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image March on Blair Mountain: A History of Resistance Nell Gagnon 2011-05-31 3:38 PM
March on Blair Mountain: A History of Resistance
The March on Blair Mountain seeks to preserve the historical Blair Mountain, put an end to the disastrous practice of mountain top removal, and, like the Battle of Blair, to strengthen labor and community rights. All are welcome to come and join together in this fight for human rights and environmental justice. (image/jpeg)

text The Illinois State Capitol Police Force Created after Shooting has been Cut Nearly in Half Security Guard Jobs / Police News 2011-05-27 1:23 AM
The higher wages offered by other police forces lure away the Capitol officers, who earn $50,839 regardless of experience, said Sean Smoot, executive director for their union, the Police Benevolent Labor Committee. That's a competitive starting wage, but not for an officer several years into his career, he said. (text/html)

text Suspect in Dodger Stadium Assult Beating of Bryan Stow in Custody Security Guard Jobs News 2011-05-22 10:48 PM
A police SWAT team stormed a Los Angeles apartment early today, taking five people into custody, including a man suspected of the brutal beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow. (text/html)

text 13 year old Boy Questioned by Secret Service after Facebook Post about Suicide Bombers Security Guards Jobs News 2011-05-19 3:30 AM
“I was saying how Osama was dead and for Obama to be careful because there could be suicide bombers,” the boy Vito LaPinta told Fox News. (text/html)

text 78 Year Old Security Guard Donald Myers Stops Armed Robber Security Guards Jobs News 2011-05-17 9:57 PM
Security Guard Donald Myers, 78, calmly approached the robber from behind and drew his own weapon. "Freeze!" Myers told the bandit. "Drop the gun and get on the floor!" (text/html)

text Security Guard Found Fatally Shot in a St. Petersburg Apartment Complex Security Guards Jobs News 2011-05-16 6:58 PM
Little had roughly 125 to 150 hours of security guard / security officer training in addition to his nearly two years on the street. He made a perfect score on his firearm training, 240 out of 240. "He was handy with a sidearm," Poulin said. (text/html)

text Security Guard Who Stopped Karate Bum Honored by San Francisco Police Security Guards Jobs News 2011-05-15 8:16 PM
The security guard who took down a man allegedly practicing karate moves on an 85-year-old at Fisherman’s Wharf was honored by police Thursday. (text/html)

text Casino Security Guard Pulls Attacker from RCMP Officer Security Guards Jobs News 2011-05-15 1:19 AM
According to Ferguson and other witnesses, the man charged with the assault repeatedly punched the officer in the head. They say he also tried to take the RCMP officer's gun from its holster. Armstrong said it's "rare" for an assault complainant to assault a responding officer. Police do not want the officer to speak to the media, said Armstrong. (text/html)

text Food Sovereignty Tour + Agroecology Short Course in Venezuela – July 10-22 Bolivarian Circle Alberto Lovera NY 2011-05-11 12:11 AM
You are invited to participate in a study tour to study food sovereignty, social movements and social change in Venezuela, July 10 to 22. (text/plain)

text Is FCGOA Pres Guy James Now Playing The Rat Card in His Attempt to Take Total Control of F FCGOA INFO 2011-05-07 2:56 AM
Is There A Power Struggle Going On At FCGOA? (text/html)

text 19 APRILE 2011 ORE 2-06 25 APRILE 2011 19 Aprile, 2011 alle 02:06 ALLA PRESIDENZA DELLA RE TANA ROSSA 2011-04-25 11:25 PM

image a visionary's report: Art Succeeds Aiding Forest Resurgence a. visionary 2011-04-22 7:11 PM
a visionary's report: Art Succeeds Aiding Forest Resurgence
Art applied informally and as part of meaningful communities (becoming and already existing) succeeds in stopping Loggers and other implementing professionals in their proverbial tracks, while inspiring evolutionary ways of relating to re-enchantifying forests and their multiversity of gifts! (image/gif)

text FCGOA's 9(b)(3) Status is in Jeopardy as a Legitimate 9(b)(3) Security Union FCGOA Member News 2011-04-13 4:43 PM
Who is Really Running FCGOA? Are They Assiciated With a Non-Guard Union? Is Guy James Really a Front Man for FCGOA? These Questions may soon be answered soon before a NLRB Hearing Officer. (text/html)

text FCGOA Pres Guy James SELLS-OUT 188 Securitas Officers Working at ESPN in Conn For $75,000 FCGOA Member News 2011-04-04 10:16 PM
After GUY JAMES SOLD-OUT These Securitas Officers, Securitas Lost the Contract and the Majority of These 188 Officers Lost Their Jobs Including the Lead Organizer for FCGOA. (text/html)

text Black Label Drugs Laurie Anspach 2011-03-10 4:40 AM
Modern health professionals in this arena understand that the use of powerful drugs like Prozac only cover up symptoms, which then leaves the underlying causes to continue to worsen, and eventually manifest in other ways including more serious medical problems. (text/plain)

text Psychiatry’s “Billing Bible” Laurie Anspach 2011-01-20 3:28 PM
A new study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry exposes the lack of medical legitimacy behind psychiatric diagnoses. Using the diagnostic criteria of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), psychiatry’s billing bible, researchers Michael B. First (DSM editor), Jerome Wakefield, Allan Horwitz and Mark Schmitz found that people experiencing normal sadness, divorce, rejection and economic misfortune are erroneously being classified with a mental disorder. (text/plain + 1 comment)

