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Speedy PC Pro is a PC Optimizer
by John Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012 at 12:27 PM

Speedy PC Pro is a PC Optimizer

Speedy PC Pro is a PC Optimizer

•        Two week free trial!
•        Registry cleaner you can trust
•        Various settings for defrag process
•        File copy finder
•        Remove files that have piled up
•        Get rid of private information forever
•        Destroy all traces of internet history
•        Proficiency with computers is not needed

The Appropriate Way To Clean Your Registry Automatically

To guarantee that your PC maintains its' high performance a clean registry is essential.

The registry easily piles up with useless data due to the installation and removal of programs, and even though it is an important area of your PC it is susceptible to malware infiltration.

System instability is caused by conventional registry cleaners that use the overaggressive approach, Speedy PC Pro avoids this by using the safe and tactical route.

Using one of the best advanced disk cleaner utility and registry cleaner solutions available, you can repair and clean your registry with confidence.

Speedy PC Pro will return your registry to top quality, leaving it immaculate and in perfect condition.

Automatically tune your sluggish PC speedily and efficiently

Windows itself causes a break up of your system.
The more split up your PC is, the more sluggish the performance.
Improve your PC's inefficient performance with Speedy PC Pro, the Microsoft-Certified disk cleaner utility.
Use the renownly fastest and proficient method of speeding up your PC which will result in performance gains of atleast over 200% and up to 300%.

You are free to control the disk clean up by selecting the time you want the defragmentation to begin.
It is so customizable you can set it to daily, weekly and screen saver mode.
Save time by letting your PC run StealthPatrol automatically while your PC is on idle.

Gets Rid of Any Traces To Maintain That Privacy Is Protected

Malicious eyes may have access to your computer and can see all the private information stored.
A long trail of websites, images, videos, uploads, downloads, personal website browsing and online banking leaves you exposed and vulnerable and it is being saved unknowingly.
Web browsing data such as unwanted cookies and file caches are left behind after browsing meaning a history of your internet activity is out there for people to see.
Protecting your privacy is not as simple as just going back through and manually deleting your files and browser history.
However, Speedy PC Pro has the intelligence to automatically get rid of any of these traces to guarantee privacy protection.
You won't need to waste time with multiple programs that you'll have to run yourself - if you remember!

Technology has come so far these days that deleted files are not really deleted, to keep your privacy use must use the military-strength file shredder that comes in the package to permanently delete files so no snoop or criminal could retrieve any personal data.

Duplicated Files and Temp Files Can Be Found And Removed

Annoying file duplicates can easily be resolved by downloading a duplicate file finder program.
Disk space is invaluable and removing these files will make the most of it.
These files are unnecessary and waste disk space meaning you will have to buy more much sooner than necessary.
Speedy PC Pro will make the most of your space by locating space-consuming data such as duplicated music, video and picture files, and removing them.
If you want a program that does more than the usual thing of emptying the recycle bin and removing temp files then use Speedy PC Pro.

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