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audio Rustbelt Radio for May 20, 2013 Pittsburgh Indymedia: Rustbelt Radio 2013-05-19 9:23 PM
Pittsburgh's Ride of Silence memorializes bicyclists injured on the roads; Cindy Sheehan interviews Margaret Kimberly of Black Agenda Report about the Obama administration's renewed pursuit of Assata Shakur; and the growth of bike sharing programs - Radio Ecoshock looks at the worldwide picture, and we bring you an update on Pittsburgh's new program. (audio/mpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for April 22, 2013 Pittsburgh Indymedia: Rustbelt Radio 2013-04-24 4:52 PM
Today in celebration of earth day, we bring you a report from statewide grassroots protests demanding that the Pennsylvania DEP put environmental safety above corporate interests, and we bring you a special feature on corporate land-grabbing in Africa, and its implications for food security and environmental health. (audio/mpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for March 25, 2013 Pittsburgh Indymedia: Rustbelt Radio 2013-03-25 9:36 PM
A verdict is reached in the Steubenville Rape trial; local employee hour cutting in anticipation for the Affordable Care Act; and on the 10th anniversary of the Iraq war, Iraq Veterans Against the War and Iraqi groups come together to launch the Right to Heal campaign. (audio/mpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for March 11, 2013 Pittsburgh Indymedia: Rustbelt Radio 2013-03-12 3:05 AM
On today's show, Anonymous holds a rally in West Virginia, Stop The Frack Attack in Dallas, Texas, and McDonald's Must Pay - foreign students exploited by McDonalds demand justice. (audio/mpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for February 25, 2013 Pittsburgh Indymedia: Rustbelt Radio 2013-02-26 3:04 AM
On today's show... Pittsburghers for Public Transit take their message to Harrisburg, Allegheny County Council Approves Fracking at the Pittsburgh International Airport, One Billion Rising for an end to domestic violence, and The Pennsylvania Prison Report (audio/mpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for February 11, 2013 Pittsburgh Indymedia: Rustbelt Radio 2013-02-12 4:11 AM
Occupy Pittsburgh now celebrates one year in publication; Ujamaa collective hosts a discussion on the new book "We Have Not Been Moved", essays on race and political struggle in America; Lockdown at a shell fracking pad near Maggie's farm; Continued Coverage of the Steubenville Case. (audio/mpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for December 31, 2012 Pittsburgh Indymedia: Rustbelt Radio Collecti 2013-01-02 12:24 AM
On today's show... A look back at some of our stories from 2012 (audio/mpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for December 17, 2012 Pittsburgh Indymedia: Rustbelt Radio Collecti 2012-12-17 11:38 PM
On today's show... A look at the formation of the USW's Fight Back Pittsburgh We catch up with Action United and learn about their work in Pittsburgh and elsewhere in Pennsylvania A report on the Pittsburgh Citizen Police Review Boards's look into the use of undercover officers and 99 cars in Pittsburgh and we take a look back at the first Jordan Miles Civil Trial (audio/mpeg)

audio Rustbelt Radio for February 14, 2011 Pittsburgh Indymedia: Rustbelt Radio Collecti 2011-02-16 1:55 AM
On today's show... * We hear dispatches from the Egyptian revolution, as well as reaction here at home * A report about a local activist who is challenging trans-phobia in the mainstream media * News from Pittsburghers who support street artists serving time in prison * A feature about the ongoing health risks of drilling in the Marcellus Shale natural gas fields * And more in our local and global headlines (audio/mpeg)

text Marcellus Shale Golf Invitational and Conference A little bird 2010-09-25 12:11 PM
The inaugural Marcellus Shale Golf Invitational and Industry/Government Grip and Grin Conference will be held on 28 and 29 Septemeber near Pittsburgh. (text/plain)

text EPA Hydro-Fracking Hearing Begins In Binghamton, NY Fracking = Flammable Groundwater 2010-09-13 8:08 PM
9/13/10 - Binghamton, NY - EPA hearings discuss safety issues surrounding hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking" when related to pollution of groundwater. Fracking is the newest source for some natural gas pipelines like the one in San Bruno that recently exploded. Many older pipelines have serious safety concerns yet many more new pipelines are built each year due to expanded fracking of shale deposits without any clear oversight from federal regulators at PHMSA. (text/plain + 1 comment)

audio Rustbelt Radio for July 5, 2010 Pittsburgh Indymedia: Rustbelt Radio Collecti 2010-07-05 11:11 PM
On today's show... * We bring you the voices and sounds from the 2nd US Social Forum, recently held in Detroit * And more in our local and global headlines (audio/mpeg)

application Faces of Globalization: The 2010 CMU International Film Festival Quelcy T. Kogel 2010-03-22 10:02 PM
March 25th-April 24th, 2010. A selection of 14 award-winning, contemporary international films and documentaries, an international short film competition, speakers, directors Q&A sessions, free receptions provided by local businesses, African drummer, discounts for Bike PGH members, all at low rates and special student discounts! (application/pdf)

