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text FCGOA Defeats UGSOA at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Headquarters in Wash DC FCGOA NEWS 2010-08-29 12:23 AM
"Today's VICTORY by FCGOA against UGSOA and it's UGSOA Local 44 sends a clear message to UGSOA President Desiree Sullivan that all is NOT Well at UGSOA" Stated FCGOA President Guy James. (text/html)

text Over 300 Homeless People Expected to Participate: Informational Picketing @ Rivers Casino Rivers Casino News 2009-11-13 7:42 PM
Ed Fasulo, President and COO of Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, Explain To Me, Your Customers, Your Workers and the Rest of the Pittsburgh Community on HOW The Workers at RIVERS CASINO Can Afford to Support Their Families on Poverty Wages Ranging From $8.00 to $9.50 Per Hour? (text/html)

text Rivers Casino's Union Busting FEAR Tactics Rivers Casino Union Busting News 2009-11-11 7:15 PM
Did Rivers Casino Security Officers vote against unionization or did they Fall Victim to Jackson & Lewis Union-Busting FEAR and Intimidation Tactics? (text/html)

text Phil Africa's Art! BE47 2009-08-18 3:35 AM
Video and website of innocent human rights activist and environmentalist Phil Africa. Phil and the other 7 surviving "MOVE 9" are imprisoned in Pennsylvania. They are now eligible for parole. (text/plain + 1 comment)

text Specter Staff Threatens to Trash Letters in Support of Employee Free Choice Pennsylvania Worker News 2009-04-20 8:30 PM
Hello? These are Pennsylvania residents whom the senator represents. This is the way you treat your constituents? (text/html)

text Bob Barr on Pennsylvania Presidential Ballot Peace Voter 2008-09-16 12:16 PM
A Harrisburg judge, Johnny Butler, has ruled that Bob Barr will be on the Pennsylvania presidential ballot. McCain Palin operatives are trying to stop Barr's ballot inclusion. (text/plain)

text 130th Anniversary of the 1877 Shamokin Uprising and the Great Railroad Strike The Yinsurrectionary Times 2007-07-25 2:18 PM
Thanks to YT reader Hal Smith, who wrote this article for the News Item of Shamokin, and was kind enough to point it out. (text/html)

text VFA Wins Campaign Against Foie Gras at Giant Eagle! Voices for Animals of Western PA 2007-02-25 1:27 AM
VICTORY!!! Giant Eagle Stops Selling Foie Gras! (text/plain + 3 comments)

image Intelligence Experts Scott Ritter and Ray McGovern are coming to Pittsburgh for Iraq Forum Kevin Caridad 2006-09-18 8:55 AM
Intelligence Experts Scott Ritter and Ray McGovern are coming to Pittsburgh for Iraq Forum
Scott Ritter was the the Chief United Nations Weapons Inspector in Iraq from 1991 to 1998. Ray McGover is a former CIA analyst who has accused the Bush administration of manipulating intelligence in its rush to invade Iraq. (image/jpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for July 31, 2006 Indymedia Rustbelt Radio collective 2006-08-01 11:42 AM
On this week's show... * We learn about the practices of Bechtel corporation, a war profiteer with a local operation here in Pittsburgh * The first officer to refuse deployment to Iraq speaks out * SouthSide Works janitors are demanding better working conditions * A University Radio Station in Oaxaca, Mexico is under attack * and also our local and global headlines (audio/mpeg)

audio Repost of Rustbelt Radio Interview with the Mayor of Braddock Morgan 2006-07-27 1:07 AM
A repost of the long version of Rustbelt Radio's interview with Mayor John Fetterman of Braddock (audio/x-wav)

image In Braddock, Resistance to the Mon-Fayette Grows Morgan 2006-07-24 10:53 PM
In Braddock, Resistance to the Mon-Fayette Grows
Spelled out vertically, in letters ten feet tall on Braddok Avenue last Friday was the message: NO M-F-X, no to the Mon-Fayette Expressway. (image/jpeg + 5 comments)

