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text And How Should We Pay For That? Sudhama Ranganathan 2012-03-28 3:31 PM
There are times when you have to wonder why people in important positions say the things they say. They can reveal things about themselves that make no sense quite frankly. Not all politicians are elected officials, most are appointed, but in the world of politics they play the same game among themselves and have to consider those that appointed them – at least most do. Much of what they say is a way of backing up, deferring to or defending those they owe their job to. (text/html)

text Why Blade Runner? Your Thoughts and Memories Are Not Your Own Roy Batty 2012-03-11 4:39 AM
While we may not have been directly implanted with Eldon Tyrell's niece's memories, our DNA reeks of Horatio Alger and our own bootstraps. (text/html)

text Corporate Tax Rate Reduction Proposals--Are Some "Persons" Better Than Others? Roy Batty 2012-02-26 10:29 PM
If history holds true, corporations will continue to get their tax reductions and their write-offs. And "close the loopholes" hoopla can be saved for the next election. (text/html)

video the democratic plan Steve Davisthe 2012-02-24 11:17 AM
the part Obama won't tell you (video/x-ms-wmv)

text Suck it up, 99% James A. Carberry, Fidelityha 2011-12-24 9:08 PM
You're in the 99% because of your weakness in character. (text/plain)

text Occupy Pittsburgh International Human Rights Day Celebration Bob Glidden 2011-12-06 3:51 PM
Occupy Pittsburgh sponsors a rally and march to celebrate Human Rights Day at the Kingsley Center in Pittsburgh on December 10, 2011 at Noon. Details are available at (text/plain)

text Alternative Currency: Let The Era Of Global Prosperity Commence Duric Aljosa 2011-11-16 10:09 AM
Designed on the principle of 'Free Currencies – Free Markets – Free People – Free Planet', on 13 November 2011, the long-awaited Crom Alternative Currency System has finally been opened – in many ways a unique combination of a social network and payment system. (text/html)

text Seven Star Hand Illuminates The Collapse of The American Dream Seven Star Hand 2011-11-08 9:06 PM
The American Dream Film is an excellent animated exposé of the US Federal Reserve System and the absolutely stunning deceptions that underlie the concept of money, but it also purposely encodes several hidden messages and stunning secrets. (text/html)

text Forex MegaDroid Scam Mina Jame 2011-11-04 10:16 AM

text Consultant Home Loan obtenir l'introduction assurance credit 2011-09-23 5:13 AM

text Prêts Remboursement de la grande Idée assurance credit 2011-09-23 5:13 AM

text Obtenir des prêts à domicile pour votre maison de rêve assurance credit 2011-09-23 5:12 AM

text Acheter une maison de vos rêves grâce prêt à domicile assurance credit 2011-09-23 5:10 AM

text Des étapes importantes pour le traitement des prêts hypothécaires du Pacifique vinod.aphroecs 2011-09-23 5:09 AM

text Top Conseils pour les prêts Best Home assurance credit 2011-09-23 5:05 AM

text Home Loans - une manière de vivre sous votre propre toit assurance credit 2011-09-23 5:04 AM

text Importance des prêts hypothécaires et achats de comparaison assurance credit 2011-09-23 5:03 AM

text Conseils et informations sur les prêts immobiliers assurance credit 2011-09-23 5:02 AM

text Conseils pour choisir le bon prêt hypothécaire vinod.aphroecs 2011-09-23 5:00 AM

text L'intérêt calculateur processus de prêt assurance credit 2011-09-23 4:59 AM

text Accueil Prêts meilleur choix pour votre maison de rêve assurance credit 2011-09-23 4:58 AM

text Réalisez votre rêve d'acheter la maison par le biais de prêts d'accueil assurance credit 2011-09-23 4:58 AM

text Types de prêts hypothécaires et de la finance assurance credit 2011-09-22 1:29 PM

text Les prêts bancaires pour votre maison de rêve aphro 2011-09-22 1:28 PM

text Introduction à prêt immobilier financeimmo 2011-09-22 1:27 PM

text Obtenir des prêts Accueil facilement vinod.aphroecs 2011-09-22 1:26 PM

text Principales conditions de prêt pour les débutants vinod.aphroecs 2011-09-22 1:26 PM

text La consolidation de dettes et refinancement du prêt hypothécaire vinod.aphroecs 2011-09-22 1:23 PM

text Doit connaître Immobilier Conseils hypothécaire immobilier vinod.aphroecs 2011-09-22 1:20 PM

text Immobilier bases investissement immobilier assurance credit 2011-09-22 1:19 PM

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