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text IMF and Grenada Negotiate Debt Restructuring Jennifer Tong 2013-10-11 8:24 PM
During the annual International Monetary Fund meetings, the IMF is meeting with the government of Grenada on a debt restructuring plan. Grenada has a public debt-to-GDP of nearly 110 percent. The island nation’s economic growth over the past few years has remained stagnant due to the effects of the global economic slowdown and recovery from hurricanes. (text/plain)

text International Monetary Fund Reviews International Bankruptcy Process for Sovereign Countri Jennifer Tong 2013-10-11 8:22 PM
During the course of the annual IMF meetings, the Fund, civil society and financial ministers continue to discuss the implementation of an international bankruptcy process for sovereign countries. (text/plain)

text IMF Secures Windfall Gold Sales Profits for Concessional Lending to Low-Income Nations Jennifer Tong 2013-10-10 6:24 PM
On October 10, 2013, the International Monetary Fund announced that member countries have approved their commitment to fund the Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust (PRGT) for concessional lending. Financing comes from windfall profits made from the IMF selling part of their gold reserves that currently totals $3.4 billion. Currently, the IMF provides zero-interest financing to low-income nations through this fund. (text/plain)

text U.S. Supreme Court Will Not Take Argentina and NML Capital Debt Case Jennifer Tong 2013-10-07 5:15 PM
The U.S. Supreme Court decided not to take the landmark debt case between Argentina and bondholders led by NML Capital, a hedge fund that buys the debt of countries in financial crisis. Argentina is expected to file a second petition in the coming months that the Supreme Court will review and decide again if it will hear the case. (text/plain)

text Caligula Game jacinto 2013-09-15 6:18 PM
Was Warhol another Hitler? (text/plain)

text Hedge Funds Win 2nd Circuit Court Ruling in NML Capital vs. Argentina; Global Poor Lose Jennifer Tong 2013-08-23 6:31 PM
Argentine Bonds Surge as Ruling Delayed as U.S. Supreme Court Considers Taking Appeal (text/plain)

text A Man on a Limb: A Short Analysis of the Current Economic Crisis Brad Forrest 2013-08-21 5:49 AM
The current crisis of the global capitalist system is shaping up to be one of the worst since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. U.S. Gross Domestic Product grew by an anemic 1.8 percent in the first quarter of 2013, and only 0.4 the previous quarter. U.S. capitalists and their political representatives in the Democratic and Republican parties have got themselves in a real mess, with no end in sight. (text/plain)

text Norwegian Audit Finds Loans to Developing Countries Don’t Follow New Lending Standards Jennifer Tong 2013-08-19 2:07 PM
Last week, Norway became the first lending country to audit the loans it made to developing countries. The consultant firm Deloitte assessed whether past Norwegian loans to governments, including repressive regimes in Egypt and Indonesia, were compliant with current principles of responsible lending and borrowing developed by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). (text/plain)

text Expected Hedge Fund vs. Argentina Ruling Will Impact Global Poverty Jennifer Tong 2013-07-19 8:18 PM
Any day, the US 2nd Circuit Court will rule between Argentina and hedge funds; the ruling will impact global poverty and poor country access to credit. (text/html)

text Quantitative Crisis: Bernanke’s “Stimulus” For The 1% Mark Vorpahl 2013-06-01 6:29 AM
When I heard that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress last week that it was too soon for the Fed to end its extraordinary stimulus programs, I did a double take. (text/html)

text Rustbelt Radio for April 22, 2013 Pittsburgh Indymedia: Rustbelt Radio 2013-04-24 4:46 PM

text Austerity — the 1%’s Global Battle Cry Mark Vorpahl 2012-11-29 2:00 PM
Whether we are left with the Fiscal Cliff or a Grand Bargain, workers in the U.S. face massive cuts to programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, unemployment insurance, Food Stamp assistance and other needed social safety nets. This is an example of “austerity” which has largely been pursued in the U.S. until now, on a statewide and local level. (text/html)

text imling porfivng amigo 2012-11-15 3:05 PM

text Quietly, the IMF confesses that austerity does not work Systemic Disorder 2012-10-10 4:48 PM
Not that those who reap rewards from austerity will admit it, but the IMF’s own calculations show that austerity accelerates economic decline. (text/plain)

text Can a no-growth future and capitalism be compatible? Systemic Disorder 2012-10-03 8:39 PM
Is the era of economic growth over for advanced capitalist countries? If stagnation is what is on offer for the future, what does that portend? (text/plain)

image GASOLINE: $7 in '17 (Moors' Law). Kent Moors, authority ... Clayton Hallmark 2012-08-28 3:03 PM
GASOLINE: $7 in '17 (Moors' Law). Kent Moors, authority ...
on oil, gas, and energy, advisor to 16 governments (verifiable), is namesake of law that says oil and gas double every 5 years. Up 15% each year--you can (will) see it yourself. (image/jpeg)

