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UGSOA Members Show Their Support For FCGOA and its President Guy James
by FCGOA NEWS Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2010 at 6:00 AM

Mr. Harsley’s 12-13 years of serving our membership under UGSOA local # 44 as president has been pure hell. He has abused his power and authority, misused his position, and undercut our benefits with his manipulations by telling un-truths in order to accomplish his goals by deceiving the officers into accept his untruths. It’s time to replace Mr. Harsley, UGSOA Local # 44 and UGSOA international with a new and more progressive, honest, user friendly, officer oriented organization that serves the union membership needs, not their own needs, wants and desires.

FCGOA President Guy James Signs off on Official NLRB Documents in Washington D.C. to Conduct an Election to Represent 330 Security Police Professionals working at the Department of Justice and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Headquarters. Both these units are presently under contract with ugsoa local 44 who wish to Disaffiliate from them.

Letters of Support

To: Officers, MVM Ice/FPS contract

From: Officer Gogniat

Subject: Response to UGSOA Letter dated July 27, 2010

Date: July 30, 2010

Ms Desiree Sullivan’s, President UGSOA perspectives of Mr. Harsleys achievements are in error!

Ms. Sullivan believes that UGSOA local # 44 President Mr. Harsley has collected and/or accumulated, through bargaining, some enormous amount of money for us over the past 12-13 years. Actually he has negotiated our salaries downward more than 20 % below the market of other security contracts in the Washington, DC Metro area that covered the same period of time. Mr. Harsley accomplished this by informing us at each and every Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) negotiation time that this is the best he could do for us and that we needed to accept his conclusion so that we would at least have a new CBA Contract in hand before the new federal contract was awarded to a perspective vendor.

By voting in the new perspective Federal Contract Guards of America (FCGOA) Union, our dues will be less than the amount charged by UGSOA for the past 12-13 years for having accomplished nothing. They have given us only headaches and misery when trying to deal with incompetence and inequities in our expectations to have them support us in an honest and professional manner. All international unions train their perspective union heads, local executive boards, and shop stewards. Training is not only unique to UGSOA as Ms. Sullivan implies.

Mr. Harsley’s 12-13 years of serving our membership under UGSOA local # 44 as president has been pure hell. He has abused his power and authority, misused his position, and undercut our benefits with his manipulations by telling un-truths in order to accomplish his goals by deceiving the officers into accept his untruths. It’s time to replace Mr. Harsley, UGSOA Local # 44 and UGSOA international with a new and more progressive, honest, user friendly, officer oriented organization that serves the union membership needs, not their own needs, wants and desires.

The grievance process, proceedings and methods that Mr. Harsley has used to fulfill, and accomplish our needs and objectives have been misused and distorted to support the corporation more than the offices. When grievances are filed and the findings support the officers positions, and a request is made to forward a grievance to the next level, the local executive board votes and declares the grievance unworthy of their time, and spending of additional funds to process it further, in favor of the company and against the officers. Mr. Harsley has hurt officers benefits causing officers to lose money for 4 hours additional holiday pay, and overtime pay for all hours worked over 8 hours in 1 day by cancelling the arbitration meeting that was to take place this past June, 2010 with MVM Inc in order to settle this disagreement and grievance with them. Mr. Harsley said that he wasn’t prepared or ready to go to arbitration at that time. This was another favor for the company against the membership security officers by Mr. Harsley.

Mr. Harsley still continues to inform security officers who fail the firearms training course that they do not qualify for unemployment compensation after failing the range, as MVM Inc has advised him. Mr. Harsley reinforces the company policy onto the offices so that they do not file for unemployment benefits after being laid off. There are many other issues, however, we need to help and support the security officers on the FPS/MVM Inc. Ice Contract.

We need a new environment and union to accomplish this, and I believe and support The Federal Contract Guards of America (FCGOA), Mr. Guy James and company, to be the best selection for us to accomplish our goals and objectives.


J. W. Gogniat


--Forwarded Message Attachment--

From: PSO James A Bethel MVM, Inc

Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2010 12:08:19 -0400

Subject: To: Local 44 Membership and Non-membership

TO: UGSOA Local 44 Membership


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

As an outsider looking in, I was new to most of what’s happening or happened with local #44. I constantly heard complaints about Local 44 but so what! Everybody complains about everything I said. There’s no perfect world. Then I started really paying attention to what was being complained about. A union that wasn't stepping up to the plate for the members. I saw decent men and women dismissed from their jobs with MVM, Inc. as building guards because they couldn't pass pistol qualification on a course that is designed for soldiers going to Iraq or Afghanistan.

Then there came a point when MVM Management attempted to soften things to the betterment of the Guards/PSO’s who failed the range and were fired. They were willing to let them maintain their seniority and the union said NO. What makes a union so despised, want to press on after making one capricious decision after another. WE DON'T WANT YOU, PERIOD! One job saved means everything. Many of the problems we've encountered could've been circumvented through common sense negotiations.

