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So Is That Right?
by Sudhama Ranganathan Saturday, Jan. 07, 2012 at 8:55 PM

It's been said politicians enjoy kicking the can down the road instead of having to take political risks. It's said they believe that is what helps them get elected and to stay in power. As long as they believe it won't cost them anything, politicians don't mind acting or making decisions. We know how scared they can be to make good on what they often say, and that saying anything to get into office and stay there, comes with the territory.

So Is That Right?...
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But that isn't what people always want. Sure they admire the cleverness of Bill Clinton - even though it contributed to many of his problems. Sure they admire the ability to convince everyone including seemingly themselves things were 100% fine even when it was glaringly obvious they weren't of Ronald Reagan. Those traits can help in politics, but those times were also much different.

During the Reagan years we were much less trusting of government than in the fifties sure, but much, much more trusting than we are today. During the Clinton years his multiple scandals just eroded our faith more. The tenure of George H Bush ending in two massive wars and the fact our economy felt like it was stuck to a boulder in a landslide surely worsened things.

Since that administration we have been searching more and more for a leader that will be more grounded and more down to earth. Washington just seems to forget how bad they look from outside the fishbowl as if there's a magical element unknown to the rest of us that taints how they see themselves and the world they inhabit the minute they step out of ours and into that tank. Before they stepped into that bowl many of them saw it just like we do.

In 2008 when we were looking to elect a new president it was about more than just another 'who can keep the good times good and the peacetime peaceful' election year. It was about who could get us out of the mess we were in. More than that, we didn't like the direction we were heading in at the time. We wanted someone to steer us towards a stronger path.

Of all the candidates that seemed most sincere the unknown Democrat Barack Obama seemed the best choice. He not only outlined a new way forward, but sounded the most sincere when he did so.

John McCain was changing direction literally on the campaign trail in front of us. He not only contradicted things he did and said from decades past, but from things he did and said during his campaign against George W Bush and other things he had done during the Bush administration.

It was obvious flip flopping and when you contrasted that with someone with almost no track record, but some time in legislature and a former career as a college professor and community organizer, the choice was pretty clear. In an election year when we were looking for a new man for a new direction it was pretty obvious. I voted like most of the country for then Senator Obama.

ut since taking office president Obama not only failed to make good on the some of the most important of his promises, he actually did the exact opposite. He promised to keep the Bush timeline in Iraq, but when the time came, to the amazement of many including myself, he actually worked to keep troops in Iraq beyond that deadline. After saying we could no longer afford nation building he wanted to spend billions and billions more... nation building. ( Of course having the world's largest “diplomatic” operations including thousands and thousands of private contractors paid for by our tax dollars in what's projected to be billions annually doesn't bode well for our his commitment to turn that flow of dollars back towards taxpaying citizens of the United States. (

He wooed Latino voters with promises of immigration reform. Yet he waited until under his watch he had deported a record number of undocumented immigrants, then made the promise to “review” cases. That's a good step towards reform. Yet, even without Congress there are plenty of steps his administration could make towards reform while we await the revamp even Republican candidates have already admitted needs to happen. The splitting up of families especially ones that have been here years, paid taxes, stayed gainfully employed and built a life should have more considerations than to create orphans of the children and kick them from stable homes into the system.

These are American kids and when they have been here long enough, their parents are undocumented Americans for all intents and purposes. If people wish to start garnishing wages until a certain fine is paid and some other stipulations etc, fine. But there are no reasons to break up whole families to make it appear you have moved to the center as if to say, “see how I can break apart these families? I'll kick 'em out just like Republicans.” In one term no Republican administration has deported as many undocumented workers as has president Obama's. ( )

Instead of investigations of heads of the companies responsible for much of the problems that led to the housing crash he actually appointed some former members of those organizations to his administration. Lobbyists have been up to the same tricks though he promised to rein that in too. Many from the financial sector have helped him tremendously. (

Once we have a Republican candidate we will have more to criticize and analyze about that person also. Currently the field is being whittled down – though Romney is the obvious establishment pick, he has not been elected.

