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text Video available: Captured UN's decision means peaceful revolutions justified. Anthony Ravlich 2013-02-27 3:08 PM
Video available: Captured UN's 'permanent' rebalancing of global power from the West to Asia , and the cowardice of the domestic and global establishments in refusing to discuss the ethical approach to human rights, development and globalization for World Peace - to replace neoliberalism. (text/plain)

text Dissent, ethical human rights, to create 'thinking culture' for progress. Anthony Ravlich 2013-02-12 6:33 PM
Dissent, shut down by neoliberalism, is needed to take NZ from a 'stupid culture' to a 'thinking culture' to enable progress particularly needed following the massive earthquakes in Christchurch, NZ's second largest city. I consider an ethical human rights, development, globalization is a far superior over-arching plan than neoliberalism. (text/plain)

text Muslim anger and the ethical human rights approach. Anthony Ravlich 2012-10-03 2:11 AM
Recent riots in Bangladesh,Muslims and Buddhists. Argues that Muslim anger is best directed to supporting an ethical approach to human rights, development and globalization for World Peace - to replace neoliberalism whose many human rights omissions are most likely to the underlying cause of conflict than any religious differences. (text/plain)

text War or Peace: ethical human rights approach Anthony Ravlich 2012-09-22 7:43 PM
Desc neoliberalism and ethical human rights, development and globalization as a choice between war and peace. Concern at effects of neolib on Christchurch rebuild following earthquakes. Suggests NZ pursue independence from the IMF’s neolib with right to property removed from latter and included in international human rights law. (text/plain)

text Top academics rebel against State capture in favor of truth and ethical human rights. Anthony Ravlich 2012-08-19 1:29 AM
Top Academics defy State Capture to discuss ethical,human rights,development,globalization to replace neoliberalism.Ethical approach (incl all human rights) emphasizes bottom-up develop to unleash human potential whereas neoliberalism (omits many human rights)emphasizes top-down develop which, in my view, crushes human potential. (text/plain)

text Ethical, bottom-up human rights to replace top-down Neoliberalism Anthony Ravlich 2012-02-17 5:05 AM
It is argued that an ethical, bottom-up approach to human rights, development and globalization is needed to replace top-down, bureaucratic neoliberalism which threatens to seriously slow the rebuilding of Christchurch, New Zealand's second largest city, following devastating earthquakes. (text/plain)

text Today your Freedom is being signed away Anthony Ravlich 2009-09-24 9:53 PM
Today at the UN, New York, States are signing a treaty which by excluding core obligations and the right to development will create a people far more dependent on the State/Corporations and also discriminate against the poor. Obama is following these policies. But excluded rights blurs distinction between terrorists and 'freedom fighters'. (text/plain)

text Bottom-up rights and ethical globalization anthony ravlich 2009-07-17 10:43 PM
An answer to neo liberalism. Bottom-up rights include those rights excluded from UN human rights instruments because they are deemed incompatible with neo liberalism and globalization.These are the rights, which also entail ethical globalization, which the discontented need to struggle for. (text/plain)


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