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Johns Hopkins, Md University Cages 200,000 Mice and Rats
by Johns Hopkins, 1 US University Cages 200,000 Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2012 at 3:27 AM

Johns Hopkins just one of the universities receiving millions of dollars of your tax money while there are millions of homeless, sick, hungry, evicted people in our country.

Johns Hopkins, US University Cages 200,000 Mice and Rats

Analyst | 17.01.2012 03:21 | Animal Liberation | Bio-technology | Ecology | South Coast | World
US university, corporate, and pharmaceutical profiteers from animal torture
are upset about suggested new guidelines

Johns Hopkins, which received major bequests from Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is now outthieving Harvard as the number 1 recipient of federal tax dollars unethically used to research on animals for pharmaceutical company profiteering. Johns Hopkins has a football field sized building which serves as the number 1 concentration camp facility for these caged animals, with 40 rooms each holding approximately 5,000 mice or rats in 1,000 cages per room. New federal government guidelines, the first in 15 years, require that a number of rats or mice cannot be shoved into a tiny cage. Virtually all vivisection universities torture rats and mice. Their crowding is as bad or worse than that of factory farmers who shove 9 chickens into a 3 ft by 1 ft cage in factory farms. Bob Adams, the head of the Johns Hopkins facility, is complaining that some money may need to be spent to comply with
minimum recommendations of
square inches for each animal. The Medical College of Wisconsin has also abused millions of mice and rats. and has one of the largest concentrations
of imprisoned rats and mice in the world. Associations of those who profiteer from inflicting pain
on animals such as NABR are objecting to the new regulations. The government
report does not cover the blinding, maiming, poisoning, starving, heating and other tortures of rats and mice.
(Whether or not Johns Hopkins is involved in bioterror research and whether or not the
institution is through Michael Bloomberg doing research for the Netanyahu government needs
to be investigated.)

NPR gave our air waves time to 4 vivisectors and 1 animal protector,
The only animal welfare worker
(no animal rights workers) interviewed was an employee of HSUS. She did not take an abolition point of view. NPR
also mentioned the letters from the animal torture community, but not the billions of people around the world who work to abolish animal research
or improve lab animal concentration camp conditions.
with 20,000 listings gives
a fraction of the world's
NIH is taking comments on this issue til the end of the month.

[b]US: DC: As the antihealth department of the DC government discusses ways to murder rats in
the city, using their population as an excuse to attempt to shut down the DC Occupy movement,
it does not mention how many rats have successfully escaped Johns Hopkins, NIH, Bethesda Naval Hospital, and dozens of
other Maryland and DC animal torture facilities.[/b] NPR also neglected to mention the
billions in animal torture subsidies handed out each year by NIH in pharmaceutical, university and corporate welfare while there are more homeless, hungry, and sick in the US than ever before.

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