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Convicted Sex Offender / Fired Robinson Twp. Cop and Megan's Law
by Karma Friday, Jun. 17, 2011 at 12:35 PM

Why is the convicted sex offender Nigel Hodges not registered under Megan’s Law? If you look at his convictions he clearly meets the criteria….

Convicted Sex Offend...
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Why is the convicted sex offender Nigel Hodges not registered under Megan’s Law? If you look at his convictions he clearly meets the criteria….A Judge has no right to plea down to allow him to not register…it is a state wide law not a County law. People need to start asking questions. Because of his failure to have to register he is allowed to roam free in this community. He is allowed around our innocent children and even his own child. People do not know that a monster is in the midst of them. I check the Megan’s Law website to make sure I know where the perverted sick men live so that I can warn my child, it is frightening to me that he does not have to register and that parents do not know that he is in their communities.

A suspended Robinson police officer will serve three years' probation after pleading no contest to charges that he exposed himself to a 20-year-old bartender.
Nigel Hodges, 52, of North Fayette, was suspended by the township after Allegheny County police charged him with indecent assault in October. County police say Hodges grabbed and kissed the woman until she broke away after the last customer left for the night. Hodges then allegedly exposed himself to the woman while asking her suggestive questions.
The woman told police Hodges stopped and apologized, but grabbed her hand and sucked on her fingers.
Hodges has an unlisted phone and his attorney did not return a call for comment Wednesday.

What the article doesn’t say because it is so vile---is that he actually MASTURBATED on her, not just exposed himself, which is bad enough! If you google his name you will see more articles from the different papers and new channels that give you a better idea…this paper is pretty conservative!

That one really shows what kind of premeditated predator he is!

Above states graphically inappropriate behavior (masturbating on her/in front of her!)
Why is it that the threads about Nigel Hodges, fired Robinson police officer, keep disappearing from the internet? His crimes should NOT be forgotten, it is immortalized through out the web, and people have the right to comment on it. He is disgusting, and the fact that he keeps pulling threads off of here is sickening...he needs to be held accountable and people need to know who is living next to them, who their children's friends parents are. Would you like to have your child play at a convicted sex offenders house? Sex offenders should have no rights to privacy, he was not just accused, he was convicted...He CHOOSE to assault, hold hostage, and masturbate on a young woman...he should not be able to CHOOSE to have people stop talking about him, he should not have the CHOICE to silence the voices of his victims.

His victim was barely out of her teens.

Sex offenders lose their rights the second they cross the line and whip it out of their pants. He brutalized, victimized and abused women, he probably still does, if not strangers then the people in his own home. We need to keep this out there and make sure that young women and their parents are aware of the monster living amongst us. Nigel keeps crying about everyone posting on this board about him, we wouldn’t have to if he was registered on Megan’s Law. We need to keep some young girls/women (probably not his daughter, her own mother won't even protect her-she leaves him with a monster who sends her to her room so he can whack it to hard core porn) safe from him.

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