text Pennsylvania to increase minimum wage statewide Rustbelt Radio 2006-07-09 1:05 PM
Recently passed state legislation will raise the minimum wage in Pennsylvania by $2 over the next year. Governor Rendell has pledged to sign the bill into law. (text/plain + 11 comments)

text Bush, Santorum err on American Competitiveness Rossilynne Skena 2006-03-28 5:22 PM
Student's opinion regarding President George W. Bush's and Senator Rick Santorum's errs on the American Competitivness Initiative (ACI). (text/plain + 1 comment)

image Harrisburg Mourns 3 Year Aggression in Iraq be47 2006-03-20 4:03 AM
Harrisburg Mourns 3 Year Aggression in Iraq
crowd and speakers on pennsylvania capitol steps. saturday, march 18, 2006. mourning 3 years of occupation, 15 years of US aggression, and over a million dead... (image/jpeg)

text Penn-Trafford's book ban threatens enlightened thought, intellectual freedom Rossilynne Skena 2006-03-15 2:44 PM
Student's opinion disagreeing with Penn-Trafford's banning of Sun-Tzu's "The Art of War." (text/plain + 1 comment)

audio Rustbelt Radio for March 6, 2006 Indymedia Rustbelt Radio collective 2006-03-06 10:59 PM
On this week's show... * In Feburary, Pennsylvania prisoner-rights activists converged on Harrisburg to protest abusive prison conditions at home * Last week the BBC obtained an rare interview with a Guantanamo Bay detainee, and we'll hear about his experience in the Guantanamo Bay prison * updates on a general strike in Africa, students against sweatshops in Santa Cruz, and an update on the South Central Farmers in LA * and also our local headlines (audio/mpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for January 23, 2006 Indymedia Rustbelt Radio 2006-01-23 8:57 PM
On this week's show... * a report from the Black and White Reunion's tenth annual Summit Against Racism, held in East Liberty this past weekend * We continue our discussion about Venezuela with Katrina Kozarek from the Calle y Media Video Collective * We'll hear from an activist in Africa, who is organizing to abolish 3rd world debt * and a court has ruled in favor of locked-out steelworkers in Ohio * plus Rustbelt Radio's Indymedia headlines (audio/mpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for November 14, 2005 Indymedia Rustbelt Radio collective 2005-11-15 10:57 AM
On today's show... * We have an interview With Helem GLBT Center in Beirut, Lebanon * Updates on the Paris Riots * Spoken word by Alixa and Naima * an update on police harassment of Common Ground Relief volunteers in New Orleans * our local and global headlines (audio/mpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for November 7, 2005 Indymeda Radio Collective 2005-11-07 11:21 PM
On this week's show... * We speak with an employee of the East Liberty Shop-n-save store who alleges religious discrimination * We learn about human trafficking in the US and abroad, and what is being done to stop it * and we discuss proposed changes to National Forest Service policies with the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy. plus, our local and global headlines. (audio/mpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for June 27, 2005 Indymedia Radio Collective 2005-06-29 3:50 PM
* A bill currently in Harrisburg could raise the minimum wage across the state of Pennsylvania to seven dollars and fifteen cents. * We talk with representatives of the Pittsburgh-based Just Health Care Campaign * the BioDemocracy conference in Philadelphia met in opposition to the Biotechnology Industry Orgranization's meetings; Rustbelt has a report. * and we hear from Iraqi Labor Leaders on their speaking tour stop last week in Pittsburgh (audio/mpeg)

audio Marakay Rogers, Green for attorney General Mike 2004-10-29 1:16 AM
Marakay Rogers' 30 second radio ad. 349Kb. (audio/mpeg)

image Living Wage demonstration at CMU: PWR's caroling for Justice People for Workers' Rights 2002-12-20 2:05 AM
Living Wage demonstration at CMU: PWR's caroling for Justice
On Friday December 6, 2002, People for Workers' Rights at Carneige Mellon University held a demonstration for the rights of workers on their campus. Caroling for Justice included customized christmas carols that highlighted the plight of campus workers and criticized subcontracting by the CMU administration. (story includes photos from the event). (image/jpeg)


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