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Obama Says: Fuck Your Lungs!
by Lloyd Hart Saturday, Sep. 03, 2011 at 8:52 PM

Anyone that continues to support Barrack Obama is a fucking asshole.

Obama Says: Fuck Your Lungs!

By Lloyd Hart 09/03/11

Are you done yet you fucking progressives? I am so sick to my stomach of hearing all the excuses Da Progs have say as to why Obama can't get anything done. In all my years I have never seen a backlash mandate flushed down the toilet so quickly.

These morons simply repeated the nineties: put out an abortion of a health care scam to demoralize the base, lose the mid term elections as the base is pissed and doesn't turn up at the polls, then balance the budget on the backs of the poor and the environment.

I can't believe anyone is falling for this scam again. If a Prog tries to explain why Obama can't get it done, tell them to go fuck themselves. We might as well let the most worst get selected by not participating in the 2012 at all. At least then Da Progs will know who they are fighting as they are too stupid and habitual to fight the scum they voted for. Or they don't know how to handle their soft white racism/guilt that disallows them from attacking their first black president.

By trying to explain that Obama can't get by-partisan support for his and the democrat's ideas because the tea baggers are racist is soft racism in it self. When in fact the biggest items we desperately needed and that the dems had a mandate for: universal healthcare, jobs, green energy production. could have all been passed as budgetary items with 51 senate votes in reconciliation.

So go fuck yourselves progs. You can't even get the clean air act regs put in place. You are fucking losers that should be beat up by the real left to stop you fuckers from sleazing your way into your non-profit salaries provided to you by the Ford foundation. You fucking assholes. Anyone that continues to support Barrack Obama is a fucking asshole.

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