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text imling porfivng amigo 2012-11-15 3:05 PM

text Will Unions Fight Fiscal Cliff Cuts to Medicare and Social Security? Shamus Cooke 2012-11-14 12:55 PM
With pro-Obama election posters still visible in most union halls across the country, the President has already taken steps towards selling out not only labor unions (again) but all working people. But this isn’t the “ordinary” sellout that working people have come to expect from Democrats — this is an attack of historic proportions. (text/plain)

image Let us celebrate the NDFP's Declaration on Children of the Philippines Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) 2012-11-14 10:12 AM
Let us celebrate the NDFP's Declaration on Children of the Philippines
The leadership and entire membership of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), all Red commanders and fighters of the New People’s Army (NPA), people’s militias and revolutionary mass organizations welcome the issuance by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) of the Declaration and Program of Action for the Rights, Protection and Welfare of Children. (image/jpeg)

image Development of Maoist Theory and Practice in the Philippines Jose Maria Sison 2012-11-12 2:26 AM
Development of Maoist Theory and Practice in the Philippines
The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) was reestablished on the theoretical foundation of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong Thought on 26 December 1968. Since 1995, it has officially used the term Maoism as synonym for Mao Zedong Thought. The adoption of the term is due to language alignment in relation to Marxism-Leninism rather than due to any change of meaning or line in relation to Mao Zedong Thought. Since 3 September 1993 in his message to the Symposium on Mao Zedong Thought in Manila, the founding chairman of the CPP has referred to adherents of Mao Zedong Thought as Maoists. (image/jpeg)

text Union Loss in Bend, Oregon Mark Vorpahl 2012-11-08 5:45 AM
The game is rigged, but not the fight. (text/html)

text California Victor Davis Hanson 2012-11-05 2:54 AM

image Philippines - Ranking Red exec named party-list third nominee Joyce Pangco Panares 2012-11-02 4:05 AM
Philippines - Ranking Red exec named party-list third nominee
The Anakpawis party-list announced on Monday that it was adding the name of Randall Echanis, a political consultant of the Communist Party of the Philippines-National Democratic Front (CPP-NDF), as its third nominee, a move which observers say could hasten the integration of the extreme left into the political mainstream. (image/jpeg)

text Michigan’s Proposal 2: Labor’s Big Test Mark Vorpahl 2012-10-28 6:14 AM
For some time now, Labor has been punched into a corner when it comes to state legislation. Over the last two years legislation has been passed in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan that has attempted to gut largely public workers of their union rights. (text/plain)

text Workers Stand Up to Walmart Mark Vorpahl 2012-10-17 5:34 AM
When a torrent hits an obstacle that refuses to give, it either flows around or over the obstruction. When workers’ needs for a living wage, fair treatment, and a voice are damned up by an oppressive employer, it is only a matter of time before they find a way of asserting their strength. (text/plain)

text Can a no-growth future and capitalism be compatible? Systemic Disorder 2012-10-03 8:39 PM
Is the era of economic growth over for advanced capitalist countries? If stagnation is what is on offer for the future, what does that portend? (text/plain)

text Strike! Strike! Strike! Lloyd Hart 2012-09-10 12:14 PM
Shut It Down To Turn The Nation Around! (text/plain)

text How Unions Could Do Much Better Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer 2012-09-04 1:03 PM
Workers Action has a new article on by Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer titled “How Unions Could Do Much Better.” (text/plain)

text All Eyes on Chicago's Teachers Shamus Cooke 2012-09-04 10:15 AM
It’s impossible to exaggerate the national importance of the teachers’ struggle in Chicago. If the Chicago teachers’ union — 26,000 members strong — goes on strike, many critical yet ignored political issues will go into the national spotlight, exposing nastiness that many politicians and labor leaders would like ignored until after the presidential elections. (text/plain)

audio istanbul araç kiralama lacivertcar 2012-08-13 6:02 PM (audio/mpeg)

text Out of the Slump: The Only Road Brad Forrest 2012-08-08 3:44 PM
A real analysis of the United State’s economic history is rarely discussed by politicians or media alike, since the conclusions that would be inevitably drawn would be out of step with what politicians are currently advocating. (text/plain)

text We bring you "Calls From Home" a special holiday program which brings the voices kyle 2012-08-06 1:06 AM
We bring you "Calls From Home" a special holiday program which brings the voices of family members of prisoners to the airwaves as they send greetings to those incarcerated in the US prison system (text/html)

text Inequalities, Taxes, and More Inequalities Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer 2012-08-04 2:47 AM
Thanks to Occupy, most working people are well aware of the growing inequalities in wealth. But for those who lack the specifics, former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich provides a useful overview: “…the rich have been getting a larger and larger portion of total income. From 9 percent in 1980, the top 1 percent's take increased to 23.5 percent by 2007. CEOs who in the 1970s took home 40 times the compensation of average workers now rake in 350 times.” (“Confessions of a Class Warrior,” August 22, 2010). (text/plain)

