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text Four Climate Ground Zero Activists Arrested in their homes, still jailed Climate Ground Zero 2009-12-30 5:38 PM
Four Climate Ground Zero activist arrested in their homes in Rock Creek, WV Tuesday (text/plain)

text Four Arrested on Coal River Mountain, Bail Unknown Maureen Farrell 2009-11-22 1:12 AM
The four protestors on Coal River Mountain today were recently arrested, their bail still unknown. (text/plain)

text Responding to Harmful Government Inaction, Protestors Stop Blasting on Coal River Mountain Maureen Farrell 2009-11-21 5:09 PM
Latest Press Release from Climate Ground Zero, a West Virginia based action campaign against Mountaintop Removal. Four Protestors are currently on Coal River Mountain's Bee Tree Site, two are locked down to a drill rig. For more information please go to (text/plain)

text Youth Join Forces to Educate About Global Poverty paola Martinez 2009-11-18 6:33 PM
“Education – The Universal Bridge” was the theme for the 2009 walk. (text/plain)

text Over 300 Homeless People Expected to Participate: Informational Picketing @ Rivers Casino Rivers Casino News 2009-11-13 7:42 PM
Ed Fasulo, President and COO of Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, Explain To Me, Your Customers, Your Workers and the Rest of the Pittsburgh Community on HOW The Workers at RIVERS CASINO Can Afford to Support Their Families on Poverty Wages Ranging From $8.00 to $9.50 Per Hour? (text/html)

text UGSOA May LOSE Over 850 Members as Their Members Revolt by the Hundreds UGSOA Member News 2009-11-12 9:41 PM
What's Going on at the United Government Security Officers of America UGSOA? Why are hundreds of UGSOA Members Filing Decertification Election Petitions to get rid of UGSOA in recent weeks? (text/html)

text Rivers Casino's Union Busting FEAR Tactics Rivers Casino Union Busting News 2009-11-11 7:15 PM
Did Rivers Casino Security Officers vote against unionization or did they Fall Victim to Jackson & Lewis Union-Busting FEAR and Intimidation Tactics? (text/html)

text UNION BUSTING Play Book: What Union Busters Don't Want YOU to See or Know! Union Busters EXPOSED 2009-10-30 4:00 PM
A Step by Step Union Busting Playbook on What UNION BUSTERS Do and How They Run UNION BUSTING Campaigns. (text/html)

text Phil Africa's Art! BE47 2009-08-18 3:35 AM
Video and website of innocent human rights activist and environmentalist Phil Africa. Phil and the other 7 surviving "MOVE 9" are imprisoned in Pennsylvania. They are now eligible for parole. (text/plain + 1 comment)

text toxic gas drilling must be banned Maria Ensign 2009-07-05 5:18 PM

audio interview with mike roselle at base camp / mt. top removal resistance / blast furnace radi vincent / blast furnace radio 2009-06-23 1:32 PM

text The Case for Arbitration in Labor Law Reform and The Employee Free Choice Act EFCA Employee Free Choice EFCAPrwire News 2009-06-16 4:58 PM
Labor law reform must ensure that workers who want to join a union are able to do so without facing endless delays from corporations seeking to deny them a voice in the workplace. (text/html)

text SPFPA Union Security Police Officer Shot at The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum SPFPA Security Guard Security Police News 2009-06-10 7:21 PM
The security police professionals working at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum are members of the International Union, Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America (SPFPA) The Largest Oldest and Fastest Growing 9 (b)(3) union in the world today. (text/html)

text SPECTER Either You Stand with Working People, or YOU stand with Greedy CEOs on EFCA Employee Free Choice EFCAPrwire News 2009-06-10 3:33 PM
Big banks and greedy corporations got our country into this mess," "Now they want to fire or harass employees who want to join a union." Senators Lincoln, Webb, Specter, Vitter, Pryor Either You Stand with Working People, or YOU stand with Greedy CEOs on The Employee Free Choice Act EFCA. Which Is It? (text/html)

text Employee Free Choice Act - Specter to labor: You'll like how I'll vote on EFCA Employee Free Choice EFCAPrwire News 2009-06-06 5:52 PM
Employee Free Choice Senator Specter Told a Crowd at a EFCA Rally "I believe you'll be satisfied with my vote on this EFCA issue," Specter said (text/html)

text Specter Staff Threatens to Trash Letters in Support of Employee Free Choice Pennsylvania Worker News 2009-04-20 8:30 PM
Hello? These are Pennsylvania residents whom the senator represents. This is the way you treat your constituents? (text/html)

text Open Letter to All Republican Senators on a Possible Employee Free Choice Act Compromise Employee Free Choice Act News 2009-04-20 5:52 PM
By using my dual-purpose membership card as a universal card instead of using the current language under the present S.560 bill, there is no question anymore as to whether or not the Employee Free Choice Act 2009 eliminates “Secret Ballot” elections. Under my proposal it would not. (text/html)

text Harvard Law School Professor Employee Free Choice Compromise Don't Work! Employee Free Choice Harvard Law School News 2009-04-16 9:07 PM
Professor Benjamin Sachs Harvard Law School on the Employee Free Choice Act: To address the labor-business impasse, I suggest two alternatives to card check and for changing the Employee Free Choice Act. (text/html)

