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Animal Rights Records of Presidential Candidates Revised
by Animal Vote 2012 Wednesday, Jun. 22, 2011 at 4:07 PM

The animal rights movement has achieved critical mass and will affect the US election.

Virtually all candidates for the US presidency are animal abusers

Presidential candidates with 1 exception are in the caboose, not the engine of
animal rights progress.

I Barack Obama:
With the exception of Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul* and possibly Gary Johnson, every candidate for president in
the Democratic and Republican political parties supports continued bombing and burning of animals
in FIVE! illegal wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and the rogue agency CIA's war in Yemen).
Under Obama, the USDA has expanded its
program to kill billions of birds for cattlemen who don't want the birds eating the cows' food, NIH continues its billions of dollars for animal torture (called research).the CDC continues its Frankenstein primate torture. Obama likes
public displays of animal flesh eating, frequently going to hamburger joints for photo ops.
Many more will vote third party in 2012, whether Green, Libertarian, Independent, Socialist, etc. Many Tea Party candidates are Republicans in disguise.
Obama should like Lyndon Johnson resign from a race for a 2nd term.

II Hillary Clinton a henhawk who has promoted all 4 wars of the Bush and Obama regimes.

III Dennis Kucinich: the only vegan antiwar candidate in the race as far as we know.

I Mitt Romney:
A Animals bombed in 5 illegal wars...Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen:
Mitt Romney has supported every illegal war of the Bush and Obama administrations,
as he advocated 50,000 more troops to Iraq (excluding of course his own 5 sons).
B Rodeo
Mitt Romney decided to keep brutal rodeos in the Salt Lake City Olympics
C Treatment of dogs
Dogs Against Romney * describes an incident in which
Mitt Romney put the family setter on the roof of his car as he drove TWELVE HOURS to
Toronto from Massachusetts. The terrorized dog had a loose bowel movement on the roof.
D Treatment of captive cows
The Mormon Church helped Mitt Romney's private equity (no transparency) Bain Capital illegally to acquire the Clear Channel network (itself illegally large according to original FCC rules).
There is a constant stream of animal cadaver ads on Clear Channel stations.
Joked one animal protector: "At least he doesn't drink coffee!' to which another
replied: "the trioxypurines in meat are more harmful than the dioxypurines in caffein"
E Romney's Bain Capital is invested in animal slaughter, drug companies researching
on animals, war profiteering, ecocidal corporations.
F. Mormon investment in animal

Besides being invested heavily in Mitt Romney's Clear Channel through its owner Bain Capital,
the Mormon Church is invested in another radio chain, Bonneville International Corporation - the 14th largest radio chain in the U.S.[

LDS investments in animal slaughter are massive. A sliver of them are Deseret Ranches,
Florida's largest cow concentration camp, over 300,000 acres in 3 Central Florida
Farmland Reserve Inc. which includes 228,000 acres (923 km²) in Nebraska,[26]; 51,600 acres in Osage County, Oklahoma[27]; over 312,000 acres (1,260 km²) in Florida

II Sarah Palin:
A Sarah Palin inaugurated Alaskan aerial hunting (banned in many countries) by rich trophy seeking hunters who were able to terrorize whole herds of animals buzzing over them while shooting.
Hunters were given a license to kill bears, moose by plane, reminiscent of Robert Hanson, the
Alaska serial killer who used his private plane to kill women.

B Sarah Palin inaugurated a $150 bounty for the foreleg of every murdered wolf.

C Sarah Palin does not hunt without causing suffering. She is a poor shot (it took
her 6 different firings to murder one elk recently, as shown on her tv show). and the caribou.jpg
The above photo has earned her the nickname Caribou Barbie as she shot this
innocent animal in the face.

D Palin sits on a bearskin rug (complete with the victim's face) in her office.

E She drives through streams in her 4 wheeler, crushing frogs, crayfish
F On her tv show, she smashed a large fish to death with a large wooden object.
G Promotes the 4 illegal wars of Obama
H Tell Palin wearing fur is cruel

Jon Huntsman: 2nd Mormon Republican to Enter Presidential Race, Vivisector and Hunting Promoter

He's currently touting an exhibition for big game hunters.
Huntsman as a leader of the Huntsman Cancer Institute which does animal studies is a vivisector.
The institute was founded with the help of his father’s billionaire status as a chemicals seller.
We are still researching his role as promoter of Utah factory farms while governor of that state.

Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota:
advertised as the best friend of hunters in the 2012 election
V Michele Bachmann
received 100% rating from a prohunting anti animal rights group called Sportsmen and Animal Owner's Alliance
VI Herman Cain
We need more information on his animal rights positions. He was a president of
a regional Federal Reserve Bank, whose officers are the pawns of banksters.

VII Rep. Paul Ryan
promotes his membership in the
hunter group
Ducks Unlimited while attempting
to dismantle Medicare and Social
Security. Drug company, doctor and
hospital charges should be put
under price control, not eliminated.

VIII Gary Johnson ... we don't
know his animal rights positions. He supports an end
to the Afghan war and legalization of marijuana. However he seems to maintain
officialdom lies re Osama Bin

IX Rick Santorum: installed by Diebold as senator from Pennsylvania... repudiated by Pennsylvanians for his support of Bush wars


Ron Paul: good on exiting from wars... not good re animals
Scored only 14% on Humane Society Scorecard on animal protection. (Jan 2007)
Voted NO on protecting free-roaming horses and burros. (Jul 2009)
Rated only 5% by the League of Conservation Voters, indicating anti-environment votes. (Dec 2003)

XI Other candidates: (the site has over 30 categories of issues
but that of animal rights is not among them)

Dennis Kucinich
Still seeking information on
Gary Johnson: antiwar, pro pot legalization
* For some reason the www is necessary in
See also:

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