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Does Volume Pills Really Work?
by Mike James Friday, Jan. 13, 2012 at 9:18 AM

Volume Pills - Volume Pills Review Penis enlargement is a booming and interesting topic now considering that most men are looking for different ways and means to increase their endowment and satisfy their sexual partners need. Due to that fact many penis enlargement methods are now available ranging from exercise, medical and natural methods. When we start by talking about exercises we shall realize that many men are going for these methods because they are cheap and in fact almost costless. Exercise penis enhancement methods involve application of different penile exercises like the V-stretch, Sit-up and power stretch. The penis has got a spongy tissue that is involved in storing of blood during erection and intercourse hence the tissue when being stretched can be increased in volume and therefore increasing the amount of blood it can carry hence increasing the penis length subsequently. Hanging weights is another one of the various penis enlargement methods. It involves, hanging of light weights at the tip of the penis. It is also an old method of increasing the penis length and just like weight lifting in the gym the penis is tied to light weight when it is flaccid and then one makes it lifting the weight just like the hands does. Anyway care should be taken so that you do not get bruised and injured in the process. Other methods go for surgery as penis enhancement methods, and in this case a doctor carries out some tissue operation and patching until your preferred size and length is attained. Most doctors do not advise people to undergo surgery for penile size increment unless they have penis disorders that may be crooked penis size or impotency

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