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25 Brief Drug and Alcohol Tales
by S Shriver Friday, Nov. 11, 2011 at 8:48 PM

support for legalizing marijuana and eliminating alcohol ads on tv and radio


The teen was smoking pot while gnawing on a chicken leg. In slowing down he
realized he was gnawing on the leg of a chicken... he stopped eating animals
that day... and shortly after he stopped smoking pot.
An Ohio State LSD researcher, Joe P, was like other university researchers,
'allowed' to take LSD. He wrote "I felt like an orange, deliciously being pulled
apart segment by segment".
A woman smoking pot heard the sentence "I became the wave, not the reaction to
A woman on marijuana experienced a new highway opening up between her heart and
her throat. She was more able afterwards to be honest about her feelings and thoughts.
Mark B jumped off a ledge into a pool and was paralyzed in the jump. With
incredible will he spent years learning to walk. Marijuana eases the residual pain.
Perhaps driving while smoking pot should be illegal, since there have been
traffic accidents as stoned drivers sat not moving at green lights.
A woman giving a lead at an AA meeting spoke of waking up as several people
entered her bedroom. She was very upset, even more so when she realized she was
in an apartment building elevator.
A man who got into bar fights frequently and was arrested for domestic battering
realized it was time to enter a treatment center.
A woman was told by a psychic something that she had experienced previously in
her dream life, that she had died as an alcoholic in a gutter in France.
An older man was told after a physical that his liver enzymes indicated he
should stop drinking.
A man woke up next to a woman .. He subsequently found out she had transmitted
an STD to him and at the same time had become pregnant.. She was someone with
whom he would never have slept had too much alcohol not been involved.
A teen at a frat party from the amount of alcohol in which he immersed his optic
nerves... went blind.
A man woke up after an alcohol binge in a hospital psychiatric ward, in
Alcohol released anger inside the young woman, giving her an accusing tongue.
Her bones were broken by someone who wanted to shut her up.
It was said that lights went out 1 by 1 all over Europe as WW2 approached. It is
also true of the brain's nerve cells, killed by alcohol.
Those who label others 'drunks', 'lushes', etc. are cruelly limiting an infinite
A writer who realized that descriptions of drinking in his books were causing
people to fall off the wagon as his descriptions bypassed their
discipline...decided he could no longer derail people by including such scenes.
Catherine and William Booth, founders of the Salvation Army, with their London
alcohol treatment centers, found that vegetarian diet reduced sharply the desire
for alcohol. Meat is very yang, alcohol very yin. The uric acid (pre-urine in
the muscle cells of murdered animals) is trioxypurine, more addictive than caffeine,
Navane, ativan, oxycontin etc. are drugs as addictive as cocaine, drugs which
the pharmaceutically dominated US government allows.
Should ads for harmful substances be allowed on tv and radio? Is it mixed
messaging when the government spends billions to convince people not to
drink while allowing highly suggestable ads?
In terms of marijuana, cocaine, heroin etc., their illegal status has caused
massive and violent crime cartels (as did prohibition in the 20's and early
30's), and has caused over a trillion dollars to be spent in the US alone by a corrupt
DEA. The ecocidal spraying of pot and poppy plants has killed people, animals, birds,
fishes, etc. as it poisons the watershed and causes birth defects.
The imprisonment of millions of people for their sovereign right to smoke marijuana
has made the US the most imprisoning nation in the world with the highest percentage of inmates, at a cost
of over a trillion dollars in prosecution and defense for the indigent, police time diversion, imprisonment, but
more importantly the human cost in unjust imprisonment, family busting.
Alcohol causes traffic accident fatalities, cancers and liver cirrhosis,
fatalities in bar fights and domestic batterings, infidelities, job losses,
suicide, birth defects. Alcohol industry money is spent worldwide fighting
against the legalization of marijuana.
Many psychiatric drugs are correlated to homicide, suicide, weight gain, birth
defects, loss of mental function, a sudden inability to read. Drug companies
have paid out billions in liabilities in class action and individual lawsuits.
Drug companies are bankrupting Medicare with their pricegouging.
There are empathic saints who drink to tune out the pain they take from others.
There are soldiers who drink to forget the horrors they've seen. There are shy
people who drink in order to express themselves. Everyone on the planet is
gradually learning there are better ways to release pain, let go of the past, and speak ones heart.

-saiom shriver-

From an organization called MJLEGAL
"The cost of keeping marijuana illegal
"# cost of active law enforcement +
# cost of prosecution (and defense!) of accused offenders +
# cost of incarceration of convicted offenders +
# hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue that would be generated if drugs were legal and taxed +
# cost of foster care and social services for children of incarcerated offenders +
# what else? Please tell us if you can think of a factor that is not included here! "

Help everyone everywhere now break chains of addiction to alcohol, nicotine, foods derived
from killing or imprisoning animals and fishes, sexual obsession, and any other
lilliputian ties which bind the omnipotent Spirit in each.
The World Health Organisation (see Pearce Wright, science editor of the London
Times in May of 1987 on the WHO involvement in spreading AIDS throughout Africa)
estimated in 2002 that worldwide 1.8 million
fatalities annually are directly related to alcohol consumption
The CDC (more reliable in its alcohol statistics than in its obfuscation of
deaths from animal eating), said in 2005 that alcohol abuse kills some 75,000
Americans annually and shortens the life expectancy by a 30 year avg. It is the
leading cause of preventable death after meat, fish and dairy consumption and
tobacco smoking.
The CDC estimated 34,833 people in 2001 died of, cirrhosis of the liver, cancer
and other diseases linked to excessive alcohol (liquor, beer, wine).
Another 40,933 died in car crashes and other mishaps caused by excessive alcohol
Govt. analysts considered any man who averaged more than two drinks per day or
more than four drinks per occasion to be an excessive drinker. For women it was
more than one drink per day or more than three drinks per occasion.

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