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a symptom of a broken mental health system.
by Bill Evins Tuesday, Jan. 08, 2013 at 10:34 AM

a symptom of a broken mental health system.

the number of people who commit mass shootings are deemed after the fact to be mentally Ill at the time of the incident.
The kid who shot up the sandy hill school was mentally Ill, his mother told family that she feared for her life
But the doctors would not commit him for long term care.

The student that shot up oinkers college in Oakland was yesterday found to be mentally Ill and will not stand trial
(as the mental Health system works in California he could possibly be out in under two years)

The shooter from the Colorado theater will most likely be found mentally Ill as well.

I pose to you this observation: that when the mental Health system of this country provided long term care that was readily accessible to those who are a danger to themselves- or- a danger to others-or- gravely disabled
We had very few of these kinds of incidents. In fact they were almost nonexistent.
And our homeless problem was a small fraction of what it is now

In short YOUR GOVERNMENT emptied out the mental Health system and sent them to live in the gutter
The reason that we are seeing mass killings is that it is a symptom of a broken mental health system.

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