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text Egypt’s Revolution After the Smoke Clears Shamus Cooke 2013-08-18 7:18 AM
In times of crisis people strive for easy answers to complex situations. In Egypt this has resulted in absurdly digestible sound bites, where one side is labeled “good”(the Muslim Brotherhood), the other “bad” (the army), and the revolution as a whole is condemned as an atrocity. But the situation in Egypt is especially contradictory, and untying the social-political knots of the revolution requires avoiding pre-packaged catchphrases. (text/plain)

text A Path Forward for Egypt’s Revolution Shamus Cooke 2013-08-06 9:55 AM
The battle for the future of Egypt is underway, and it’s chaos. There has been violence on both sides of the divide, with the military inflicting the heaviest doses on supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. The violence combined with any lack of long-term solution could bode poorly for Egypt’s future, but the situation is in extreme flux, and by no means anywhere settled. There is still abundant hope for most Egyptians to achieve a better world, though time is of the essence. (text/plain)

text What’s Next for the Egyptian Revolution Shamus Cooke 2013-07-14 5:56 AM
Egyptians are making history at a frantic pace. After the largest protests in Egypt’s history initiated the downfall of the first Muslim Brotherhood government, a military-led massacre of Muslim Brotherhood faithful quickly altered the political dynamic. Everything is in flux. (text/plain)

text [Brazil] Convocation for international solidarity! Anarchist Popular Union (UNIPA) 2013-06-25 7:24 PM
Convocação para solidariedade internacional! / Convocation for international solidarity! / Llamamiento a la solidaridad internacional! (text/plain)

text Syria Endgame Approaching Fast Shamus Cooke 2013-05-15 7:54 AM
The tempo of events in Syria has increased in recent weeks. The government forces have scored significant battlefield victories over the rebels, and this has provoked a number of responses from the U.S. and its anti-Assad allies: a mixture of war provocations and peace offers. (text/plain)

text Closing Guantanamo—Why it’s Symbolically, Spiritually and Materially Important. Scott Skein 2013-05-05 8:37 PM
President Barack Obama has made a clear and convincing case for closing Guantanamo! Mostly the same reasons finally articulated were just as true when he initially took office. Closing the stigma of war, crime and national shame has always been a high agenda item for many Americans. It is now the watermark battle ground that could begin to show who or what really runs this country. But think of the mindless excuses from war hawks (including complicity by the mainstream media) to try to stop any transparency about Guantanamo prisoners. But there is simply no way President Obama can close this base on his own without major and active U.S. citizen and world support. How can Congress possibly stand in the way of the reasons President Obama announced for closing the Bush Legacy? Where is the Free Speech movement, where are the campus protests at Madison and Kent State Ohio? (text/plain)

image So Is That Right? Sudhama Ranganathan 2012-01-07 8:55 PM
So Is That Right?
It's been said politicians enjoy kicking the can down the road instead of having to take political risks. It's said they believe that is what helps them get elected and to stay in power. As long as they believe it won't cost them anything, politicians don't mind acting or making decisions. We know how scared they can be to make good on what they often say, and that saying anything to get into office and stay there, comes with the territory. (image/jpeg)

image Prof. Jose Maria Sison: On the Commemoration of September 21 Jose Maria Sison 2010-09-25 10:26 AM
Prof. Jose Maria Sison: On the Commemoration of September 21
PHILIPPINES: Ferdinand Marcos himself designated September 21, 1972 as the date for Presidential Proclamation 1081, declaring martial law. In previous days, he had set in motion the imposition of fascist dictatorship on the people, including the mobilization of his armed minions, the murder of a whistle blower in his own intelligence agency, the fake ambush on his defense secretary and the mass arrest of his opponents and critics. (image/jpeg + 1 comment)

text BDS Israel: The decade in reviewAuthor Divest this 2010-08-16 5:24 PM
I thought it might be useful to summarize the progress of the BDS movement since it began a decade ago. Because so much of the BDS project is based on words, including competing claims of success and failure, I thought it best to provide a summary based primarily on numbers which (as I recall from my business days) are the only things that tend to get preserved as information travels up or through an organization. (text/plain)

text Lets Talk about BDS Ami 2010-08-12 7:28 PM Original content copyright by the author. Zionism & Israel Center (text/plain)

text Billionaires and Vivisection or Inflicting Pain on Captive Animals Analyst 2010-08-06 4:44 PM
While Gates and Buffett ostensibly work to increase charitable giving by the wealthiest Americans, the recipients are often animal torturers. Gates Buffett And Other Billionaire Giving is Primarily to Animal Research (text/plain)

