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text FCGOA Pres calls For Tougher Background Checks After Terror Suspect Infiltrated Nuke Sites FCGOA Security Guard News 2010-03-14 5:18 PM
Guy James President of The International Union, Federal Contract Guards of America FCGOA, stated that “we must always be on the alert at nuclear facilities, federal buildings , airports and other high profile buildings where terrorist groups like Al-Qaida continue to target our infrastructure. The question we face each and everyday is not if a terrorist attack like 9/11 will happen again but when will it happen. That’s why our union FCGOA continues to call on our legislatures to strengthen stiffer background checks, better training standards and a higher standard of qualifications of all private security companies and security guards / security police professionals throughout the country”. (text/html)

text Use of Private Federal Contract Security Guards at Gov Buildings Comes Under Scrutiny. FCGOA Security Guard News 2010-03-13 6:52 PM
Guy James President of the International Union, Federal Contract Guards of America FCGOA disagrees. The problem is not that these contract guards need to be federalized, the problem is better training". "There really are no federal standards for security guards," said James. "These individuals should be trained at the federal level since they are the first line of defense against a terrorist attack, just like federal police officers," he said. (text/html)

text Four Climate Ground Zero Activists Arrested in their homes, still jailed Climate Ground Zero 2009-12-30 5:38 PM
Four Climate Ground Zero activist arrested in their homes in Rock Creek, WV Tuesday (text/plain)

image Viagra online without perscription Ben Forest 2009-12-27 12:12 PM
Viagra online without perscription
Buy cheap viagra online without perscription. The best online pharmacy in Pittsburgh (image/jpeg + 2 comments)

text Youth Join Forces to Educate About Global Poverty paola Martinez 2009-11-18 6:33 PM
“Education – The Universal Bridge” was the theme for the 2009 walk. (text/plain)

text Over 300 Homeless People Expected to Participate: Informational Picketing @ Rivers Casino Rivers Casino News 2009-11-13 7:42 PM
Ed Fasulo, President and COO of Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, Explain To Me, Your Customers, Your Workers and the Rest of the Pittsburgh Community on HOW The Workers at RIVERS CASINO Can Afford to Support Their Families on Poverty Wages Ranging From $8.00 to $9.50 Per Hour? (text/html)

text UGSOA May LOSE Over 850 Members as Their Members Revolt by the Hundreds UGSOA Member News 2009-11-12 9:41 PM
What's Going on at the United Government Security Officers of America UGSOA? Why are hundreds of UGSOA Members Filing Decertification Election Petitions to get rid of UGSOA in recent weeks? (text/html)

text Rivers Casino's Union Busting FEAR Tactics Rivers Casino Union Busting News 2009-11-11 7:15 PM
Did Rivers Casino Security Officers vote against unionization or did they Fall Victim to Jackson & Lewis Union-Busting FEAR and Intimidation Tactics? (text/html)

text Jackson’s ‘Hit Man’ Stalked Another Congressman Anonymous 2009-11-06 1:57 PM
Kudos to our source in Washington D.C. for pointing out a little-noticed news item in The Washington Post some time back indicating there was an FBI probe when a purported associate of Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) allegedly stalked Rep. Lee Terry (R-Neb.). The news apparently never made it into the Chicago papers. Hmm. We wonder why the papers here are so timid about this hot story? (text/plain)

text Rivers Casino Supervisor Physically Assaults Casino Security Officer during Union Campaign Rivers Casino Union Busting News 2009-11-06 5:40 AM
Rivers Casino nightshift supervisor John Kovach had demanded that the 22 plus casino security professionals working on that shift remove their SPFPA Union RESPECT pins from their jackets. When they refused their supervisor John Kovach then Physically Assaulted at least one of the officers by Physically Removing his SPFPA RESPECT Button from his jacket. (text/html + 1 comment)

image MarkWest Compressor Station to Spray Natural Gas into residential area for 20 hours TODAY Nastassja Noell 2009-11-03 4:26 PM
MarkWest Compressor Station to Spray Natural Gas into residential area for 20 hours TODAY
Natural Gas Production requires gas to be pumped long distances from the well head through pipelines. The gas must first be cleaned of water, sulfur and other gas contaminants at compressor stations; the "sweetened" gas is then pushed down the pipeline by fossil fuel fired compressor engines. The chemist Wilma Subra calls these compressor stations "mini-refineries"; residents complain of constant headaches and strong nauseating smells. Dr. Subra's work has included studying the air quality around compressor stations in Dish Texas where extremely high levels of benzene, toluene, and other carcinogenic and neurotoxic compounds were found hanging in the air, breathed in by residents for the past few years of the natural gas boom. Keep compressor stations out of your community, and advocate for those families who are forced to have these toxic facilities in their backyards: the environmental protection agencies will not help us, their business is to coordinate industry interests. (image/jpeg)

text UNION BUSTING Play Book: What Union Busters Don't Want YOU to See or Know! Union Busters EXPOSED 2009-10-30 4:00 PM
A Step by Step Union Busting Playbook on What UNION BUSTERS Do and How They Run UNION BUSTING Campaigns. (text/html)

text Residents report Toxic Clouds of Gas near a MarkWest Compressor Station Nastassja Noell 2009-10-23 4:33 AM
The Marcellus Shale is said to be the third largest natural gas field in the world, but the gas is trapped as small pockets inside of rock. During the past 5 years, as rising prices have made unconventional gas sources profitable for the industry, a frenzy of drilling rigs have entered the Northeastern US. Natural Gas drilling infrastructure requires CNG compressor stations, which are known for having incidents such as explosions or high pressure releases. (text/plain)