text Joe The Horny Plumber Video to be Distributed at Anti-Employee Free Choice EFCA Tour EFCA/Prwire Americans for Prosperity 2009-03-27 9:29 PM
EFCA/Prwire Americans for Prosperity Breaking News: Labor Activists Plan to Play and Distribute Joe The Horny Plumber Videos at Anti-Employee Free Choice EFCA National Save My Ballot Tour in Pennsylvania Next Week. (text/html)

text Doing Business in the Arabian Gulf Gabriel Sawma 2008-09-14 2:11 AM
The United States uses about one-quarter of the world’s total energy output, but have less than five percent of the world’s population. According to statistics of the US Dept. of Energy, 19.9% of crude oil products imports to the US, during January 2005, came from the Persian Gulf countries (Petroleum Supply Monthly). This article is written to make U.S. Businesses familiar with customs, traditions and laws governing business dealings with that region of the world. (text/plain)

image Irish Republican Seeks Normalized Status. Pol Brennan Support Group 2008-09-08 3:44 PM
Irish Republican Seeks Normalized Status.
Pól Brennan was born in 1953 in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Belfast, Northern Ireland. While growing up, he witnessed first-hand the sectarian bigotry that plagued the North of Ireland at the time. In 1972 when he was 19, like many of his friends and neighbors he became a civil rights activist. (image/jpeg)

image Interview With Cindy Sheehan – The Peace Mom vs. Congressional Madam (Speaker) Cathy Garger 2008-07-26 8:40 PM
Interview With Cindy Sheehan – The Peace Mom vs. Congressional Madam (Speaker)
Cindy Sheehan gives a candid interview in which she explains exactly why she is running for Congress in order to oppose Rep. Nancy Pelosi and remove her from her throne. (image/jpeg)

text Bob Packer's Gonna "Fix Your Face"!.. 6/25 Bobby Meade 2008-06-26 3:21 PM
..if you mess with this Gad damn article! He's gonna make your mother wish she never had you! GHW Bush says that they are paying queer sh*theads at IMCs or other sites to disable the sites or block posts such as mine. 6/25 One Man Army's gonna save these sh*theads whether they want to be saved or not! (text/plain)

text Austrian police' fascist treatment of antifur activists boycotting Kleider Bauer Austrian Vegan Soc and Others 2008-06-17 9:04 PM
Austrian police' fascist treatment of antifur activists boycotting Kleider Bauer Ten animal rights campaigners have been held since the 21st of May after police raided twenty-three homes and offices in Austria (text/plain)

text 27 Reasons To Dump Time Warner Free Air Waves 2008-06-12 4:06 PM
promotion of war, advertising of the pieces of murdered animals, destruction of habitat, pricegouging, cancellation of free tv, interference with municipal offersings of free internet etc. (text/plain)

image Northeastern Anarchist #13, Spring 2008 Out Now! NEFAC 2008-05-01 10:52 PM
 Northeastern Anarchist #13, Spring 2008 Out Now!
Workers at Sanitarios Maracay Fight for Dignity Cleveland Militant Labor in the 40s Vermont Communes in the 60s Public Sector Strike in South Africa The Ecological Challenge and more... (image/jpeg)

image Hillary Clinton was silent when her husband esecuted a retarded man and 3 others S.N.S. 2008-02-03 5:43 PM
Hillary Clinton was silent when her husband esecuted a retarded man and 3 others
Hillary Clinton was silent when her husband esecuted 4.. was silent when her client WalMart gave a glass ceiling to women, when they unionbusted, when she invested in cattle futures (those cows had no future), when she helped Don Tyson become the nation's biggest butcher.. his corporation skinning animals alive in Washington State See also her appalling record on animal rights (image/jpeg + 1 comment)

text Petition Opposing H.R. 1955/S. 1959 Cha-Cha Connor 2007-12-08 4:52 PM
Petition asking our U.S. Senate to refuse H.R. 1955/S. 1959 (text/plain)

audio Rustbelt Radio for December 3, 2007 Pittsburgh IMC: Rustbelt Radio collective 2007-12-04 12:39 AM
On this week's show... * In honor of World Aids Day, we bring you a report on the new face of AIDS and the challenges faced by infected individuals * Independent Journalist Ben Dangl speaks about the Constituent Assembly and recent clashes in Bolivia * An update on the "Middle East Peace Conference" in Annapolis * Nurses are striking in West Virginia, plus more in our local and global headlines (audio/mpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for November 5, 2007 Pittsburgh IMC: Rustbelt Radio collective 2007-11-06 12:55 AM
On this week's show... * Fighting for fair food in Pittsburgh and across the country,an update on the Student Farmworker Alliance KingDOOM days of action against Burger King * results from the recent Guatemalan presidential election * Media activists, community radio operators and government representatives discuss the benefits of Low Power FM Radio * an interview from "Mother Jones: The Most Dangerous Woman in America" * and more in our local and global headlines (audio/mpeg)

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