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text athens greece merry 2009-09-25 11:36 PM
solidarity (text/plain + 1 comment)

text Are Jobs the Answer to Unemployment? Ruthless Criticism 2009-09-24 3:10 PM
Dissenting remarks on the March for Jobs at the G20 Meeting in Pittsburgh (text/plain + 3 comments)

image Military attempts to frame Alex Jones' reporters for terrorism at G-20 ADAP2K 2009-09-24 7:14 AM
Military attempts to frame Alex Jones' reporters for terrorism at G-20
Military attempts to frame Infowars reporters for terrorism at G-20 (image/jpeg)

text Why I’m Going to the Pittsburgh G20 Summit Mac Lojowsky 2009-09-24 6:23 AM
Why I’m Going to the Pittsburgh G20 Summit (text/html)

text Footage: Pittsburgh G20 - Inter Press Service (IPS) - Part 1 Inter Press Service (IPS) 2009-09-24 5:05 AM
G20 footage - Inter Press Service - Part 1 (text/plain)

text Twitter Feed on G infinity has spam and misinformation FYI 2009-09-24 4:02 AM
Is there a way for local IMC admin for clean up spam and troll comments on the G infinity twitter feed? (text/plain + 5 comments)

video VIDEO: West End Bridge Banner Drop A 2009-09-23 4:43 PM
Excerpt from a live video feed stream liberated from a corporate media web site via flip for mac software and complied into MOV quicktime format. (video/quicktime)

text Tuesday Videos from Mobile Broadcast News FluxRostrum 2009-09-23 11:23 AM
3 videos from Tuesday AIDs Funeral, Kitchen bus update & AM MTR intervention and Banner drop (text/html + 1 comment)

text Pittsburgh Beyond the G20 g20 thoughts 2009-09-23 4:27 AM
A discussion considering one possible outcome of the events of the G20 in Pittsburgh would be the the establishment of a formal organized copwatching group in Pittsburgh. (text/plain)

text Actions Spreading Across the U.S. Against Corporate-Driven Climate Policy MCJ 2009-09-22 9:55 PM
As groups protest the Pittsburgh International Coal Conference days before the G-20 arrives in the city, additional actions against U.S. climate policy and the fossil fuels industry took place on both the east and west coasts. (text/plain)

text S22- Reports of small protests Downtown A 2009-09-22 6:31 PM
S22 - 2:30pm – Scattered reports of small groups of protesters estimated at about 50 people holding sidewalk marches in downtown area. Most activity reported on Liberty Ave ranging from Grant & Liberty to Point State Park. (text/plain)

text “Women’s Walk for Peace” to Combat Street and Domestic Violence Ronell Guy 2009-09-22 4:50 PM
1,000 or more women are expected to march during the “Women’s Walk for Peace 2009” on October 3, 2009 from 10 AM until 4 PM. The event will begin from the Northview Heights Bridge and extend to West Park (Northside). It will include a concert featuring Gospel singing sensation Yolanda Adams and radio personality Bev Smith. (text/plain)

text Wake Up the G20 FluxRostrum 2009-09-22 4:01 AM
video Wake Up G20 Monday 9/21 (text/html)

image Pittsburgh G20 Diaries: March for Jobs in 'The Hill' Carl Davidson 2009-09-21 2:55 PM
Pittsburgh G20 Diaries: March for Jobs in 'The Hill'
Carl Davidson's first-hand report on the G20 March for Jobs (image/jpeg + 1 comment)

image Pittsburgh: Activists, Big Business Converge on G20 Meet Inter Press Service/ Jeb Sprague 2009-09-21 2:58 AM
 Pittsburgh: Activists, Big Business Converge on G20 Meet
PITTSBURGH, Sep 20 (IPS) - As media and government delegates prepare for the G20 Summit to be held Sep. 24-25 in Pittsburgh, local business and activist groups are promoting clashing visions of days to come. (image/jpeg)

audio PITTSBURGH: G20- FIRST ARREST AND SEEDS OF PEACE BUS TOWED / BLAST FURNACE RADIO vincent / blast furnace radio 2009-09-20 5:34 AM
interview with seeds of peace after member is aressted, school bus is towed (audio/mpeg + 2 comments)

text G20RP Sexual Consent Guidelines: No Perpetrators Welcome! Survivor Support Working Group 2009-09-19 7:45 PM
<b>Announcing the G20RP Sexual Consent Guidelines. Please disseminate widely.</b> <p> Perpetrators of sexual violence, assault, and harassment are not welcome in Pittsburgh or any G20 protest organizational spaces. <p> Support Structure for Survivors of Sexualized Violence and Assault: <br>If you experience harassment, abuse, sexual assault, or any other kind of consent violation while resisting the G20 this September, or if a perpetrator of sexual violence is interfering with your participation in the G20 resistance movement, or for any other reason you need support to deal with sexualized violence, please come to us. There will be trained and experienced advocates and support people for survivors of sexual assault at the WELLNESS SPACE (located in the clinic). (text/html + 5 comments)

