009-12-13 1:34 PM
Their Hands Touch the Reins
With the elections this past November the country was transfixed on which way the wind would blow politically. Would this be a referendum on President Obama and Democrat policies? Would the Republican party make a comeback? Would the Tea Party protests make a difference this time around? Would Sarah Palin have an impact? (image/jpeg)

image Let Them In, And Embrace Them Sudhama Ranganathan 2009-11-10 12:32 AM
Let Them In, And Embrace Them
The phenomena of The Conservative Party's breakout candidate for the US House of Representatives from New York's 23rd district is one of the more compelling aspects of 2009's election season. Nationally numerous candidates ran for a whole host of different positions. Only two of those races were meant to fill seats in the US House of Representatives. Both went Democrat. (image/jpeg)

image Transferring Wealth Sudhama Ranganathan 2009-02-22 11:33 PM
Transferring Wealth
Our economic crisis has had a sobering effect on how we view taxes. This is especially true for financing private organizations using public funds. We believe for the most part we live in a market based economy, barring emergency situations, where competition is the rule and whoever has the better product for the best price ends up getting consumers. It’s part of our national value system and we believe in free markets. (image/jpeg)


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