A good union must know how to negotiate when things are not necessarily in our favor and this local lacks those skills. Name calling and fits of rage have no place as it applies to us putting forth meaningful efforts to get changes for the better.

Sometimes you just don't know and that’s not a crime as long as you don't know that you don't know, but when you don't know and know that you don't know, THAT’S FRAUD! Don't be fooled by International Stats that have been publicized. Ask local 44 what cases right here within our local, all these great lawyers have represented our guards on. The general attitude of our union leaders are one of “They don't come to the meetings so to hell with them!” Meeting are important, but so is ones dedication to the office he’s been appointed to up-hold. It’s time for change. God Bless America.

PSO James A Bethel

MVM, Inc


----- Forwarded Message -----

From: J.Gonzalez

To: Guy James

Sent: Saturday, July 31, 2010 1:02:18 AM

Subject: RESPECT

Dear Guy F. James,

Today I noticed instant respect, compliments of Lt. L. Cardoza, in reference to allowing me to take a sick day. He only asked, upon revealing to him it might be due to food poisoning, what food I might have ingested to cause the incident. He then agreed I take the time off. No hassle what so ever. Not to worry I have safe guarded my issues via email.

This is the kind of respect I feel that not only I, but all members of FCGOA should receive on a continuous basis, unless member abuse is more than evident, therefore we manage the situation ourselves prior to being in favor of management. Finally, the day has come.

I received a complaint from a fellow co-worker Amanda Salinas, that after advising Lt. L. Cardoza, she contracted Strep throat and feared spreading the air-borne disease at work, he still forced her to work the post without regards to the gov. employees, federal contract employees, or the general public. This is unjust, unprofessional, and needs to be corrected.

If you decide, that I, Jason Gonzalez, has what it takes to run shop steward position. I give you my honest to god word that no grievance will be presented without merit, nor direct proof of unprofesionalism shown towards members and non-members alike. None the less will be adamant in enforcing rules and regulations as come to be expected of any members, by the Company, FPS, or Client to avoid such problems. In any case, the issue will be immediately brought to your attention, and actions taken will be not without your knowledge or consent.

Again this new found sudden respect is flattering at best, but I will not rest till every member of FCGOA receives the same. Unlike my adversaries in the UGSOA Local 218, I wish to spread respect to all members evenly, for they are the sole reason we exist. I strongly believe once neighboring unions catch wind of our attributive actions in the name of our members they will surely follow and wish to recruit FCGOA as their representative, thus making us, sooner or later the core union to deal with, once congress or senate decides to federalize us. I strongly believe that day will come and when it does we should, by then, have the majority of federal contract security officers in our favor, putting FCGOA as the newly FCGOA (Federal Guards of America). Dream Big.

I recently commended you on your actions in the recent hearings involving NLRB resulting in our favor. I wish to retract my commendations for the re-assertion of another, not only did you manage to gain favor of NLRB hearing agent, but forced recognition of Michael P. Hough upon himself, as incompetent and unable to resist following the foot steps of his predecessor, James Carney.


I look forward to making history in your legacy, sir. Again on behalf of everyone, thank you.

Respectfully, J.Gonzalez

The Federal Contract Guards of America FCGOA one of the newest and fastest growing 9(b)(3) Unions in the America Today specializing in the representation of Federal Contract Security Guards / Security Police Professionals working at Nuclear Facilities NRC, Federal Buildings, Dept of Energy DOE, Dept of Defense DOD, Dept of Homeland Security DHS, Correctional, Facilities, INS Facilities, Armor Car, Airports,Commercial and Industrial Facilities.

FCGOA Stands for and with the millions of Security Guard / Security Police / Federal Protective Service Guard Professionals nationwide who must be better organized, better trained and committed to a higher standard of providing private security to our nation's Homeland Security, Federal, State and County properties as well as private, industrial and commercial properties and the general public.

Federal Contract Guards of America FCGOA International Headquarters 1776 I Street, NW 9th Floor Washington, District of Columbia 20006

Tel: 202-756-4770 Fax 202-756-1301

New York Regional Office 212-541-3753 Fax 917-322-2105

Regional Offices

445 Park Avenue New York City, New York 10022

10 South Riverside Plaza Chicago, Illinois 60606

201 Penn Center Boulevard Suite 400 Pittsburgh, Penn 15235

2029 Century Park East 14th Floor Los Angeles, California 90067

201 South Biscayne Blvd 28th Floor Miami, Florida 33131

7900 East Union Avenue Suite 1100 Denver, Colorado 80237

Want more Information on How You Can Join FCGOA? Visit our Website at FCGOA.ORG

Looking for a Security Guard Job? Visit www.SecurityGuardJobs.Net for More Information.

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