text Vote Out PA and OH Legislators Who Voted For Bush Obama War Electorate Power 2010-08-03 6:14 PM
Only those congresspersons listed below voted against 53 more billions to kill people in Afghanistan. Please vote out any Pittsburgh or PA congressperson not on this list Baldwin Becerra Blumenauer Broun (GA) Brown, Corrine Campbell Capuano Castor (FL) Chaffetz Chu Clarke Clay Cleaver Cohen Conyers Costello Crowley Cummings Davis (IL) DeFazio Delahunt DeLauro Doggett Doyle Duncan Edwards (MD) Ehlers Ellison Eshoo Farr Fattah Filner Flake Frank (MA) Fudge Garamendi Gingrey (GA) Grijalva Gutierrez Hastings (FL) Hinchey Hirono Holt Honda Inslee Jackson (IL) Jackson Lee (TX) Johnson (GA) Johnson (IL) Johnson, E. B. Jones Kagen Kaptur Kilpatrick (MI) Kucinich Larson (CT) Lee (CA) Lewis (GA) Linder Lofgren, Zoe Maffei Maloney Markey (MA) Matsui McCollum McDermott McGovern Meeks (NY) Michaud Miller, George Moore (WI) Moran (VA) Murphy (CT) Nadler (NY) Napolitano Neal (MA) Oberstar Obey Olver Pallone Paul Payne Pingree (ME) Polis (CO) Quigley Rangel Richardson Rohrabacher Rush Sánchez, Linda T. Sanchez, Loretta Schakowsky Schrader Scott (VA) Serrano Shea-Porter Slaughter Speier Stark Stupak Thompson (CA) Thompson (MS) Tierney Tonko Towns Tsongas Velázquez Waters Watt Waxman Weiner Welch Woolsey Wu The Tea Party is pro war, pro execution, anti democracy Tea Party Meanwhile the Tea Party while it claims to oppose govt. spending 1. is quiet about the wars, like those in the crowd who are silent about the emperor's naked body 2. is anti socialist... attacking Hugo Chavez and domestic programs in the US 3. is anti Muslim 4. is racist.. with virtually allwhite gatherings.... at a DC rally, black congressmen had racial epithets hurled at them by Tea Party protesters 5. is anti democratic, since it wants to repeal the direct election of US senators. 6. is in favor of premeditated judicial murder 7. is secretly funded by war profiteers, pharmaceutical interests, Republicans 8. Sarah Palin and other Tea Party operatives are also BP, Shell, Exxon operatives. BP paid for Palin's inauguration, and in return she ran her 'drill baby drill'campaign. 9. Your own analysis (text/plain)

text Wkileaks founder 'dissapointed' in Gates General Joe and AP 2010-08-01 1:05 AM
"Secretary Gates could have used his time, as other nations have done, to announce a broad inquiry into these killings," the statement said. "He could have announced specific criminal investigations into the deaths we have exposed. He could have announced a panel to hear the heartfelt dissent of U.S. soldiers, who know this war from the ground. He could have apologized to the Afghani people. "But he did none of these things. He decided to treat these issues and the countries affected by them with contempt. Instead of explaining how he would address these issues, he decided to announce how he would suppress them. "This behavior is unacceptable. We will not be suppressed. We will continue to expose abuses by this administration and others." (text/plain)


text Please Ask Casey and Specter to Vote Down Kagan Judicial Animal Rights 2010-07-11 7:56 PM
Kagan: promoter of war, denier of prisoner rights, defender of Monsanto, silent affirmer of Harvard vivisection Your dogs and cats say no to Kagan 202 224 3121 (text/plain)

text Blood on the Border Internationalist Group 2010-07-06 4:04 PM
Today in the United States, under the Democratic administration of Barack Obama, xenophobic and racist violence is escalating. The criminal agents of the Border Patrol have reached the point of killing in cold blood, before the eyes of hundreds of witnesses. On May 28, construction worker Anastasio Hernández Rojas was beaten to death by some 20 agents of the U.S. Border Patrol. Then on June 7 in Ciudad Juárez, across the river from El Paso, Border Patrol agents fired into a group of youths on the Mexican side of of the border, murdering 14-year-old Adrián Hernández with a shot to the head. These crimes are part of a policy of racist repression looking for scapegoats, typified by the legalization of xeonophobia and police use of racial profiling in Arizona’s SB 1070 law. But while Obama criticize the law, “Obama, listen, we are in the struggle,” his thugs are killing on the border. It is an illusion to think that the commander in chief of U.S. imperialism, or his counterpart and semi-colonial underling, Mexican president Felipe Calderón, will defend the workers. It is necessary to mobilize the power of the working class to defend immigrants. (text/html)

