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text Taç NevresimDunyasi 2013-09-17 2:51 PM

text Caligula Game jacinto 2013-09-15 6:18 PM
Was Warhol another Hitler? (text/plain)

text Grassroots protests planned nationwide in response to PRISM and government surveillance Evan Koser 2013-06-12 2:48 AM
Disgruntled citizens have begun collaborating their efforts online in an attempt to redress their grievances over the United States government's surveillance policies. (text/plain)

text a symptom of a broken mental health system. Bill Evins 2013-01-08 10:34 AM
a symptom of a broken mental health system. (text/plain)

text imling porfivng amigo 2012-11-15 3:05 PM

text a visionary's report: our obligation to defend victims of war: the CHILDREN! a. visionary 2012-09-11 2:18 AM
A visionary way to bring warriors to their knees before the next war (tho war is perpetual) (text/plain)

audio istanbul araç kiralama lacivertcar 2012-08-13 6:02 PM (audio/mpeg)

image Assemblage of Memorial to the 29 miners that died at Big Branch Mine, Whiteville, Wv. begi vincent / blast furnace radio and TV 2012-07-19 2:00 PM
Assemblage of Memorial to the 29 miners that died at Big Branch Mine, Whiteville, Wv. begi
memorial erection (image/jpeg)

text CIA financed Finnish Socialist Party Anonymous 2012-05-22 10:15 AM
CIA financed Finnish Socialists between 1945 – 1954 and maybe onwards. IA was not willing to finance Finnish Capitalists 'as they already we on our side' say the document. Finnish geopolitical position creates opportunities for people in politics and working for government not to follow their own legal code as there is no punishment. (text/plain)

text 2012 Mountain Justice Summer Action Camp May 18-25 Matt Landon 2012-02-24 10:33 PM
Come to Appalachia and become part of the movement to end MTR Coal Mining, protect communities and the environment, and build a sustainable new economy. (text/plain)

text The Anti-Fracking Pledge of Resistance has been released Occupy WELL Street 2011-12-16 12:05 AM
Occupy Well Street is taking a stand against the social pressure, lawsuits and occasional death threats that pro-gas individuals and gas corporations have been directing at many of those resisting the spread of fracking operations across the Marcellus region for the past few years. We are fed up with feeling isolated and silenced, and are frustrated with the idea that many others in rural communities may be hesitating to speak out for fear of threats, social consequences and legal action. We believe this is not an issue centered around individuals who sign leases, but is a case of multinational corporations preying on rural areas in order to make as much money as possible. Our solution is a Pledge of Resistance, both a universal declaration of opposition against fracking and a resounding statement of solidarity with all others resisting the spread of this destructive industry. (text/plain)

text Police: Security guard accused of preying on prostitutes Scott Lawrence 2011-10-11 11:44 PM
According to court documents, Pasadena police were investigating the murder of a prostitute. Wanda Trombley's skeletal remains were found last month in the 6100 block of Red Bluff. All three women that Hobbs is accused of assaulting knew Trombley, according to police. (text/html)

text Female Hannibal Lecter Bit Security Guard's Breast in Prison Security Police News 2011-10-05 1:44 AM
Prosecutors say Nelson has a history of violence toward men. In 1990, just one year before she savagely murdered her husband, she was convicted of assaulting an ex-boyfriend, Robert Hannson of Huntington Beach, by tying him up and demanding money at gunpoint. (text/html)

text Hotel Security Guard Jailed for Sex with Minor Security Police News 2011-10-03 9:21 PM
EJ, however, denied raping her, saying both sisters had been flirting with him since they arrived at the hotel three days previously. (text/html)

text Security Guards at Harvard Vote to Accept Contract Mercer H. Cook, CRIMSON STAFF WRITER 2011-10-02 8:20 PM
“Everybody came together to get things done,” said Harvard security guard Shawn Lynch. “It’s a really solid contract all the way through. We got everything we needed out of Securitas.” (text/html)