The president and Republicans have their supporters and critics and certain among them are more passionate than others when it comes to that. For example, this past weekend my mother was in the hospital in the city I live in. She had somehow contracted a fairly rare virus that is typically only found in children as rare as it is, and she has not been around any during what would be the incubation period, to have contracted the even rarer kind affecting adults. A nurse said to us she would like to hear what the doctor had to say as in all the time she had been there she had never even heard of a single case in adults.

While we were there in the hospital another employee I passed said to me, “that was for Obama and you're next.” It was very clear and unmistakable. That's not to indict the whole hospital as it came from one person.

Now, I have written articles that are critical of the president and this is no exception. I have also written articles much more critical of President Bush and still do. I have criticized President Clinton also and other presidents. Though I am surprised they even read my articles as I typically get very few readers according to the hit counts, and given the vast number of possible readers from all over the world as I upload them to publications that are all over the country, it's pretty interesting that someone from my hometown has read enough to be that upset. Though I'm not complaining about it – hey that's one more reader back home than I thought I had! Lol!

But, even in America where we are always contrasting ourselves with other nations by saying how free we are, here is a person so fanatical about their support for the president they actually support such un-American things. Of course she's wrong. Our government doesn't really do that in right? Can you imagine what that would do to our reputation if it turned out just like former communist Russia, current communist China, Iran, Hussein led Iraq, Gaddafi led Libya and more our government poisoned, attacked and did away with people that wrote things unfavorable to a political party, powerful political figure etc? How damaging would that be?

How earth shattering would that be? Well nevertheless it was amusing and sad too. I mean how much cowardice would a person have to be filled with to attack someone like that on their own territory where they're safe and sound and in their work clothes and all? I never get stuff like that from people when they're by themselves with me all alone one on one. Not that I expect to, as that stuff doesn't happen in the land of the free. “We're free.” “They're not.” Right?

Not that it would stop me from writing if that were the case. I'm the kind of person for whom that would probably inspire me more to keep going, as were that the case it would merely confirm the need to keep going for me along with the words of Gandhi. He said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” ( It worked for him and being as that's the case that would put me at phase three of the trajectory he outlined for overcoming such oppressive things. Heck that would be like being a senior in college – might as well keep going then. I graduated from college - I can do this!

Nice to have meditations on the road to peace. Lol.

Of course we don't do those things in this country, by we I mean our government and by things I mean poisoning, attack or otherwise harm the relatives of people writing things critical of them. For if we did everything we stood for would be a sham, hoax and a lie passed down as a mythological story like being descended from elephants with wings or something. That can't be the case right? No. As a writer (however poorly), if want to I will continue to criticize President Obama when I believe warranted and whoever comes next when warranted I will also. I will likewise give praise where it is warranted.

As far as where this country stands we have a president in President Obama that has failed to live up to his promises currently and a field of people he can beat simply by keeping the major ones. But, not by making token gestures or meaningless moves just before an election. Not to me anyway.

We wanted a Barack Obama type in 2008 because we wanted real change and a new direction. We were not happy with the direction we were heading in then. When he got into office he simply did not live up to his promise. As far as his major promises, thus far he has been a failure and time is running out for him to be the man he claimed to be when he ran. The nation overwhelmingly is dissatisfied with the direction we are heading in and he has yet to accept some responsibility for that or acknowledge his failures, mistakes or role in that.

Republicans could capitalize on that because many independents and Republicans voted for him in 2008. If he can't prove we’ve changed directions then what kind of leader would that make the president? What person would want to come back to that? Never promise change if you can't deliver on the promise – it just appears fake.

Now it is up to us the voter to take a look at both candidates once they are before us, look at what they've done and their promises and ask, “is that right? Is that what we want?” We need to look at the direction our country's heading in, and we should be honest with ourselves all the way. How else can we protect ourselves and the future integrity of our nation as we go forward?

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