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text دواء الضعف الجنسي Louis levok 2013-02-07 4:27 PM

text The Argument for Amnesty: An Immigration Policy That Works for All Mark Vorpahl 2013-02-06 9:53 PM
Millions experience the repressive nature of the U.S. immigration system on a daily basis, lifting its need for reform to a level of urgency. And fixing this broken program is integral to building the unity among U.S. workers that is required to challenge corporate America’s attacks on our wages, rights, public social services, and living conditions. (text/html)

text "Behavioral Psychology" Dave G 2013-02-06 4:14 AM
"Behavioral Psychology" (text/plain)

text INS report: details on amnesty Steven Lindman 2013-02-06 3:56 AM
Unreleased document assembled during Clinton era (text/plain)

text Peut-on se traiter via les remèdes à base de plantes ? Dr.Jerry Lown 2013-02-04 1:13 PM
Les plus pertinentes solutions qui sont en place pour lutter contre la perte de la libido chez les hommes se trouvent dans les formules naturelles. (text/html)

text WHY DIDN'T THE MEDIA CARRY THIS STORY? Ben Hall 2013-02-03 10:44 PM

text Catholic Church Torture case in U.S. Supreme Court scott huminski 2013-02-01 4:30 PM
Catholic torture of a political activist now before U.S. high court. Huminski v. Mercy Gilbert Mecical Center. Court papers reveal an unholy alliance between Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, Federal Judge Frederick Martone (both life-long Catholics) and a Catholic Church hospital network, Dignity Health, and their efforts to silence a critic of the racist sheriff with an attempted murder and torture at a Catholic hospital, Mercy Gilbert Medical Center, Gilbert, Arizona. (text/plain)

text Obama Has the Right to Kill Americans On U.S. Soil brad 2013-01-27 5:12 AM
what yo gonna do when they com fo you? (text/plain)

text Is The “Democracy Initiative” What We Need? Mark Vorpahl 2013-01-25 1:00 AM
Last December, at the National Education Association headquarters in Washington, D.C., leaders from a variety of progressive organizations such as Greenpeace, the NAACP and the Communication Workers of America met with the intention of beginning a national campaign to, in the words of Mother Jones reporter Andy Kroll, “remake American politics.” (text/html)

text Seeing bias but supporting the architect of bias: We have a long way yet to go Systemic Disorder 2013-01-24 7:27 PM
The wealth and power gained by Europe during the ascendancy of capitalism was built on slavery. Capitalism continues to be based on massive inequalities, which requires strong social divisions in order to be maintained. Divide-and-conquer is an old technique. (text/plain)

text U.S. Cannot Tell Iran to Abandon its Nuclear Program Kourosh Ziabari 2013-01-22 1:00 AM
Interview conducted by Iranian journalist Kourosh Ziabari with Mark Vorpahl. (text/html)

text Did you empower the government to impair the freedom of us all Steve L. 2013-01-19 9:48 AM
Did you empower the government to impair the freedom of us all (text/plain)

text Did you empower the government to impair the freedom of us all Steve L. 2013-01-19 9:47 AM
Did you empower the government to impair the freedom of us all (text/plain)

text Obama expected to take executive action on gun contro Janette Vince 2013-01-15 6:18 PM

text Campaign organizes to push back against Obama provision to arrest Americans Bob Unruh 2013-01-15 10:20 AM
Detention prevention strategy goes national (text/plain)

text How To Defend the Public Sector Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer 2013-01-13 8:21 AM
The attacks on the public domain, particularly public education, social services, and the public sector unions that are linked to these services, are coming in rapid-fire succession, sometimes in an overwhelming barrage where the victims have little time to comprehend what is happening and respond effectively. (text/html)

text Longshore Struggle Brews on Both Coasts, Part 2 Mark Vorpahl 2013-01-13 7:07 AM
In the Northwest, at the terminals on the Columbia River, Puget Sound, and Portland, Oregon, the membership of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) are on the defensive against the Northwest Grain Handlers Association (NWGHA). The conflict involves nearly 3,000 workers at terminals that handle a quarter of the nation’s grain exports. (text/html)

text Longshore Struggle Brews on Both Coasts Mark Vorpahl 2013-01-09 12:36 AM
Part I - It’s a familiar pattern: those on top of the economic ladder enjoy massive profits, while expecting workers to sacrifice even more for the “greater good.” (text/html)

text a symptom of a broken mental health system. Bill Evins 2013-01-08 10:34 AM
a symptom of a broken mental health system. (text/plain)

text you be the judge Kevin Fisk 2013-01-08 9:57 AM
you be the judge (text/plain)

text De quelle façon se soigner de la lassitude sexuelle Mark vermov 2012-12-26 11:50 AM
Vu l’importance du rapport sexuel, il est indispensable de garder cette passion et cette adéquation qui lie les deux partenaires, et ainsi de détecter des formules à la chute de la flamme sexuelle masculine. (text/html)

text Egypt’s Revolution Stumbles Mark Vorpahl 2012-12-25 4:21 AM
The call for a new constitution was a key political demand of the Egyptian people when they overthrew the thirty-year dictatorship of Mubarak. Motivating this was the desire to begin dismantling the repressive bureaucratic state machinery they had suffered under and replace it with a democratic government that would be guided by their needs and hopes. Such aspirations served to unite the divergent forces that made Egypt’s political revolution and encourage their grassroots organizing efforts. (text/html)

text Speedy PC Pro is a PC Optimizer John 2012-12-23 12:27 PM
Speedy PC Pro is a PC Optimizer (text/plain)

