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Where the Hell is the Progressive Rebel Party?
by William Wraithwrite Friday, Oct. 22, 2010 at 6:22 PM

Teabaggers are being “bagged” back into the same old two party system—that is not just corrupted but corroded—so the joke will ultimately be on them—exactly in the same way that the joke was on progressives, who equally thought a corporate owned “top-down” Democratic Party was going to deliver a new deal of any kind—even as the bottom up got many of them elected into office.

Where the Hell is the Progressive Rebel Party?

By William Wraithwrite

How tedious it is to see how the MSM, that is the mainstream media, hype a threat of a Tea Party, as if all discontent right-wingers really composed one platform and motive? Nothing could be further from the truth. These are mostly a bunch of frustrated Americans that exists on many levels of awareness.

Nevertheless, the Teabaggers are being “bagged” back into the same old two party system—that is not just corrupted but corroded—so the joke will ultimately be on them—exactly in the same way that the joke was on progressives, who equally thought a corporate owned “top-down” Democratic Party was going to deliver a new deal of any kind—even as the bottom up got many of them elected into office. That is they actually thought common folk and others besides corporate interests and the Zionist media hegemony, here in the United States, would benefit. Instead crybabies like Charles Craphammer are actually taken seriously, that is as Israel and certain corporations continues to benefit from American interventionist policies in the Middle East. No wonder the nazi neocons have been so interventionist.

More importantly, the Teabaggers are collecting many malcontents available, despite the reality there is plenty of real and sincere grief. So bloggers, and online columnists, can deny accusations that various tea parties have been infiltrated by extremists and racists, supplied readily by right-wing radio demagogues, but wished denial does not make such an accusation untrue.

Nevertheless professional propagandists have been able to turn most malcontent feeling to the trite game of blaming the current president and liberals, in general, and insinuating the Republican Party will deliver the necessary change—that is stopping the corruption and economic bleeding. Since when?

To ask how dumb the American people can possibly be is to ask the all too obvious; and yet we still do not know, as there seems to be even more lows around the next corner. But at least some conservatives at least became fed up enough to attempt stepping out of the box! In fact some even got wind of some reality—thanks mostly to the Internet being willing to discuss issues the MSM propaganda machine would not.

But not so for the left wing to attempt any real form of rebellion. Apparently too many of them are too proud to admit any naiveté or presumptuousness on there part? And for this they will pay some cost—probably not as much as the propaganda machine has been insinuating as hope—but they are likely to pay nevertheless—but even independents and some conservatives secretly hoped they would have done something different.

And what was the first thing they should have seriously dealt with? Why, stealing elections with corrupted forms of electronic voting, in which the voting machines are provided and managed by interested and partisan corporations. But did they bother to make this an important issue over the last years? NO. Why?

The fact is the left is a void and a sham. Progressives, and there organizations, have been financed by other organizations and individuals who have agendas. They are not truly free any more than are newspapers that claim to be independent. The whole system is corrupted. This is what Ralph Nader was trying to tell the Democrats but they would not listen.

Yes America has had great bread and circus. The mainstream media is constantly advertising entertainment, dining and wining out, and going to shows—that is spending and diversion. Just don’t worry your silly little heads about real matters—let that to the corrupted politicians take even more bribe money in the form of lobby deals. That is the name of the game: corporatocracy and plutocracy rules as growing fascism. The rhetoric of democracy and republicanism is all bullshit. It does not exist except for rhetorical flourish. Yet a majority of the American public is too stupid to burn their newspapers.

Yes it is the American people who have been too dull and too spoiled to see otherwise. And it really does come back to individual character and virtue that the founders of this country discussed—which is equally a sham, because most people really don’t want to think too much, and they really don’t want to know too much, and they don’t really care too much—except on how there material well-being is to be. That is why they fall for the illusion a government owes them a job and owes them a good economy—as if they were a bunch of collectivists.

But we like to blame stuff strictly on the politicians. And we like to blame it on the “other” party as no-nothings as those who don’t think the way we do. And we especially like to be lied to—because it is all one big form of escape—that is escape from reality and personal responsibility of real thinking and find stuff out. We would rather have the propaganda machine televisions tell us what to think. Blame, blame, and more blasphemous blame goes a long way.

Take for example two big elections in California. Two corporate women are running for office with eyes watching. On one hand we have an authoritarian personality of Carly Fiorina running for the U.S Senate. She berated Senator Barbara Boxer because, can you believe it, Boxer had the nerve to lecture a high level military officer! What does this say about Fiorina’s conception and awareness of what form of government we are suppose to have? Obviously she does not have a clue as to what the founding fathers were debating during the formation of the Constitution. Her idea of being a senator is too listen to the Pentagon and salute. She doesn’t sound like she knows very much about political theory or what the proper role of a Senator.
But then, she, like Meg Whitman, ran a business, that is, an authoritarian organization, which is only concerned, or primarily concerned, with the bottom line—that is with satisfying share holders—even if it means shipping jobs overseas and getting a perk for doing so.

In this country we have corporate control at every level: donations for campaigns as bribery money in the name of lobby money, dishonest editorial media reviews that equally work for corporations and advertise corporate relations (who have nothing to say about how employees really feel), Pentagon enterprise driven by corporations, and now corporate executives, who think just because they know something about economics, and leading people top-down, they are magically qualified to deal with all kinds of other social and political issues.

What a conceit by Business America that has helped turn this nation into one of the most corrupt cultures in history. How many books does the one- man institution Noam Chomsky, even as ignored by the MSM, have to write before the intelligentsia get it? And even in our civilization’s downfall certain segments of business and industry still manages to profit.

War and debt management has been one of the biggest predators on the taxpayer. Yet we are suppose to believe that if a corporate type gets elected he or she will cut the budget because that is what authoritarians can do? Because it is always comes down to money, jobs and economic prosperity—at least that is what our propaganda tells us.

So now California has “another” issue that Ms. Meg Whitman is elated to ride—namely failed education (not Failed States by Chomsky). Waiting for Superman seems to have been deliberately released weeks before midterm elections, and the media picks up on its political message—schools suck and it is the teacher unions’ fault. But note that Meg Whitman did not even vote for much of her life! What does that say about her “personal” education? It says that all she really knows about is how to think about things from a corporation and wealth point of view. It says she is not even a Judy Come Lately—she is a rich novice.

But this argument is not meant to espouse some attitudes of unions or the Democratic Party. But one big problem is that business people think they are smarter than everyone else. They think just because they ran a business, even if fired, they are somehow superior in awareness levels, skill and acumen. They are not. And they speak and act as if the very idea of working as a public employee is somehow the equivalent of being a parasite—then why are they asking us to vote for them?

We need real reform in real awareness in the individual. The People and the media are the problem. We need to stop believing politicians and start believing in our own capacity to think and act. We need to stop believing liars no matter what their disguise. Where the Hell is the Progressive Rebel Party?

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