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video civil liberties under attack...what do we do? david 2003-07-18 11:03 PM
video from pittsburgh bill of rights defense campaign town mtg (video/quicktime)

video THE FIGHT FOR OUR LIVES snowshoefilms 2003-07-11 6:50 PM
Labor Rally, Olean NY June 21, 2003: IBEW (Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) Local 1690 refuse to capitulate to AVX union-busting contract. 14 other PA and NY unions rally in support . Video 15 minutes. (snowshoefilms) (video/quicktime + 1 comment)

video VOTE GREEN : VOTE LARRY 2003-07-08 4:03 PM
Larry Sawdy, Green Party candidate for the PA state House seat in 3rd Legislative District (Erie region) discusses issues in the upcoming Special Election, July 22, 2003. As few as 12% will vote. Make sure you and your friends vote. (9 min.) (video/quicktime + 2 comments)

video As Sick as it Gets 2003-07-07 10:53 PM
Dr. Rudolph Mueller, author of As Sick As It Gets (The Shocking Reality of America’s Healthcare: a diagnosis and treatment plan) is a Jamestown, N.Y. family doctor. Dr. Mueller exposes the heinous effects of the pharmaceutical industry, buying politicians and high-powered ad pimps hustling overpriced and often untested drugs. Mueller exposes the blame-the-victim mentality used by much of the medical profession, the indifference and inhumanity. He calls for a universal health care system, much like those in other advanced nations. (Hospital photos by snowshoefilms). 9.5 min. (video/quicktime + 1 comment)

video STOPPING A POLICE STATE: Francis A. Boyle snowshoefilms 2003-05-03 2:32 PM
REHNQUIST TO APPEAR AT THE ROBERT JACKSON CENTER, JAMESTOWN NY, MAY 16 Francis A. Boyle, law professor, University of Illinois, says all concerned about the creation of a police state (Patriot Act I) should let Supreme Court Chief Justice Rehnquist know of its awareness of and opposition to Patriot Act II). Boyle says the Supreme Court, even Rehnquist, could reject reactionary/libertarian Federalist Society agenda if an informed people act now. (5 min. part 1 of a series) (video/quicktime + 1 comment)

video Carnival of Greed Takewrning 2003-04-28 3:49 AM
Short clip from Saturday, a26 events at Market Square. (video/x-msvideo)

video No More War Song -- San Francisco Peace Marchers Break Out in Song Eric Wagner 2003-04-15 3:07 AM
No More War Song -- San Francisco Peace Marchers Break Out in Song (video/mpeg)

video April Fools Pro-War Rally Quinten 2003-04-01 7:00 PM
Video at ~ 15 seconds from a pro-war rally this afternoon on the Carnegie Mellon campus. (video/x-msvideo)

video Video from March 20th Brad Cue 2003-03-24 12:26 AM
Video from the March 20th unpermitted march through downtown. Duration: 12'19 (video/quicktime + 11 comments)

video M16: Confronation at DU IMC Video Collective 2003-03-17 8:01 PM
Video of the confrontation at the Delta Upsilon House. Approximately 3 minutes at 22 MB, unedited for your unbiased viewing pleasure. (video/x-msvideo)

video M16: Rally Video IMC Video Collective 2003-03-17 3:05 AM
2:30 Seconds, 15 MB. Video of the rally at Flagstaff Hill. March footage still being edited. (video/x-msvideo)

video M16 March MPEGs Isaac Ludwig/Sean Kennedy 2003-03-17 2:11 AM
Pictures of the March 16th Rally at Schenley Park with over 1,000 people in attendance (from the Westminster College Green Party PR Department) (video/mpeg)

video M2 March Video Sean Kennedy/Isaac Ludwig 2003-03-03 12:54 AM
Video of the March 2nd march. Just a side point: Wednesday the 5th is an international student strike. It is being organized by The National Youth and Student Peace Coalition at: The Westminster Green Party is currently organizing events for the day at our school including spending the previous night in a shantytown, handing out hot chocolate and talking with people all day, and speakers and possibly a march at 12:30. We urge every high school and college to join us in striking, whether it's a walkout or something more please show your solidarity with the international student strike (video/mpeg)

video Video from march and rally IMC Video Collective 2003-03-02 11:15 PM
Approx. 3 minutes. 19 megabytes. Low news content, but worth the download if you want to experience the march vicariously. (video/x-msvideo)

video Continuing footage from J26 IMC Video Collective 2003-03-02 12:14 AM
This is footage compiled from the die-in on Sunday, January 26th (part of the regional anti-war convergence). (video/x-msvideo + 1 comment)

video F22 New Castle Anti-War March Video Sean Kennedy 2003-02-22 10:45 PM
Video of the F22 Rally in New Castle PA. About 180 people attended. As far as mainstream news goes, anyone in the Youngstown area can see coverage on the 11 o'clock news tonight. There should also be articles in the New Castle News, Sharon Herald, Youngstown Vindicator, and maybe more. (video/mpeg)

video reposted video clips from NYC f15 matt t. (IMC tech) 2003-02-15 8:19 PM
low quality quicktime video clips downloaded from the overloaded server have been reposted here by your beloved pittsburgh IMC techs. enjoy. (video/quicktime)

video March on Carson St Quinten 2003-02-08 11:02 PM
This is a rough cut of some of the footage we have of the Carson St. Parade and march from January 25, 2003. Approx 2 minutes in length, documentary style. Seventeen MB. (video/x-msvideo + 1 comment)

video Who Let the Bombs Drop? Quinten 2003-02-04 11:43 PM
Approx 1 minute - video from the J24-26 Convergence. The Pittsburgh Radical Cheerleaders lead the crowd in a cheer. (video/x-msvideo + 2 comments)

video circle pit for peace video ko 2003-01-26 3:51 PM
circle pit for peace in front of CMU's Software Engineering Institute (video/quicktime + 4 comments)

video Footage from Press Conference 1/13/2003 IMC Video Collective 2003-01-19 11:03 PM
A brief video summary of the January 13th press conference about the upcoming anti-war convergence. (video/x-msvideo)

video Columbus Anti War Rally Nathan Shaffer 2002-11-11 12:44 AM
Video of the Anti-Capitalist feeder march and the Anti-War rally at the Ohio Capitol Building. November 9, 2002. (video/x-pn-realvideo + 4 comments)

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