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Edinburgh in Solidarity with Striking Workers in
by justin Saturday, Nov. 03, 2012 at 6:21 PM

Their solidarity with the struggle of Greek workers strike against austerity measures demonstrated students and workers, members of the Realdemocracy now!, who made a solidarity gathering outside the city council of Endinburgh, yesterday. Their banner which beared the slogan:

From Scotland to Greece No Justice = No Peace Solidarity with workers Tomorrow Sunday 12/2/12 the unelected coalition government of Greece will play the IMF and troika game once again and vote for a series of new, even harder austerity measures than the ones which have already led the working class of Greece into absolute misery and poverty. For the past three years the Troika, the IMF and the fasco-governments of banking interests have led Greek workers into a new period of austerity. Consequently, unemployment rates have reached 40%, while funding for education and healthcare have reached record-lows. Homeless people have increased by 20,000. Privatizations and selling of all the public wealth, more than 40% of wages total are as low as 350(!!) euros per month for young people, emergency taxes have been levied on top of older ones only to make the survival of workers practically impossible. To add insult to injury governments and their hired mouthpieces in the media shamelessly accuse the people of laziness, corruption and tax-evasion. Greece was only the beginning. International capitalism will try increasingly to exact its toll from the people of Britain as well. Our answer will be their worse nightmare. Greek working class, including the vast majority of the public and private sector unions, are now on a two-day strike, while the Greek steel workers are on the 3rd month of their heroic strike. Working class is not the one that created the crisis and of course not the one that is going to pay for it. A system that makes us live in misery, a system that makes us pay for its own crisis IS NOT OUR FUTURE! Things are going to be only worse if we don’t fight back. Confronted with privatization and cuts, unemployment and humiliation we consciously opt for decency: a worker’s internationalist movement guided by our social needs. From Scotland to Greece, From Spain to Ireland we are all workers. Our rights are the same, our enemy is the same. Our goal should be the same. FIGHT! RESIST! IF IT’S NOT FOR US, THEN WHO? IF NOT NOW, WHEN? 4.Sınıf Matematik Toplama Problemleri

4.Sınıf Matematik Yaş Problemleri

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