image Stop deportation of Nadia Habib and her mother, Nazmin Habib William Gomes 2011-09-30 5:59 PM
Stop deportation of Nadia Habib and her mother, Nazmin Habib
An Open Letter from William Nicholas Gomes to the President of the United States of America (image/jpeg)

text Afghanistan: Eight police killed at Helmand checkpoint Security Police News 2011-09-28 6:09 PM
Correspondents say that in recent months Taliban militants have carried out several attacks, some of them high profile, by infiltrating the Western-trained Afghan security forces. (text/html)

text Garda Armored Car Guard Disarmed, Robbed-Kidnapped Security Police News 2011-09-27 5:18 PM
After disarming the guard who was making a delivery at the Big Lots store, the robber forced the guard into the back of the vehicle, Martin said. (text/html)

text Hell's Angels Boss Killed in Casino Gunfight Security Police News 2011-09-26 6:25 PM
Witnesses to the casino shootout described chaos erupting after a group of Vagos club members was confronted by Hells Angels members at the Nugget. Daniel Sharp, of Stockton, Calif., told the Reno Gazette-Journal that within five minutes, shots rang out: "It was mayhem." (text/html)

text Despite Shooting Incident Pope Celebrates Mass Security Guard News 2011-09-25 8:52 PM
The Vatican was undeterred by an incident earlier in the day in the eastern city of Erfurt on the edge of the security zone in which a man fired an air gun at a security guard about an hour before a papal Mass. (text/html)

text State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Goes To Court Over Security Guard Training Fraud Celeste Katz 2011-09-24 1:48 AM
Schneiderman notes that people don’t need to plunk down that much cash for security guard training programs – many free and low-cost programs already exist. People who have lost money in the scam can file a complaint with the Consumer Frauds and Protection Bureau. (text/html)

text Troy Davis Executed; Supporters Claim Injustice, Davis Claims his Innocence Security Police News 2011-09-23 12:35 AM
Troy Davis declared one last time that he did not kill a police officer before being executed Thursday. (text/html)

text NYPD Officers Disciplined for Throwing Football with Boy Security Police News 2011-09-21 9:20 PM
Catherine Guzman and Mariana Diaz face departmental trial for tossing a football with a child (text/html)

text Home Invasion on Long Island NY Leaves 1 Shot 4 Nabbed Security Police News 2011-09-20 9:42 PM
September 19th, 2011 - New York : Schools in the Bellmore, Merrick, North Bellmore, North Merrick, Wantagh, Levittown and Bellmore-Merrick Central High School districts were on lockdown while the investigation was underway. Most of those precautions have since been lifted. (text/html)

text The American Jobs Act The American Jobs Act News 2011-09-09 7:18 PM
What is the purpose of the American Jobs Act? (text/html)

text HaCked By KedAns-Dz KedAns-Dz 2011-08-21 12:40 AM
Hacked (text/plain + 1 comment)

text Union bemoans hospital 'war zones' Security Guard Jobs News 2011-06-08 11:37 PM
"It is unfortunate that our hospitals have been turned into warzones where people do not feel safe because of government's ill-conceived policy of privatisation and outsourcing," union spokesperson Sizwe Pamla said. (text/html)

text Wackenhut Security Officer Security Shoots Himself at Border Patrol HQ Security Guard Jobs News 2011-06-02 12:50 AM
The Wackenhut Security Officers working with the Border Patrol are presently represented by the International Union, Security Police and Fire Professionals of America SPFPA (text/html)

text 'The Hangover' and a Cigarette-Smoking Monkey. GoodFellas ECigarettes News 2011-05-31 6:28 PM
Jeong, a doctor-turned-actor who has since joined the NBC series "Community" and landed a role in the upcoming "Transformers: Dark of the Moon," says he prepared for his expanded role by watching Martin Scorsese's "GoodFellas (text/plain)

text Killer of Dallas Security Guard to die Wednesday Security Guard Jobs News 2011-05-31 5:33 PM
Lethal injection is now virtually the universal method of execution in the United States, with all but two of the 46 executions carried out there during 2010 being by this method. (text/html)

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