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image Super typhoon Haiyan is climate wake-up call Akbayan, Aksyon Klima, Yeb Sano 2013-11-14 9:07 AM
Super typhoon Haiyan is climate wake-up call
It seems these days that whenever Mother Nature wants to send an urgent message to humankind, it sends it via the Philippines. This year the messenger was Haiyan, known in the Philippines as Yolanda. (image/jpeg)

text They frack because clear air and water aren’t profitable Systemic Disorder 2013-10-09 9:39 PM
Newly developed fracking techniques represent an intensification, yet a special law known as the “Halliburton loophole” exempts fracking from federal regulations. (text/plain)

image 3rd Radical Mycology Convergence Callout! Radical Mycology Collective 2013-09-16 8:53 PM
3rd Radical Mycology Convergence Callout!
he Radical Mycology Convergence is a unique gathering of mycologists, mushroom enthusiasts, and Earth stewards coming together to share skills and information on the numerous benefits of the fungal kingdom for humans and the planet. The RMC is a multiple-day long event consisting of workshops, presentations, and various projects using fungi and other organisms to remediate & restore damaged environments. (image/jpeg)

text Caligula Game jacinto 2013-09-15 6:18 PM
Was Warhol another Hitler? (text/plain)

text Growing Numbers Of Vegan and Vegetarian Mormons Poster 2013-07-22 3:48 PM
Information on the growing vegetarian and vegan movements within the LDS Church... Many of these vegan Mormons want the LDS church to get out of cattle and sheep ranching and to disinvest from animal meats (text/plain)

text Global-warming debate shouldn’t exclude role of livestock Systemic Disorder 2013-05-22 4:51 PM
Regardless of what the actual total of livestock contribution to global warming, it is part of the problem and we ignore it at our collective peril. (text/plain)

text Rustbelt Radio for April 22, 2013 Pittsburgh Indymedia: Rustbelt Radio 2013-04-24 4:46 PM

text DHS and US Military Make Final Preparations Before Announcing Martial Law Susanne Posel 2013-03-07 10:01 AM
DHS and US Military Make Final Preparations Before Announcing Martial Law (text/plain)

image American Naval Ship Crashes into World Heritage Site Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL) 2013-02-01 11:55 PM
American Naval Ship Crashes into World Heritage Site
APL dares Philippine President Aquino to penalize US Navy for Tubbataha damage (image/jpeg)

text a symptom of a broken mental health system. Bill Evins 2013-01-08 10:34 AM
a symptom of a broken mental health system. (text/plain)

text Why UN Climate Agreements Fail Shamus Cooke 2012-12-04 3:12 AM
History will undoubtedly deliver the harshest condemnations of the UN climate talks currently underway in Doha, Qatar. But the conference was laughable before it began; the inept “goals” of the talks stand in tragic-comic opposition to what we already know about climate change — that the climate has already changed in profound ways and its trajectory spells doom for civilization if drastic, coordinated steps are not taken in the immediate future. (text/plain)

text imling porfivng amigo 2012-11-15 3:05 PM

text California Victor Davis Hanson 2012-11-05 2:54 AM

application Accountability for Act 13 - PA's New Oil & Gas Law Melissa Troutman 2012-10-08 2:46 PM
Environmental organizations and community groups will hold an event to educate the public on Act 13 prior to this year’s election and the State Supreme Court’s ruling (application/pdf)

audio istanbul araç kiralama lacivertcar 2012-08-13 6:02 PM (audio/mpeg)

text Climate Change and the Next U.S. Revolution Shamus Cooke 2012-07-24 2:26 PM
The U.S. heat wave is slowly shaking the foundations of American politics. It may take years for the deep rumble to evolve into an above ground, institution-shattering earthquake, but U.S. society has changed for good. (text/plain)

image Assemblage of Memorial to the 29 miners that died at Big Branch Mine, Whiteville, Wv. begi vincent / blast furnace radio and TV 2012-07-19 2:00 PM
Assemblage of Memorial to the 29 miners that died at Big Branch Mine, Whiteville, Wv. begi
memorial erection (image/jpeg)

