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.PDF Docs Detail FBI's Chilling Abuse Of MKE CWs & others including Pittsburgh and Ithaca
by marco Saturday, Sep. 25, 2010 at 1:04 AM

I first saw this on my friend Brenda's facebook. Here's the .pdf itself. I'll try to track links to where there is more analysis as it becomes available. My earliest analysis at first read is that Milwaukee Intelligence people cobbled together a flimsy case of suspected terrorism based on the defacement of USAREC's front windows to then widen their case over to Pittsburgh Catholic Workers and Miami activists where there wasn't even a semblence of a law being broken is absolute bull-crap and just generally bad form.

.PDF Docs Detail FBI...
domesticsurveillanceevils.jpg, image/jpeg, 495x335

Brace yourself; this document is bone chilling if you've ever said anything out loud about your true feelings with more than say, 2 or 3 people listening!

And how come we can get more info about things going on here in central United States from Irish and Australian sites than right here at home?

I was running casa maria for room and board from maybe summer 02 until 05ish. I've been mke imc's techie since around 99, including when I lived in Green Bay and then places around Oregon.

I took the two youtube videos in days following the supposed "federal crimes" that proved right there in real-time the federal gov't allegations of fecal matter on the carpet and blood everywhere inside the USAREC station were absolutely false. [ By then of course, it didn't matter. Urine and feces claims are a Police Chief Charles Ramsey invention that spread like wildfire because it exploits the fears of a common populace. Ramsey has no shame and behaves like a very bad person constantly. ]

A SGT working inside the recruiting station that next day said right into my camera, there was no entry and that the inner panes of glass were never broken.

My earliest analysis of all those documents are that they blurred who's a catholic worker to show linkage because of the Milwaukee "federal crime," to get all the implied warrants they needed to break laws by following activists around in Pittsburgh, Omaha, Miami, etc.

CBS and ABC have been covering this breaking news:

Seeing the .pdf available at scribd tells me it probably won't disappear anytime soon. That's been a concern with so many crucial documents in years past.

This'll take much discernment in realtime :(

.PDF document
by marco Saturday, Sep. 25, 2010 at 1:04 AM

download PDF (2.4 mebibytes)

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