We must continue to preserve the rights we hold dear to our hearts and make sure that everyone strives to educate future generations. (text/plain)

text Mis-Diagnosed problems in school Laurie Anspach 2010-12-01 10:27 PM
Perhaps you may benefit from reading “Nick’s Story”! (text/plain)

text Airports Consider Using Private Security Screeners Vs. TSA Transportation Security Officer FCGOA NEWS 2010-11-21 8:38 PM
'Don't touch my junk' passenger sparks revolt against airport searches (text/html)

text Federalizing Guards Will Not Improve Security at Federal Buildings. FCGOA FPS NEWS 2010-09-21 1:49 AM
What is needed to improve FPS security is better training, management, oversight and administration, including additional resources to hire more inspectors and contracting officer’s technical representatives. (text/html)

text FCGOA Defeats UGSOA at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Headquarters in Wash DC FCGOA NEWS 2010-08-29 12:23 AM
"Today's VICTORY by FCGOA against UGSOA and it's UGSOA Local 44 sends a clear message to UGSOA President Desiree Sullivan that all is NOT Well at UGSOA" Stated FCGOA President Guy James. (text/html)

text UGSOA Loses To FCGOA UGSOA NEWS 2010-08-28 2:15 AM
"Today's VICTORY by FCGOA against UGSOA and it's UGSOA Local 44 sends a clear message to UGSOA President Desiree Sullivan that all is NOT Well at UGSOA" Stated FCGOA President Guy James. (text/html)

text UGSOA Members Show Their Support For FCGOA and its President Guy James FCGOA NEWS 2010-08-10 6:00 AM
Mr. Harsley’s 12-13 years of serving our membership under UGSOA local # 44 as president has been pure hell. He has abused his power and authority, misused his position, and undercut our benefits with his manipulations by telling un-truths in order to accomplish his goals by deceiving the officers into accept his untruths. It’s time to replace Mr. Harsley, UGSOA Local # 44 and UGSOA international with a new and more progressive, honest, user friendly, officer oriented organization that serves the union membership needs, not their own needs, wants and desires. (text/html)

text Over 300 UGSOA Officers Working at The DOJ and ICE Facilites are Revolting Against UGSOA UGSOA Washington D.C. News 2010-07-11 7:34 PM
The revolt by these 300 UGSOA members to join FCGOA is just the tip of the iceberg as Hundreds of UGSOA all Over the Country are Signing up with FCGOA. (text/html)

text Federal Protective Service Building Security Agency's Workforce Plan Questioned Federal Protective Service FCGOA NEWS 2010-06-16 2:06 AM
The Federal Protective Service agency has an annual budget of roughly $1 billion, and employs 1,225 full-time workers and 15,000 contract security guards at more than 2,300 federal facilities nationwide (text/html)

text UGSOA PRESIDENT JAMES CARNEY JUMPS SHIP. FCGOA is Ready to Take The Helm UGSOA NEWS 2010-03-31 10:24 PM
Federal Contract Guards of America FCGOA President Guy James stated "FCGOA is ready and able to represent the many UGSOA Security Police Professionals who wish to leave the United Government Security Officers of America UGSOA to join our organization FCGOA" (text/html)

text Nuclear Power Plants Vulnerable to Attack, Former CIA Officer Says FCGOA Nuclear Security Officer News 2010-03-26 2:02 AM
One of the biggest problems is the fact that the union who presently represents these nuclear security officers the United Government Security Officers of America International Union UGSOA has failed to negotiate for better wages, benefits and a higher standard of training for these nuclear security officers stated FCGOA President Guy James. (text/html)

text FCGOA Pres calls For Tougher Background Checks After Terror Suspect Infiltrated Nuke Sites FCGOA Security Guard News 2010-03-14 5:18 PM
Guy James President of The International Union, Federal Contract Guards of America FCGOA, stated that “we must always be on the alert at nuclear facilities, federal buildings , airports and other high profile buildings where terrorist groups like Al-Qaida continue to target our infrastructure. The question we face each and everyday is not if a terrorist attack like 9/11 will happen again but when will it happen. That’s why our union FCGOA continues to call on our legislatures to strengthen stiffer background checks, better training standards and a higher standard of qualifications of all private security companies and security guards / security police professionals throughout the country”. (text/html)

text Use of Private Federal Contract Security Guards at Gov Buildings Comes Under Scrutiny. FCGOA Security Guard News 2010-03-13 6:52 PM
Guy James President of the International Union, Federal Contract Guards of America FCGOA disagrees. The problem is not that these contract guards need to be federalized, the problem is better training". "There really are no federal standards for security guards," said James. "These individuals should be trained at the federal level since they are the first line of defense against a terrorist attack, just like federal police officers," he said. (text/html)

text Protestors occupy W.Va. mining office in response to mounting environmental violations CGZ 2010-02-18 3:21 PM
Contact: Mike Roselle (304 854 1852), Charles Suggs (304 854 7372), Pettus, W.Va.– Three occupied Massey Energy subsidiary Marfork Coal Company, Inc.’s main office this morning at eight. The protestors plan to present a citizen’s arrest warrant and list of violations on the Marfork processing plant, Bee Tree Surface Mine and Brushy Fork sludge impoundment to company president Christopher Blanchard and Massey CEO Don Blankenship. (text/html)

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