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What's the Deal With Global Warming?
by Daniel Lanback Sunday, Oct. 16, 2011 at 7:22 AM

No matter how much skeptics deny it (yes, there are skeptics), we cannot deny the fact that what we are experiencing these days are the effects of global warming. What is the deal with global warming? Why should we take it seriously? We really doubt that people do not know about it. But if there are, this article is for the benefit of the people who do not know anything about global warming. Today, you will learn the real deal about it. You will learn how worse the situation is and what you can do to slow it down.

The atmosphere contains carbon gases and it is a natural part of it. Its main function is to lock in heat from the sun and make sure that the planet would be warm enough to sustain life day and night. This is the phenomenon called "greenhouse effect." There is nothing wrong with it. However, because of increased man - made activities like carbon gas - spewing industries and the likes, the amount of carbon gases in the atmosphere steadily increases. As a result, the amount of heat that was supposed to maintain life on earth becomes dangerous. This is because there are more carbon gases and this means that more heat is locked in underneath the earth's atmosphere creating a rise in global temperature.

What comes next is a series of catastrophic event that could possibly reduce our planet into rubble (if we are that lucky. High global temperatures will not do us well. In fact, it is currently the reason why the polar caps have melted and dumped in fresh water in the ocean. It is also the reason why ocean levels are continuously rising. It is also the reason why many low - lying coastal areas are slowly disappearing under floods. All of these things are the effects of global warming. To summarize it all, global warming is a natural phenomenon, which is amplified by human activities rendering it dangerous.

However, it is not yet the end of the world, at least, not yet. We could still do something about it. We could still do drastic measures to prevent it. These things include finding other alternative energy sources to replace what we commonly use today. Find ways to reduce air pollution. Cut down the usage of fossil - based fuels by using solar power and other energy sources that does not produce carbon byproducts. Do not worry about other people not abiding by it. If you start now, people will see the benefits of doing it and later on, they would understand. And then they would follow.

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