text Indybay Journalists Charged with Felony: Conspiracy to Make Media kyle 2012-08-14 8:39 PM
SANTA CRUZ, CA — District Attorney Bob Lee has embarked on a full frontal assault against independent media in Santa Cruz by including four regular contributors to the independent news website amongst the eleven people charged with multiple felonies and misdemeanors after the occupation of a vacant bank building on November 30th, 2011. (text/html)

text Iran: US military provocations; the Threat of War Becomes Tangible kyle 2012-08-14 7:13 PM
A US armada of military ships and submarines has recently entered the Persian Gulf with the clear intent to disrupt the present global and regional military and diplomatic equilibrium [1]; (text/html)

text Iran: US military provocations; the Threat of War Becomes Tangible kyle 2012-08-14 1:25 AM

audio istanbul araç kiralama lacivertcar 2012-08-13 6:02 PM (audio/mpeg)

text Liminal Lines is proud to feature the phenomenal young poet Alicia Salvadeo. In this episo Poetry, 2012-08-08 11:00 PM

text The Dark Heart of the Libor Scandal Mark Vorpahl 2012-08-06 4:18 PM
Though, for most, the London Inter-Bank Offer Rate (Libor) interest rate fixing scandal appears to be distant and far too complex to understand, its potential consequences may be as economically devastating as a world war. (text/plain)

image July Delegation to Venezuela: Food Sovereignty, Human Rights, and Community Power Bolivarian Circle Alberto Lovera 2012-06-09 2:41 PM
July Delegation to Venezuela: Food Sovereignty, Human Rights, and Community Power
We will examine issues of land reform, urban agriculture, rural development, fishing rights, and food sovereignty within a dynamic political context. Venezuela is an outstanding example of a country that strives to ensure its citizens’ right to food while bolstering its domestic agriculture sector, with an emphasis on sustainable agriculture. We will also explore other areas of social transformation, including education, healthcare, and direct citizen participation in the political process. Plus trips to beaches, parks, and other sites of interest. (image/jpeg)

image Bayan Muna protests against China’s excursions in Scarborough Shoal INA ALLECO R. SILVERIO 2012-05-13 3:48 AM
Bayan Muna protests against China’s excursions in Scarborough Shoal
PHILIPPINES: The progressive party-list Bayan Muna is protesting against China’s excursions in Panatag or Scarborough Shoal saying that China should order its vessels to leave the area and stop harassing Filipino fishermen. (image/jpeg)

text As The KFC Boycott Gathers Mass, 7 More KFC's Close Beacon Journal And Poster 2012-05-04 6:02 PM
The KFC Boycott, the exploding vegan and animal rights movement, franchise disputes with Yum Restaurants of Kentucky, world's largest restaurant conglomerate, owner of KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and other chains, declining numbers of customers, and filthy store and dumpster conditions are some factors in the closing of 7 KFC stores in Northeast Ohio. Columbus Ohio stores are affected as well. (text/plain)

image PHILIPPINES: Sentro, Nagkaisa herald new era of labor unity Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL) 2012-05-03 7:47 AM
PHILIPPINES: Sentro, Nagkaisa herald new era of labor unity
THOUSANDS of trade unionists and activists poured into the streets of Manila and other key cities to celebrate May Day amid renewed hopes that the two latest efforts at labor unity will provide strong impetus to their uphill battle for labor and trade union rights. (image/jpeg)

text Pink Slime And The USDA Shriver 2012-04-13 3:42 PM
The United States Department of Agriculture and at least 3 governors of states with cattle concentration camps in them are defending the use of pink slime, which is a mixture of blood, bone, flesh and ammonia gas added to animals' muscle flesh. (text/plain)

text And How Should We Pay For That? Sudhama Ranganathan 2012-03-28 3:31 PM
There are times when you have to wonder why people in important positions say the things they say. They can reveal things about themselves that make no sense quite frankly. Not all politicians are elected officials, most are appointed, but in the world of politics they play the same game among themselves and have to consider those that appointed them – at least most do. Much of what they say is a way of backing up, deferring to or defending those they owe their job to. (text/html)

text Why Blade Runner? Your Thoughts and Memories Are Not Your Own Roy Batty 2012-03-11 4:39 AM
While we may not have been directly implanted with Eldon Tyrell's niece's memories, our DNA reeks of Horatio Alger and our own bootstraps. (text/html)

text Corporate Tax Rate Reduction Proposals--Are Some "Persons" Better Than Others? Roy Batty 2012-02-26 10:29 PM
If history holds true, corporations will continue to get their tax reductions and their write-offs. And "close the loopholes" hoopla can be saved for the next election. (text/html)

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