text Phil Africa's Art! BE47 2009-08-18 3:35 AM
Video and website of innocent human rights activist and environmentalist Phil Africa. Phil and the other 7 surviving "MOVE 9" are imprisoned in Pennsylvania. They are now eligible for parole. (text/plain + 1 comment)

text toxic gas drilling must be banned Maria Ensign 2009-07-05 5:18 PM

text The Case for Arbitration in Labor Law Reform and The Employee Free Choice Act EFCA Employee Free Choice EFCAPrwire News 2009-06-16 4:58 PM
Labor law reform must ensure that workers who want to join a union are able to do so without facing endless delays from corporations seeking to deny them a voice in the workplace. (text/html)

text NPR Tries To Erase Upton Sinclair Truth To Power 2009-06-11 12:17 PM
There is no longer any line between news and commercials on NPR whose investment of 200 million dollars in the world's biggest unionbuster, animal killer, disease spreader, drought creator, litterer and energy waster is only one of the corruptions which affect its coverage. (text/plain)

text SPFPA Union Security Police Officer Shot at The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum SPFPA Security Guard Security Police News 2009-06-10 7:21 PM
The security police professionals working at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum are members of the International Union, Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America (SPFPA) The Largest Oldest and Fastest Growing 9 (b)(3) union in the world today. (text/html)

text SPECTER Either You Stand with Working People, or YOU stand with Greedy CEOs on EFCA Employee Free Choice EFCAPrwire News 2009-06-10 3:33 PM
Big banks and greedy corporations got our country into this mess," "Now they want to fire or harass employees who want to join a union." Senators Lincoln, Webb, Specter, Vitter, Pryor Either You Stand with Working People, or YOU stand with Greedy CEOs on The Employee Free Choice Act EFCA. Which Is It? (text/html)

text Employee Free Choice Act - Specter to labor: You'll like how I'll vote on EFCA Employee Free Choice EFCAPrwire News 2009-06-06 5:52 PM
Employee Free Choice Senator Specter Told a Crowd at a EFCA Rally "I believe you'll be satisfied with my vote on this EFCA issue," Specter said (text/html)

text Newt Gingrich Threatens Employee Free Choice EFCA BLOGGER on Twitter abuse Employee Free Choice EFCAPrwire News 2009-05-15 6:52 PM
Newt Gingrich and Saul Anuzis allege @EFCANOW has committed Twitter fraud, and are complaining to Twitter about the users on the site and demanding a response--or else. (text/html)

text Specter Staff Threatens to Trash Letters in Support of Employee Free Choice Pennsylvania Worker News 2009-04-20 8:30 PM
Hello? These are Pennsylvania residents whom the senator represents. This is the way you treat your constituents? (text/html)

text Open Letter to All Republican Senators on a Possible Employee Free Choice Act Compromise Employee Free Choice Act News 2009-04-20 5:52 PM
By using my dual-purpose membership card as a universal card instead of using the current language under the present S.560 bill, there is no question anymore as to whether or not the Employee Free Choice Act 2009 eliminates “Secret Ballot” elections. Under my proposal it would not. (text/html)

text Harvard Law School Professor Employee Free Choice Compromise Don't Work! Employee Free Choice Harvard Law School News 2009-04-16 9:07 PM
Professor Benjamin Sachs Harvard Law School on the Employee Free Choice Act: To address the labor-business impasse, I suggest two alternatives to card check and for changing the Employee Free Choice Act. (text/html)

text Sen. Arlen Specter Flip Flop and Workers Rights Employee Free Choice Act EFCA Penn News 2009-04-08 7:02 PM
Employee Free Choice Act EFCA: in 2005, in a video message to AFL-CIO Convention delegates, Specter boasted about the seniority he achieved thanks to union members’ support and proudly proclaimed himself a “lead sponsor” of the Employee Free Choice Act. (text/html)

text EFCA Employee Free Choice NO Surrender NO Retreat! Steve Maritas SPFPA IU Organizing Director 2009-04-07 7:08 PM
Sen. Specter, Feinstein, Lincoln Now Opens The Door for The Employee Free Choice EFCA Labor Reform Compromise Bills (text/html)

text Sen. Blanche Lincoln announces opposition to Employee Free Choice Act EFCA. Employee Free Choice News EFCA Prwire Report 2009-04-07 6:25 AM
Employee Free Choice EFCA: "I cannot support that bill. I cannot support it in its current form," Lincoln told those gathered for the luncheon at the governor's mansion. "I may not have said that as clearly before, but I'm saying it now." (text/html)

text Joe The Horny Plumber Video to be Distributed at Anti-Employee Free Choice EFCA Tour EFCA/Prwire Americans for Prosperity 2009-03-27 9:29 PM
EFCA/Prwire Americans for Prosperity Breaking News: Labor Activists Plan to Play and Distribute Joe The Horny Plumber Videos at Anti-Employee Free Choice EFCA National Save My Ballot Tour in Pennsylvania Next Week. (text/html)

text Joe The Plumber The Newest Member of The Employee Free Choice Act Union Busting Club EFCA: Joe The Plumber News 2009-03-26 8:08 PM
Joe The Plumber The One Man Band Enlisted To Campaign Against Employee Free Choice Act (text/html)

text EFCA Senator Specter A victim of FEAR, Intimidation and Coercion Tactics Employee Free Choice Act/EFCAPrwire News: 2009-03-25 2:31 PM
Employee Free Choice Act: Senator Specter is No Different than a Worker Faced with an Employer Union Busting FEAR, Intimidation and Coercion Campaign. (text/html)

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