text Anarchist Armada Will Rendezvous In Pittsburgh The Anarcho-Nihilist Naval Militia 2009-09-19 12:59 AM
As twenty leaders of the world's richest countries arrive in Pittsburgh next Thursday, September 24th, they will be confronted by the forces of the nihilist Navy, a manifestation of the myriad escapees from the totality of coercive social relationships who have found refuge and sanctuary on the water. (text/plain + 3 comments)

text Socialists Head to Pittsburgh to Join G20 Protests NYC Local of the Socialist Party USA 2009-09-18 4:25 PM
We will be providing live reports, pictures and videos to the Socialist Webzine ( and our twitter account (@socialistzine). We will also be available by phone for interviews before, during and after the street protests. (text/plain)

audio Rustbelt Radio for September 14, 2009 Pittsburgh IMC: Rustbelt Radio collective 2009-09-14 11:39 PM
On today's show... * Pittsburgh prepares to host the G20 Summit this September 24 and 25th. We'll bring you information on the history of the G20, organizing efforts by local activists to speak out against the summit and the City's response to dissenting voices. (audio/mpeg)

application UPDATED Pittsburgh Radical Reference G20 Guide Pittsburgh Radical Reference 2009-09-13 4:02 PM
Pittsburgh Radical Reference is a collective of library workers that occasionally use their library skills to support activists. There are other collectives nationally. We've put together a guide for protestors and alternative media for the G20 that includes library reference phone numbers, legal, medical, transit and housing info, lists of restaurants with vegetarian/vegan food in Pittsburgh, etc. (application/pdf)

text Pittsbugh Mayor's G20 presscon in DC disrupted WSQT Direct Action Radio 88.1 FM in DC 2009-09-12 4:10 AM
G20: So it begins... On September 9th, the mayor of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh county executive foolishly scheduled a press conference in DC to promote the upcoming G20 summit. Just one proble,-their press conference inside the National Pres Club was BUSTED by DC area climate justice activists! (text/plain)

image On the Labor Day Bus with Beaver County Steelworkers Carl Davidson 2009-09-09 4:03 PM
On the Labor Day Bus with Beaver County Steelworkers
First-hand diary of this year's Labor Day Parade (image/jpeg)

text W.Va. Treesit Update, Bail Funds Needed! Climate Ground Zero 2009-08-31 3:59 PM
One treesitter descends after week of defending people from blasting (text/plain)

application Join the PA People's Caravan to the G-20 People's Caravan 2009-08-31 2:00 PM
The G-20 is a perfect opportunity for people across Pennsylvania to break the isolation and work together. From the 21st - 22nd of September, a caravan will travel from Philly to Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, Altoona and then to Pittsburg for the G-20. Please see attached Call-Out and map. Contact: (application/pdf)

image TypewriterGirls Gone Biblical Crystal Hoffman 2009-08-28 2:35 AM
TypewriterGirls Gone Biblical
On Sunday August 30th, The TypewriterGirls Poetry Cabaret will be featuring some of Pittsburgh’s most dedicated and established members of the arts and literary community for an end of summer poetry and variety show at Bloomfield’s Howler’s Coyote Café. In addition to the TypewriterGirls’ array of whiskey and typewriter games, the evening will feature an Exquisite Corpse typewriter turned Bible Machine by artist Dave English, magic, classic and punk rock burlesque dancing, and music from the accordion player and avant-garde performance artist, Steve Pellegrino, and readings from poets Nancy Krygowski and Sandra Beasley and fiction writer Sherrie Flick. (image/jpeg)

text G20 Deck of Cards Däv 2009-08-27 12:08 AM
Here's a deck of cards to help Pittsburgh activists identify 63 of the central figures involved in the upcoming G20 summit which will be coming to their town as well as a handful of the local officials who will be aiding in facilitating this disruptive event. These are the individuals who, in their arrogance, feel it not only appropriate but necessary to speak for two thirds of the earths population in their attempts to shape the economic reality of us all. These are the individuals who will be decending upon the City of Pittsburgh in late September to discuss how effective recent international financial capital stop-loss programs have been and how to better reform the international institutions of trade to better secure their interests on your behalf. These are the individuals who will be behind the closed doors of the G20 summit events, secured from ever having to meet any of the little people whose interests they claim to represent. Feel free to copy and distribute this deck as you please. (text/html)

text -------DIY Solidarity Action G20 Flyers--------- Revolutionary Anarchist 2009-08-24 2:36 AM
Let 'em know they're not in charge! (text/html)

text Privilege, Identity, and Conflict at the 2009 CrimethInc. Convergence pittsburgher 2009-08-23 6:59 PM
Some have suggested that we should simply see the difficult events at the convergence as a reminder to address the issues of white supremacy and gentrification; meanwhile, all manner of uninformed parties who were not present at the convergence have been commenting about it. We humbly suggest that it might be more appropriate for those who were not at the convergence to focus on discussing gentrification, oppression, and abuse in their own experiences, while listening to those who were present at the convergence when it comes to questions pertaining to it. (text/plain + 2 comments)

audio G 20 -- or More G-Money? Mumia Abu-Jamal 2009-08-19 10:42 PM
If this is free market, then slavery was free labor! Only a bold, unified people's movement can put the people's interests before that of big finance. It's going to take protests -- real protests -- to break through this vampire's bite on the wealth of nations. (audio/mpeg)

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