text Taxing the Rich and Its “Left” Critics Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer 2012-07-29 3:03 AM
In a recent article published on the website of Socialist Viewpoint, Chris Kinder criticized those on the left who call for raising taxes on the rich. Identifying himself as a Trotskyist, Mr. Kinder displayed particular displeasure with Trotskyists who embrace this demand. Yet, as we will argue, his arguments fundamentally deviate from the political-strategic framework established by Marx and Engels and developed by Lenin and Trotsky. (text/plain)

text Houston Janitors Strike for Economic Justice Mark Vorpahl 2012-07-27 2:01 PM
Echoing the story of David vs. Goliath, janitors in Houston are on strike and taking on such corporate giants as JPMorganChase and Exxon Mobile in an effort to pressure the janitorial companies they employ to agree to the workers' modest demands. It is these big business behemoths that are the real powers behind cleaning contractors such as ABM, GCA, ISS etc. By striking against these contractors, and publicly targeting these contractors' employers, the janitors are using their collective power in a showdown that has great significance for not only the Labor Movement but all workers. (text/plain)

text test article test article 2012-07-26 11:03 PM
test article (text/plain)

text Pensions Under Attack Mark Vorpahl 2012-07-19 1:16 AM
On Friday, July 6, President Obama signed into law a bill that would renew transportation programs and extend low interest rates on student loans for one year. While this minimal gesture resulted in, no doubt, sighs of relief from those burdened by student debt, tucked away within the bill's pages was a little-noticed proposal to further erode the funding of workers' pensions. The bill was a brilliant sleight of hand where what it appeared to be giving with one hand distracted the public from what it was taking away with the other. (text/plain)

text How New York Labor Can Beat the Con Edison Corporation Tobias Michaels 2012-07-06 5:04 AM
No Cuts, No Concessions! (text/plain)

text A Conversation Worth Having Tobias Michaels 2012-07-05 2:41 AM
The Nation magazine recently held a roundtable blog discussion that debated the effects of the failed Wisconsin recall. The discussion is important because of the seriousness of its subject. Such open and frank conversations have been sadly quite rare, so it is something of a credit to the Nation that they hosted this discussion. (text/plain)

text Republicrats Campaign About Jobs and Do Nothing About High Unemployment John Leslie 2012-06-27 1:16 AM
Recently, Mitt Romney made a stop on his “Jobs Tour” in upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania just outside of Philadelphia. His appearance was supposed to be, interestingly, at a local WAWA store (for those out-of-state, WAWA is a convenience store chain) Why is this interesting? Because WAWA, like so many employers these days, is a low wage, no benefit “job creator.” (text/plain)

image 6 of Morong 43 rejoin the Philippine rebels Jaime Laude 2012-06-09 10:21 AM
6 of Morong 43 rejoin the Philippine rebels
Six of the so-called Morong 43 have rejoined the armed struggle and have linked up with their Southern Tagalog-based comrades, a senior military commander said Thursday. (image/jpeg)

image Internet, Social Media Upcoming Tools in Civil Unrest Joey Natividad 2012-06-03 12:19 PM
Internet, Social Media Upcoming Tools in Civil Unrest
The use of Internet and Social Media will become the important tools in the immediate future to wage political advocacy, militant activism, organizing and mobilizing protest actions that may lead to civil unrest as to initiate social change. (image/jpeg)

image Arroyo, Philippine military, police face torture raps from 8 of Morong 43 Lira Dalangin-Fernandez and Abigail Kwok 2012-05-11 12:16 PM
Arroyo, Philippine military, police face torture raps from 8 of Morong 43
MANILA, Philippines - Eight of the 43 health workers collectively known as the Morong 43, who were arrested in February 2010 during a medical training, filed criminal charges against former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and several military officials before the Department of Justice. (image/jpeg)

image PHILIPPINES: Sentro, Nagkaisa herald new era of labor unity Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL) 2012-05-03 7:47 AM
PHILIPPINES: Sentro, Nagkaisa herald new era of labor unity
THOUSANDS of trade unionists and activists poured into the streets of Manila and other key cities to celebrate May Day amid renewed hopes that the two latest efforts at labor unity will provide strong impetus to their uphill battle for labor and trade union rights. (image/jpeg)

image Philippines: Promotion of Morong 43 jailer enrages victims, rights groups RONALYN V. OLEA 2012-04-21 12:29 AM
Philippines: Promotion of Morong 43 jailer enrages victims, rights groups
MANILA – The recent promotion of Major General Jorge Segovia, former commander of the 2nd Infantry Division of the Philippine Army that carried out the illegal arrest of 43 health workers in February 2010, has outraged human rights groups. (image/jpeg)

image On the 100th Birth Anniversary of President Kim Il Sung Jose Maria Sison 2012-04-13 12:16 PM
On the 100th Birth Anniversary of President Kim Il Sung
We, the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS), convey our warmest greetings of solidarity to you, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the Korean people as we join the celebration of the 100th birth anniversary of the great revolutionary leader President Kim Il Sung on April 15, 2012. This is a highly significant day in Korea’s resplendent 5000-year history and is a strong inspiration to the peoples of the world. (image/jpeg)

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