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Radical Independence Conference
by justin Tuesday, Nov. 06, 2012 at 8:01 AM

The provisional timetable of speakers and workshops for the Radical Independence Conference has now been announced. It is attached below. It is now less than one month until the conference, and it is set to be a highly significant event.

Speakers are attending the conference from across the progressive spectrum of Scottish society and, through a wide ranging set of workshops, the conference is designed to maximise participation from the audience. There will also be speakers flying in from across the globe to discuss building international opposition to austerity, and to voice their support for international coordination. If you would be interested in getting involved in covering the conference; if you want to interview one of the organisers; or if you just want more information, don't hesitate to get in touch. Please buy your ticket today and circulate this email to your networks. Yours Radical Independence Conference OPENING PLENARY: Britain’s winter, Scotland’s spring 10.45-11.30 Patrick Harvie MSP Patrick Harvie represents the Scottish Green Party as a list MSP in Glasgow. He is a leading environmental, LGBT, and social justice activist inside and outside parliament. Isobel Lindsay Isobel Lindsay is vice-chair of Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, convener of Scotland’s for Peace and on the editorial board of Scottish Left Review. Nathan Sparling Nathan Sparling is the former NUS Scotland LGBT officer. He played a leading role in the campaign for equal marriage in Scotland. Cat Boyd Cat is a leading young trade union activist in Scotland. She is the chair of Coalition of Resistance in Scotland and is a PCS young members officer. Dennis Canavan Dennis is a member of the advisory board of Yes Scotland. He is a former Labour and independent MP and MSP and a well respected figure in the labour movement. He played a leading role campaigning for a Scottish parliament. Susan Archibald Susan Archibald is a disability rights activist and the founder of the Archibald Foundation. She is currently a Non Executive Director for NHS Fife; member of the DWP’s Equality Reference Group; steering group member of the Human Rights Consortium in Scotland and sits on four cross-party working groups in the Scottish Parliament. Peter McColl Peter is the rector of the University of Edinburgh. He is a writer and campaigner and is the co-editor of Bright Green Scotland. WORKSHOPS #1: 11.45-13.15 1) An ethical foreign policy: scrap Trident, no to NATO, troops out Isobel Lindsay Isobel is the vice-chair of Scottish CND, convener of Scotland’s for Peace and is on the editorial board of Scottish Left Review. Leonna O’Neill Leona is a leading organiser of Faslane Peace Camp which has carried out direct action in an attempt to stop Trident nuclear weapons. Joan Humphries Joan lost her grandson in Afghanistan and has been an outspoken critic of Westminster’s foreign policies. She is active in Military Families Against War and the Stop the War Coalition. Patrick Hogg Patrick is an SNP councillor for Cumbernauld South ward, North Lanarkshire Council. He is a biographer of Robert Burns, The Patriot Bard (2008) and co-editor of complete works of Burns – The Canongate Burns, 2001. Rafeef Ziadah Rafeef Ziadah is a Palestinian activist, academic and spoken word artist. She is a founding member of the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid (CAIA) promoting the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestement and Sanctions (BDS) campaign in Canada, and an organizer of the international Israeli Apartheid Week. She is a member of the steering committee of the Palestinian Academic and Cultural Boycott Initiative (PACBI). 2) The Scottish republic: what is real democracy? Allan Armstrong Allan is a socialist republican activist and the author of a forthcoming book on James Connelly in Edinburgh. Neil Davidson Neil Davidson is a senior researcher at Strathclyde University and is the editor of ‘Neoliberal Scotland’ and the author of ‘The Origins of Scottish Nationhood’ and ‘Discovering the Scottish Revolution: 1692-1746′’ for which he won the Isaac Duetscher Memorial Prize. Republic Scotland ‘Republic Scotland’ is a group that campaigns for an end to the monarchy and an elected head of state. They organised a recent demonstration in Edinburgh against the Queen’s visit to the Scottish capital. Greame McIvor Greame is an anti-cuts and trade union activist, he is the Secretary of Solidarity 3) Wealth of the Commons: a Green economy for a progressive, prosperous Scotland Bright Green Bright Green, is the UK’s top Green blog, and has been an influential source of news and analysis for progressive movements such as the 2010 student demonstrations and UK Uncut. It supports independence, and has raised concerns about the timidity of SNP plans on NATO, monarchy and monetary policy. Bright Green is proud to be part of the Radical Independence Conference, an exciting effort to expand and advance the possibilities offered by an independent Scotland. 4) What is “Civic Scotland”? Complacency and “consensus” after Devolution Andy Wightman Andy is a writer and Scotland’s foremost land rights campaigner. His latest book, The Poor Had No Lawyers, is published by Birlinn. Gerry Hassan A writer and commentator on Scottish and UK politics, policy and ideas, and the author and editor of more than a dozen books, including The Modern SNP: From Protest to Power and After Blair: Politics after the New Labour Decade. He organises the Changin’ Scotland sessions in Ullapool. 5) A Scottish utopia? The role of art and culture in changing society National Collective National Collective is a platform for artists and creatives to engage with the independence campaign and participate in wider debates about social and political change in Scotland. Sinead Dunn Sinead Dunn was president of Glasgow School of Art Students’ Association 2011-12. She has played a leading role in the campaigns against cuts and fees in Scotland. Currently studying a Masters in research and creative practices. Sandra Webster Sandra is an ambassador of the National Theatre of Scotland and a student of creative writing. She is a member of the Acting Strange theatre company, a collective of writers and performers with an interest in political theatre. Sandra is Co-convenor of the Scottish Socialist Party 4.Sınıf Sosyal Bilgiler 2.Dönem 2.Yazılı Soruları

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