text VeganAthletes, Clenbuterol In Meat, Diabetes And Cows' Milk Science Daily And Others 2012-07-05 8:34 PM
3 articles I Fruitarian, Vegan and Vegetarian Champion Athletes II Chinese Olympians avoiding meat because of clenbuterol additive III Goldfarb study on Diabetes and Cows' Milk (text/plain)

image July Delegation to Venezuela: Food Sovereignty, Human Rights, and Community Power Bolivarian Circle Alberto Lovera 2012-06-09 2:41 PM
July Delegation to Venezuela: Food Sovereignty, Human Rights, and Community Power
We will examine issues of land reform, urban agriculture, rural development, fishing rights, and food sovereignty within a dynamic political context. Venezuela is an outstanding example of a country that strives to ensure its citizens’ right to food while bolstering its domestic agriculture sector, with an emphasis on sustainable agriculture. We will also explore other areas of social transformation, including education, healthcare, and direct citizen participation in the political process. Plus trips to beaches, parks, and other sites of interest. (image/jpeg)

text Earth Fare Stores Promoting Animal Flesh Vegan Affordability 2012-05-30 8:21 PM

text Summoning The Rain Fruitarian Network 2012-05-29 4:40 PM
Many areas of the world need regular soaking rain. Trees create rain by evaporating an average 42 gallons of moisture daily which becomes mist, then clouds, and then falls as rain. (text/plain)

text As The KFC Boycott Gathers Mass, 7 More KFC's Close Beacon Journal And Poster 2012-05-04 6:02 PM
The KFC Boycott, the exploding vegan and animal rights movement, franchise disputes with Yum Restaurants of Kentucky, world's largest restaurant conglomerate, owner of KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and other chains, declining numbers of customers, and filthy store and dumpster conditions are some factors in the closing of 7 KFC stores in Northeast Ohio. Columbus Ohio stores are affected as well. (text/plain)

text Rescue an Animal, Brighten YOUR Day! Eleanor White 2012-04-22 11:13 PM
Read about a unique way to brighten your day and help deserving animals at the same time. (text/plain)

text Vegan And Vegetarian Cats And Dogs Vegan Lions 2012-04-16 5:52 PM
Millions of dogs and cats have become vegetarian and vegan because of their human companions. Since the 1930's, taurine, an enzyme cats are said to need, has been synthetically available. Vegan and vegetarian pets have longer life expectancy, fewer blocked urethra and kidney problems, less cancer, food poisoning, arthritis etc. (text/plain)

image Worldwide Children's Revolution proposed to lead May Day protest marches Nick Martian 2012-04-10 12:09 PM
Worldwide Children's Revolution proposed to lead May Day protest marches
The idea of the worldwide Children's Revolution on May Day is for the women and children in the environmental movement to lead the marches all over the earth, and show that the World Revolution is peaceful and will save humanity from being driven to extinction by the burning of fossil fuels. The proposal for the worldwide Children's Revolution is for kids' marches to be at the front of all the protests during the global General Strike, and for everyone else to lend their support by displaying banners reading “CAN YOU SAVE THE HUMAN RACE?” to help ensure the survival of future generations. (image/png)

text 18 Animal Rights Stories Around The World ARC 2012-04-08 3:19 AM
18 animal rights stories around world (text/plain)

text Automated Forex Trading Software: Day Trading Forex Currency Thomas 2012-04-03 8:12 AM


text 2012 Mountain Justice Summer Action Camp May 18-25 Matt Landon 2012-02-24 10:33 PM
Come to Appalachia and become part of the movement to end MTR Coal Mining, protect communities and the environment, and build a sustainable new economy. (text/plain)

video the democratic plan Steve Davisthe 2012-02-24 11:17 AM
the part Obama won't tell you (video/x-ms-wmv)

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