text Dangerous Crossroads in World History: Obama’s New Iran Sanctions: An Act of War Shamus Cooke with General Joe 2010-07-04 9:36 PM
"In fact, war against Japan in WWII was sparked by very similar circumstances. Franklin Delano Roosevelt spearheaded a series of sanctions against Japan, which included the Export Control Act, giving the President the power to prohibit the export of a variety of materials to Japan, including oil. This gave Roosevelt the legal stance he needed to implement an oil embargo, an obvious act of war. Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor simply brought the war out of the economic realm into the military sphere. Iran is facing the exact same situation. Whereas the Obama Administration calmly portrays economic sanctions as “peaceful” solutions to political problems, they are anything but. The strategy here is to economically attack Iran until it responds militarily, giving the U.S. a fake moral high ground to “defend” itself, since the other side supposedly attacked first." (text/plain)

text BP's Past and Present Wars... Update All Beings 2010-07-02 9:55 PM
see below (text/plain)

text BTL:McChystal Firing Highlights Concerns Over Maintaining Civilian Control of the U.S. Mil Distributed by Squeaky Wheel Productions http 2010-07-01 6:47 AM
BETWEEN THE LINES Syndicated Radio Newsmagazine (text/plain)

text Don't let Kagan become the Supreme Court's 6th Serial Killer Guillotine Dismantler 2010-06-30 2:53 PM
Please call 202 224 3121 Pennsylvania senators to oppose Kagan (text/plain)

text Primate Torture In Wisconsin, US, UK, China, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Netherlan Primate Protector 2010-06-20 6:24 PM
Recent deaths of primates subjected to freezing, baking to death, thirst, pain of all sorts have given momentum to the movement to end laboratory research on captive victims. (text/plain + 1 comment)

text BTL:U.S. and Israeli Policies Strengthen Iranian Hardliners; Undermine Green Movement Distributed by Squeaky Wheel Productions http 2010-06-18 12:13 PM
BETWEEN THE LINES Syndicated Radio Newsmagazine (text/plain)

text BTL:U.N. and Human Rights Groups Challenge U.S. Use of Drones in Targeted Assassinations Distributed by Squeaky Wheel Productions http 2010-06-12 12:48 PM
BETWEEN THE LINES Syndicated Radio Newsmagazine (text/plain)

text State Terrorism and massacres: constant characteristics of the policy of the Israeli bourg PCInt 2010-06-11 10:02 PM
The Israeli attack on the “Freedom Flotilla” of pacifist organizations under the guidance of the Turkish NGO Insani Vafki Yardim, which wanted to break the blockade to bring medicine and food to the people of Gaza, starving and subjected to terrible imprisonment since June 16, 2007, is another demonstration of the military and repressive nature of the “only democratic country in the Middle East. (text/plain)

text BTL:Palestinian Farmer Peacefully Struggles to Save his Family's Property from Israeli Tak Distributed by Squeaky Wheel Productions http 2010-06-11 12:00 PM
BETWEEN THE LINES Syndicated Radio Newsmagazine (text/plain)

text Solidarity with the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza STOP the War Coalition Philippines 2010-06-05 11:40 AM
STATEMENT OF SOLIDARITY from the STOP the War Coalition Philippines (text/plain)

image “FREE GAZA” FLOTILLA TO FACE “FREE GAZA FROM HAMAS” FLOTILLA Free Gaza From Hamas 2010-05-28 4:02 PM
Counter demostration at sea (image/jpeg + 1 comment)

text CPP-NPA Permit to Campaign Fees: Fundraising or Opportunism? Reihana Mohideen, Manila 2010-03-27 12:12 PM
The Philippine Left and the 2010 Elections The issue of the New Peoples Army collecting ‘permit to campaign fees’ (euphemistically named ‘revolutionary taxes’ by the Communist Party of the Philippines) from capitalist traditional politicians (trapo or rug) wanting to campaign in NPA strongholds has once again resurfaced in the lead-up to the May 2010 elections. The fees buy these trapo politicians a ‘permit to campaign’ in NPA areas. (text/plain)

image Lebanon: Checkpoints and more (Film) a-films 2010-03-15 2:34 PM
Lebanon: Checkpoints and more (Film)
Nahr al-Bared refugee camp has still not recovered from the devastating war in 2007 during which it was destroyed. (image/jpeg)

text FCGOA Pres calls For Tougher Background Checks After Terror Suspect Infiltrated Nuke Sites FCGOA Security Guard News 2010-03-14 5:18 PM
Guy James President of The International Union, Federal Contract Guards of America FCGOA, stated that “we must always be on the alert at nuclear facilities, federal buildings , airports and other high profile buildings where terrorist groups like Al-Qaida continue to target our infrastructure. The question we face each and everyday is not if a terrorist attack like 9/11 will happen again but when will it happen. That’s why our union FCGOA continues to call on our legislatures to strengthen stiffer background checks, better training standards and a higher standard of qualifications of all private security companies and security guards / security police professionals throughout the country”. (text/html)

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