text Obama’s War on Syria and Its Implications Shamus Cooke 2012-12-19 3:10 PM
The Obama administration has already declared war on Syria, even if it isn’t “official” yet. Consider the facts, all of them acts of war: The U.S. now recognizes a group of Syrian exiles to be the official government of Syria; the U.S. is providing direct support for rebels attacking the government; the U.S. has coordinated with NATO to place advanced missile systems — and 400 U.S. troops — on Syria’s border with Turkey; Obama has drawn a “red line” that, if Syria crosses, would result in U.S. direct military intervention. If any other country made similar moves toward the U.S., there would be no question that war had been declared. (text/plain)

text US House considers plan for mandatory ‘volunteer’ service corps Kevin J 2012-12-18 10:17 AM
mandatory ‘volunteer’ service corps (text/plain)

text Corporate Tax Breaks and Jobs Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer 2012-12-16 5:54 AM
It has become an entrenched trend: corporations approach government officials and demand tax breaks, threatening to abandon the city, state or country if the politicians are not forthcoming. (text/plain)

text Defeating “Right to Work” Mark Vorpahl 2012-12-16 5:46 AM
The passage in Michigan of the anti-worker legislation grotesquely misnamed “Right to Work” (RTW) should be putting the entire nation on red alert. The downward pressure on the standard of living such bills unleash on the vast majority extend well beyond the union ranks. The bill’s success in Michigan, a pivotal state for organized Labor, indicates the unfolding of a national campaign by RTW’s backers. (text/html)

text Isle of Man Enacts Legislation to Outlaw Vulture Funds Jennifer Tong, Jubilee USA Network 2012-12-12 7:40 PM
This week, the Isle of Man passed legislation that would prevent vulture funds from exploiting the debts of some of the world’s poorest countries. (text/plain)

text Paul Krugman Discovers Marx (and Misses the Point) Shamus Cooke 2012-12-12 1:01 PM
In his recent New York Times op-ed piece, Princeton professor and regular columnist for The New York Times, Paul Krugman observed: The American economy is still, by most measures, deeply depressed. But corporate profits are at record high. It’s simple: profits have surged as a share of national income, while wages and other labor compensation are down. The pie isn’t growing the way it should — but capital is doing fine by grabbing an ever-larger slice, at labor’s expense. (text/plain)

text Anti-capitalist t-shirts (non-profit) 2012-12-12 7:50 AM is a non-profit anarchist t-shirt shop founded 3 years ago. We offer over 2000 political designs with an anti-capitalist message. T-shirts are printed on a "on-demand" basis and the printing quality is superior than screen-printed t-shirts. All incomes accumulated from our sales are donated to causes related to anti-capitalist struggles. We regard that our customers are buying t-shirts with a political message because they are sympathetic with the causes behind the messages expressed on the t-shirts. Therefore, we believe that their money should contribute to support these same causes. Check it out ! We have t-shirts for both men and women (imported or produced locally) as well as long sleeves shirts and coming up soon sweatshirts hoodies. Shipping is available to Americas and to Europe. * T-SHIRTS CATEGORIES: - Anarchism / Anti-capitalism / Revolution - Anti-fascism / anti-nazi / anti-racism - EZLN / Zapatists - Spanish Revolution 1936 - Skinheads - Punk - Ska - Animal Liberation / Vegetarianism - Anti-Police - Anti-war / Anti-imperialism / Free Palestine - Feminism / Anti-sexism / Anti-homophobia - Working class / Class War / Syndicalism - Environmentalism - Anonymous / Occupy / 99% - Against Elections / Medias / Politicians - Free Pussy Riot * WORKERS' SELF-MANAGEMENT & FAIR LABOR: is a workers' self-managed cooperative shop who cares about the work conditions of our t-shirt supplier's employees. Our t-shirts are produced by a company certified by many independant organizations like the "Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production" (WRAP), the "Fair Labor Association" and "Vérité Fair Labor Worldwide". We insist on transparency and we also made an online "Frequently Asked Questions" section where you can find details about the worker's self-management of our shop, informations on the locally-produced and imported t-shirts as well as details about the work conditions of our t-shirt supplier's employees. * CAUSES WE ARE SUPPORTING: Below you will find a list of some of the causes we support. You can consult our blog where we publish announcements of the struggles we are supporting through money donations. -> Pussy Riot benefit : After the mediatization of one of our t-shirt worn by a Pussy Riot singer and the raise of our sales for that reason, No-Gods-No-Masters decided to donate all the money from those sales of that same t-shirt to the "Free Pussy Riot" legal defense fund. We have also opened a Free Pussy Riot t-shirts section with many other designs that will also finance the same cause. -> Solidarity with greek anti-fascists : During October 2012, anti-fascists protesters in Greece were arrested and tortured by the police after an anti-nazi protest against Golden Dawn neo-nazi party. They are now requesting help to pay the fees associated to their detention, trial and legal defense. -> Financial support of anarchist comrades arrested during Toronto's G20 protests who are still facing state's repression and need help paying their legal defense fees. -> Donation to the organization "I Give To Us" who are helping to defend protesters that have been arrested (mostly for no reasons) during the student General Strike in Quebec. -> Financial support to CUTV : In the middle of the student general strike in Quebec, the shop commited itself to give monthly donations to CUTV, a community television who became famous for speaking against police brutality and giving a voice to the protesters. CUTV is also producing interviews with anarchists. -> Full funding of Resistance Network including : (worldwide anarcho-punk community and music sharing), (french anarchist community and journal), (french non-commercial music sharing community), (underground music sharing from Quebec scene) -> compilation and compilation : Music compilations available in CD or free download under the theme of file sharing and supporting underground scene. -> A donation to support to Sea Shepherd in 2010 For more information: ****************************************************************************** (text/plain)

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