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Mensa Chapter Promotes Animal Agony, Human Disease, Environmental Destruction
by Beyond Mensa Wednesday, Nov. 02, 2011 at 5:36 PM

Please educate Mensa about the brainharming effects of animal flesh.

Mensa Chapter Promoting Animal Agony, Human Disease, Environmental Destruction

A Mensa chapter is promoting hamburger consumption. In so doing
the chapter is also causing animal agony, human disease,
environmental devastation and energy waste. Mensa members could fork themselves to death with such a diet.
calling themselves
cerebral while hastening contact with Cerberus.


1 Animal fat clogs all arteries, including cerebral arteries, and leads to stroke and heart disease, the world's number 1 killer.
2 Amyloid plaque, a byproduct of animal protein, causes Alzheimer's or senility
as it lines the cerebral arteries, cerebral cells, and all the arteries of the body. It is one of several biochemicals in meat causing hypoxia
or lack of oxygen.
3 Mercury reduces long range memory.. and is concentrated in animal and fish flesh as well as toxic vaccines
4 Prions: the work of Nobel laureate Dr Stanley Prusiner was put on a back burner at Harvard, which is invested in the meat industry. He left and continued his prion research at Stanford. Prions are a cause of Mad Cow or bovine spongiform encephalopathy, cervine spongiform encephalopathy (Mad Deer) etc. 7000 articles
5 Monosodium glutamate MSG is not intrinsic to meat but is put into the muscle flesh of meat to tenderize it. It also breaks down the muscle and nerve tissue of humans eating the MSG meat.. it is called the Chinese restaurant headache cause.
6. Vitamin C: speeds up the flow of signals across nervesynapses in brain and elsewhere. It also eliminates toxins as the body's bouncer. It is in all uncooked fruit.. and in no meat fish or dairy
7. Hypoxia is also caused by tryptophane, an animal flesh protein which generates sleepiness.
8. Animal protein digestion diverts blood from the brain to the
stomach. (A lion sleeps 3 days after devouring a murdered antelope)
9. Vegans and fruitarians have more red blood cells per cubic centimeter,.studies indicate.Their blood is more purple. More red blood cells means more flow of oxygenated blood to the brain. Vegan B12 is
hydroxyl cobalamin, more efficient than nonvegetarian B12
which is cyanocobalamin.
9. Adrenalin, a fear and terror hormone secreted by agonized animals, is a long protein enzyme, some of whose links remain intact after cooking.. giving similar biochemical effects to meat eaters and interfering with concentration.

Leonardo da Vinci: One day the world
will look upon the eating of animals as it now looks upon the eating of human beings.
(It is an analysis of his Notebooks by
authors such as Dudley Giehl which indicates that DaVinci referred only to the eating of fruits and pastas (the latter is a fruit under the definition that it is the product of a plant.

Albert Einstein: (paraphrased) "The most important evolutionary step humanity can take is to evolve toward vegetarianism". Einstein
ate 1 bite of meat a year on a Jewish holiday to appease his wife.

Renowned mathematician Ramanujan: a vegetarian

Benjamin Franklin: a vegetarian when he did his lightning

THE BRAIN 7000 members nearly 1000 of whom are vegan MD's Michael Klaper MD Stephen Walsh MD

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