text Protestors occupy W.Va. mining office in response to mounting environmental violations CGZ 2010-02-18 3:21 PM
Contact: Mike Roselle (304 854 1852), Charles Suggs (304 854 7372), Pettus, W.Va.– Three occupied Massey Energy subsidiary Marfork Coal Company, Inc.’s main office this morning at eight. The protestors plan to present a citizen’s arrest warrant and list of violations on the Marfork processing plant, Bee Tree Surface Mine and Brushy Fork sludge impoundment to company president Christopher Blanchard and Massey CEO Don Blankenship. (text/html)

text Four Climate Ground Zero Activists Arrested in their homes, still jailed Climate Ground Zero 2009-12-30 5:38 PM
Four Climate Ground Zero activist arrested in their homes in Rock Creek, WV Tuesday (text/plain)

text From Pittsburgh to Copenhagen: Actions for the Earth in Solidarity with the COP15 Proteste Anonymous 2009-12-17 5:50 PM
The United Nations COP15 Climate Conference is taking place in Copenhagen (from December 7-18, 2009). In Pittsburgh, individuals from a variety of local networks organized multiple actions with a diversity of tactics to stand in solidarity with the protesters in COP15 and to demand solutions to the suffering of our planet and inhabitants. (text/html)

text Gathering and March in Solidarity With Those Resisting COP15 various 2009-12-10 8:13 PM
Gathering in support of real action to address climate change, and in solidarity with those resisting the COP15 summit. (text/plain)

application Copenhagen Climate Vigil Thursday 12/10/09 rebecca 2009-12-08 4:54 AM
pittsburgh / copenhagen event (application/pdf)

text Four Arrested on Coal River Mountain, Bail Unknown Maureen Farrell 2009-11-22 1:12 AM
The four protestors on Coal River Mountain today were recently arrested, their bail still unknown. (text/plain)

text Responding to Harmful Government Inaction, Protestors Stop Blasting on Coal River Mountain Maureen Farrell 2009-11-21 5:09 PM
Latest Press Release from Climate Ground Zero, a West Virginia based action campaign against Mountaintop Removal. Four Protestors are currently on Coal River Mountain's Bee Tree Site, two are locked down to a drill rig. For more information please go to (text/plain)

audio Rustbelt Radio for September 28, 2009 Pittsburgh IMC: Rustbelt Radio collective 2009-09-28 11:27 PM
On today's show... * We bring you a wrap up on the activities, protests, police attacks, and repression of dissent that took place during the G20 Summit (audio/mpeg)

text G20 VIDEO Coverage from the MBN Team FluxRostrum 2009-09-27 3:09 PM
Mobile Broadcast News hit the streets with 3 producers for the G20 and have to date completed 14 videos from the ordeal :) (text/plain)

text Why I’m Going to the Pittsburgh G20 Summit Mac Lojowsky 2009-09-24 6:23 AM
Why I’m Going to the Pittsburgh G20 Summit (text/html)

video VIDEO: West End Bridge Banner Drop A 2009-09-23 4:43 PM
Excerpt from a live video feed stream liberated from a corporate media web site via flip for mac software and complied into MOV quicktime format. (video/quicktime)

text Tuesday Videos from Mobile Broadcast News FluxRostrum 2009-09-23 11:23 AM
3 videos from Tuesday AIDs Funeral, Kitchen bus update & AM MTR intervention and Banner drop (text/html + 1 comment)

text Actions Spreading Across the U.S. Against Corporate-Driven Climate Policy MCJ 2009-09-22 9:55 PM
As groups protest the Pittsburgh International Coal Conference days before the G-20 arrives in the city, additional actions against U.S. climate policy and the fossil fuels industry took place on both the east and west coasts. (text/plain)

text Wake Up the G20 FluxRostrum 2009-09-22 4:01 AM
video Wake Up G20 Monday 9/21 (text/html)

image Pittsburgh: Activists, Big Business Converge on G20 Meet Inter Press Service/ Jeb Sprague 2009-09-21 2:58 AM
 Pittsburgh: Activists, Big Business Converge on G20 Meet
PITTSBURGH, Sep 20 (IPS) - As media and government delegates prepare for the G20 Summit to be held Sep. 24-25 in Pittsburgh, local business and activist groups are promoting clashing visions of days to come. (image/jpeg)

audio PITTSBURGH: G20- FIRST ARREST AND SEEDS OF PEACE BUS TOWED / BLAST FURNACE RADIO vincent / blast furnace radio 2009-09-20 5:34 AM
interview with seeds of peace after member is aressted, school bus is towed (audio/mpeg + 2 comments)

text Anarchist Armada Will Rendezvous In Pittsburgh The Anarcho-Nihilist Naval Militia 2009-09-19 12:59 AM
As twenty leaders of the world's richest countries arrive in Pittsburgh next Thursday, September 24th, they will be confronted by the forces of the nihilist Navy, a manifestation of the myriad escapees from the totality of coercive social relationships who have found refuge and sanctuary on the water. (text/plain + 3 comments)

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