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text The Myth of “Co-Management” in Venezuela: Reflections on Alcasa and Invepal El Libertario, Venezuela 2007-10-25 11:27 PM
* With a lot of rhetoric and propaganda the Chavez administration has advanced different examples of co-management which, they claim, demonstrate their desire to transform Venezuela’s relations of production. A compañero from Europe visited us recently and got to know two of the most celebrated cases: Alcasa and Invepal. Here is the report he prepared for El Libertario # 51 about the actual working conditions in the country’s most “important” co-managed businesses. (text/plain)

text The Battle of Georgetown NorthEast Anarchist Network Media Committee 2007-10-25 6:12 PM
IMF/World Bank Protestors Bring the Fight to DC’s Richest Neighborhood (text/plain)

text 2007 Midwest Socialist Conference: Building a Revolutionary Alternative Midwest Socialist Conference 2007-10-16 2:38 PM
The 2007 Midwest Socialist Conference, “Building a Revolutionary Alternative” is a two-day event in early November that will bring together socialists and other activists involved in struggles across the region... (text/plain)

text Take the offensive, kick the capitalists out of DC in October! NorthEast (A) Network Media Committee 2007-10-07 3:53 PM
On Oct. 19-21 The North East Anarchist Network is calling for two anarchist contingents during the upcoming IMF-World Bank meeting protests in Washington DC. (text/plain)

image Philippines: Another Scandal rocks Arroyo regime FDC & Akbayan 2007-09-27 10:56 PM
Philippines: Another Scandal rocks Arroyo regime
ZTE deal to cost US$527 million after 20 years of repayment Wearing white elephant masks to depict the potential character of the controversial national broadband network (NBN) project, members of the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) staged a picket outside the Senate Tuesday in time for the Blue Ribbon Committee hearing on the project won by Chinese firm ZTE Corp., and stressed its debt burden on the Filipino people. (image/jpeg)

text Oct. 19-21 IMF/WB actions update #3 October Coalition 2007-09-27 4:38 AM
This update provides a quick glimpse into how the organizing for the October 19-21 mobilization against the IMF/World Bank annual meetings is going. Read it to find out about our outreach activities, new endorsers of the mobilization, how to plug in, and more. (text/plain)

text Venezuela today: complexities and outright lies Rafael Uzcategui 2007-09-22 8:41 PM
* A member of the editorial collective of El Libertario (; in Spanish & English) prepared this article for the 6th edition of the Costa Rican (A) journal La Libertad [September 2007;] in response to an inconsistent effort to establish impossible affinities between Chavism and Anarchism. (text/plain)

text Oct. 19-21 IMF/WB actions update #2 October Coalition 2007-09-18 2:16 AM
This update provides a quick glimpse into how the organizing for the October 19-21 mobilization against the IMF/World Bank annual meetings is going. Read it to find out about action plans, new endorsers of the mobilization, how to plug in, and more. (text/plain)

text Anarchist March on World Bank NEAN 2007-09-04 12:43 PM
Oct. 19-21 in DC: NEAN Call for an Anarchist Contingent at IMF-WB Protests Take the offensive, kick the capitalists out of town (text/plain)

text Update #1 for Oct. IMF/WB mobilization October Coalition 2007-08-31 11:36 PM
This update provides a quick glimpse into how the organizing for the October 19-21 mobilization against the IMF/World Bank annual meetings is going. Read it to find out about action plans, who has endorsed the mobilization till date, housing and convergence space, and more. (text/plain)

text 911-2B: American Nightmare & Neocon Fantasy Captain Eric H. May 2007-08-19 4:37 AM
Captain Eric May, the Internet intelligence writer, gives an insightful geopolitical summary, giving full consideration to the prospect of a summer World War Three. He continues his investigative work on "Noble Resolve," the nuclear exercise centered on Portland. He examines a parallel, equally perilous incident in Texas City, Texas a year an a half ago, which nearly resulted in a nuclear false flag attack. (text/plain)

image Toxic Treaty Favors Japan, Not the Philippines Magkaisa Junk JPEPA Coalition 2007-08-17 2:19 AM
Toxic Treaty Favors Japan, Not the Philippines
August 14, 2007. Manila, Philippines. Senate Forum Bares Legal Traps and Empty Promises of the JPEPA (image/jpeg)

text Cuba 2007: Speaking with the Cuban Libertarian Movement (MLC) Cuban Libertarian Movement 2007-08-04 7:46 PM
* Interview by the Russian newspaper SITUATION from libertarian collective Autonomous Action regarding the current political picture in the island. A Spanish translation was published in El Libertario #50, Venezuela, 2007. For more info go to: -Cuban anarchist website- and (text/plain)

text Manifesto of solidarity with Venezuelan anarchists and social movements IAF-IFA 2007-08-04 7:44 PM
* The newspaper Tierra y Libertad, mouthpiece of the Iberian Anarchist Federation, published in edition 227 of June 2007 this manifesto of the International of Anarchist Federations (IAF-IFA; in support of those who in Venezuela today confront the bureaucratic capitalist project of the Chavez government as well as their social democrat and right wing opponents. (text/plain)

text Venezuela: Interview with El Libertario El Libertario' editorial staff 2007-07-31 9:46 PM
* Interview with indonesian anarchist journal EMPTY HEAVEN - May 2007 ( -- EMPTY HEAVEN collective website; -- indonesian anarchist/autonomist archive). More info in english & spanish about El Libertario: (text/plain)

