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For the betterment of All
by Ringo Kamens Monday, Jun. 20, 2011 at 7:37 AM

For the betterment of All

Homeland security is now going after people who are financially supporting domestic terrorism

More than 30 incidents of domestic terrorism attacks thwarted since 2009

Homeland Security announced today that they are launching a new push to suppress the rising tide of domestic terrorism.
this effort will be directed directly at the funding sources of these terrorism groups. The Homeland Security spokes person said that their efforts will be in creating a reward based information network that will pursue criminal indictments, fines and possible prison time for groups and or individuals that lend technical,financial or intelligence support to any group
on the FBI domestic Terrorist Watch List. this reward system also extends to the "above-ground" support groups that funnel money, information,transportation and safe houses. Anyone can give information on these groups and known individuals who directly support,or give money to groups on the FBI domestic Terrorist Watch List. Furthermore
if you know of a group that is planning destruction of property,Intimidation of individuals, groups or corporations you can
make a confidential report, and have a confidential Tax free reward.

Do you know anyone who is a member of any of these groups?

ANSWER Coalition, Northeast L.A. Radical Neighbors,Animal Liberation Front,Muslims for Palestine. SF Anarchist Action Force,
White Noise,Action for our Planet, Adl-LA, (AFOP),no,Black Liberation Army,axles of evil, Gay Liberation Network ,Alpha 66 and Omega 7,Socialist Party USA,Palestine Solidarity Group,Organizers of the G-8 protest,war resisters league, Earth First,Democracy Now, Anarchist book fair,CIMC Radio Collective,International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement,Workers Action,animal liberation press office, socialist labor party,,Red Cell 5 , Earth Liberation Front,break the chains, Squeaky Wheel Productions,anarchist black cross,Eco Advocates,Americans united for Palestinian human rights,cascadia rising ecodefense,Olympia Rising Tide, Freedom for Animals,Critical Mass,supporters of WikiLeaks,cascadia forest defenders NETWORK X,Muwekma Tree Sitters, Peta, socialist party of Oregon,Animal Liberation Front, Brown Berets,,The Ruckus Society, critical mass LA Clandestine Multiethnic Army,Black Panther Party ,Rainforest Action Corps, Counter-Intelligence Insurgency,Code Pink,Workers Action Party, wild rockies earth first,Arab Resource and Organizing Center., Alf,

Do you know anyone who directly support domestic terrorism?
Do you know anyone who gives money to any of these groups for the intent of carrying out a terrorist plot?

if so call right away

FBI Tipline:

Homeland Security Foundation of America (HSFA)

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