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911 tapes Christina Korbe
by George Waksmunski Tuesday, Sep. 24, 2013 at 2:46 AM 4124528158 3034 Wiggins St Apt 1

Why have the 911 tapes been released for Christina Korbe

Its amazing how when George Zimmerman has a domestic his 911 tapes are on TV before his interview is over. Why is it the government 5 years later still keeps her 911 tape under sea?. Why is it the neighbors 911 tape is under seal? Why is it after the government smeared Christina and then issues a gag order?
When the Newtown shootings occurred every gun advocate was out there talking about their right to bear arms. One female was hailed as a hero for shooting an intruder as they broke into her home. This was the same thing Chrissy did.
The raid on the Korbe house was nothing more than a photo op so politicians and Law enforcement could say they were protecting the public. Well it wasn’t even supposed to be a raid. But entrapment is easy when no one else is around.
What is outrageous is Robert Korbe was going to jail the next day and the cops knew it. They admit they were tapping his phone calls and Christina was not heard in any transaction. Robert Korbe was just a pawn for law enforcement. An easy catch in an effort to roll.
Who lost their job for this unnecessary raid. Sam Hicks lost his life for nothing more than a headline to say 33 people were rounded up. How many of those 33 went to jail? How many are out today?
As for Christina her attitude is amazing. She said to me recently I am not doing time. If I have to be here I will take everything they will give me. Her days are full with work, church, education and training. Her inner peace and strength are amazing. Her family has united around her.
She was railroaded by a government that had no right to raid her home and did so as an effort to break down that door and terrorize her family. No one knows why the cops broke down that door or what was said but it is for sure (in my opinion) that bringing 10 cops to house at 6:03 Am November 19 in absolute darkness was a premeditated attack while knowing that in less than an hour Bob would have been driving down the isolated dirt road to go to work. While knowing that within 26 hours Robert Korbe was going to jail for 3-4 years. This was a hit and when you break down anyone’s door in predawn hours they may react as anyone else would and defend their children from an immediate attack by an attacker racing up the stairs at you and your children.
Where are the 911 tapes. I challenge you all to demand the truth of that morning by telling the government to release all the tapes. Christina shot an intruder. Her 911 tape proves it and the neighbors 911 tape supports her. Release the tapes.

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