image Gloria Arroyo’s Economy: NOT WORKING Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) 2007-07-26 1:43 AM
Gloria Arroyo’s Economy: NOT WORKING
Today, Philippine President Gloria Arroyo will again address the Congress to give a report on the achievements of her government, and at the same time express her primary focus for the next year. As she did during her previous State of the Nation Address (SONA) speeches, she may yet again boast the economic feats of her administration, including the strengthening of the peso and the recent booming of the stock market. (image/jpeg)

text USW Power Cast Episode 26 United Steelworkers 2007-07-23 6:50 PM
POWERcast is the United Steelworkers’ internet radio program, a fast new way to provide union news and reports of interest to all working families. For comments or suggestions, write (text/plain)

text G4 process is undemocratic, No WTO deal in Potsdam! Stop the New Round Coalition 2007-07-06 3:16 AM
Trade ministers of the G4 countries (the European Union, the United States, Brazil and India) are meeting in Potsdam, Germany, this week try to stitch together a trade deal to which each of them could agree. (text/plain)

image Why your revolution is no liberation! MAD Cologne 2007-06-18 3:10 PM
Why your revolution is no liberation!
During the recent weeks and months a spirited debate developed in different German left wing newspapers and groups about the sense or non-sense, the perspectives and the means and goals of the mobilisation against the G8 summit. Different German and Austrian anti-fascist groups started a campaign to criticise a wrong analysis of capitalism widely spread in the anti-globalisation movement. In the context of this campaign several public discussions and lectures were held, a special webpage was set up but above all reader was published that contains a set of basic texts referring to this problem. This reader is available in German and English and will soon also be published in French in order to spread the debate also across other countries. Check it out: (image/png)

text Venezuela: The case of RCTV and the fictional democratization of communication El Libertario's editorial staff 2007-06-10 1:51 AM
* The Collective of “El Libertario”, Venezuelan anarchist newspaper, makes public its reasoned out position in the debate generated by the case of RCTV, in where the current government imposes a solution where we pass from the meanness that the capitalistic private oligopoly of TV to the dreadful that could be the monopoly of a bureaucratic and authoritarian state. (text/plain)

text Air Canada plane bound for Paris with lab beagles in its hold Canada.Com 2007-05-29 12:03 PM
Genocidal campaigns by governments, pharmaceutical companies, university and private labs can be reduced if plane, train, truck, shipping, and bus lines refuse to ship them (text/plain)

text Refuting the deafs: chavism and anarchism in Venezuela El Libertario's editorial staff 2007-05-20 12:39 AM
* From the publishers of El Libertario goes our reply to the habitual expressions that the coarse right or the easy-going left used to attribute us; the same left that, inside and outside of Venezuela allows that the mirage of the Chávez pseudo-revolution impressed them. We could and would like to say very much more about this subject, however currently here there is the essential and concise information about our point of view that, even when it was expressed several times it does not implies that it does not have to be repeated. (text/plain)

text Refutando a los sordos: Chavismo y anarquismo hoy en Venezuela El Libertario, Venezuela 2007-05-20 12:38 AM
* Desde El Libertario va nuestra réplica a las habituales requisitorias que suelen endilgarnos la derecha rústica o esa izquierda plegable que, dentro y fuera de Venezuela, se encandila con el espejismo seudo-revolucionario del chavismo. Bastante más deberíamos, podríamos y querríamos decir sobre este tema, pero de momento aquí se condensa y actualiza lo esencial de nuestra perspectiva, que no por expresada antes deja de ser necesario repetir ahora. (text/plain)

image Lessons we learned from the 6th Hemispheric Meeting in Havana, CUBA. posted by F Espinoza 2007-05-15 5:07 PM
Lessons we learned from the 6th Hemispheric Meeting in Havana, CUBA.
We are aware that most of the wars in the last few decades have been waged over control of energy sources... (image/jpeg)

text Philippines: Unionists confront repression, build unity Sue Bolton 2007-04-21 3:39 AM
Organisers from the Philippines’ biggest left trade union centre, Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP — Solidarity of Filipino Workers) spoke to Green Left Weekly’s Sue Bolton about the repression that they encounter from the state and their efforts to unify left-wing trade unions. (text/plain)

text 5th Annual Liberation Conference: Agriculture, Imperialism and War 4/28/07 Syracuse, NY S.A.R.O. 2007-04-18 8:11 PM
A brief writeup on the upcoming 5th Annual Animal Liberation Conference Series: Agriculture, Imperialism and War, held by Syracuse Animal Rights Organization, in Syracuse, NY on April 28th 2007. (text/plain)

text Brazil: The "brake" is COPOM. Bernardo Kucinski 2007-02-28 8:40 PM
The logic of the the Growth Acceleration Program opposes classic economists as Michael Kalecki and John Keynes. The GAP that does not contain a expansionist monetary policy is not the GAP, is the anti-GAP, as, by the way, the last act of the Copom made clear. (text/plain)

text Brazil: Henrique Meirelles faces the tornado at CBB. Pedro A. Xavier 2007-02-09 2:04 PM
Lula prefers that Meirelles stays but syntonized with him. The PT prefers to see Meirelles out. In the absence of Palocci, he guaranteed the depressive growth of the economy in the the last four years. (text/plain)

image Brazil: Paraná State demands respect. Santos Filho 2007-01-26 5:00 PM
Brazil: Paraná State demands respect.
In the case of BR-376 the situation is still more serious. Because it is intended to give to private exploration a federal highway that was constructed with money of the people of Paraná State. (image/jpeg)

text Brazil: To whom belongs the future? Sergio Ferolla and Paulo Metri 2007-01-12 3:00 PM
In socially mature countries , consolidated and really sovereign, the prospections of the future are made by groups of university thinkers, of governmental and enterprise institutions, as well as groups associated to national NGOS. (text/plain)

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