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Billionaires and Vivisection or Inflicting Pain on Captive Animals
by Analyst Friday, Aug. 06, 2010 at 4:44 PM

While Gates and Buffett ostensibly work to increase charitable giving by the wealthiest Americans, the recipients are often animal torturers. Gates Buffett And Other Billionaire Giving is Primarily to Animal Research

Billionaires and Vivisection or Inflicting Pain on Captive Animals

Like monopolist and open source opponent Bill Gates, funder of primate torture at Duke and vivisection in Africa and Warren Buffett who has made the Geico he owns insert ads for Omaha Steaks in which he is invested,, the billionaires who have joined
their program in announcing they will give away half their fortunes also define
as charity the giving of money to animal torturers. Gates' Internet Explorer
requires several steps in getting to

Ted Turner is the country's biggest land owner and bison murderer. He has worked to promote an end to global heating while himself creating mammal concentration camps in which grazing deforests the planet.

Michael Bloomberg has been a major funder of Johns Hopkins mammal torture.Johns Hopkins is the institution in which Dr Blalock developed the Blalock Press, a savage machine which tests how many pounds of pressure a dog's bones can take before
breaking. HBO tried to glamorize Blalock in a movie. Bloomberg broke a record in mayoralty race
spending.. 100 million in his last race. In his first race, he spent $60,000 per voter and won
because the primary was on Sept 11, 2001.

Sanford Weill, funder of vivisection and primate
torture at Cornell

Ron Perelman, funder of primate torture at Cornell

Larry Lokey is on the Gates Buffett list. Lokey has given over 129 million to the Univ of Oregon.That school is a primate torture school.

Larry Stowers is defining as 'charity' his contributions to animal torture at the institution named after himself, The Stowers Institute for Medical Research -

David Rockefeller... funding animal torture at Rockefeller Univ. for how many decades?

John Morgridge supports animal research groups .. as a trustee of primate torturing Stanford and promoter of Wisconsin research (at the Univ of
Wisconsin, the Justice Dept has funded tasering of pigs while the Navy has killed sheep giving them the bends. The Univ of Wisconsin is a primate torture school. Morgridge
supports the Nature Conservancy, turned by Henry Paulson into a cattle concentration camp network
which is supplying Goldman Sachs invested fast food companies with mammal flesh.

David Rubinstein of Bethesda Maryland who signed the pledge is a cofounder of the
Carlyle Group, that group which helps politicians leaving their stolen thrones
transition to shameless war profiteers. G H W Bush and John Major, former PM of
the UK are 2 examples. Carlyle Group weapons
have killed many people and animals.

Julian Robertson after profiteering from sub prime mortgages which caused
the foreclosure on tens of millions of Americans now owns a 6000 acre sheep
and cattle concentration camp in New Zealand, a country notorious for the cruelty
of its live shipping of mammals to foreign ports for slaughter.

Bernie Marcus, founder of Home Depot, has destroyed old growth
and other forest... helped cause global heating.
Ken Langone... board of directors of Home Depot, a company adding to global heating and
species destruction with its razing of old growth forest
John Arnold profiteered at Enron while millions were harmed.
He went on to found Centaurus which is invested not in nonviolent
energy but in natural gas, whose mongers pricegouge the public.

Larry Ellison of Oracle, in the news for defrauding
the government and offering kickbacks illegally at some universities.

Other vivisection connected wealthy not on the list include Richard Blum whose money is derived from
his wife Dianne Feinstein's felony: funneling 1 billion dollars in mercenary contracts
to him through her influence as senator. Blum is the chairman of University of
California's Board of Overseers and has been working with the FBI to harm animal
rights activists and criminalize 1st amendment organizing for animals.

List of Pledgers:

Paul G. Allen

Laura and John Arnold

Michael R. Bloomberg

Eli and Edythe Broad

Warren Buffett

Michele Chan and Patrick Soon-Shiong

Ann and John Doerr

Bill and Melinda Gates

Barron Hilton

Jon and Karen Huntsman

Joan and Irwin Jacobs

George B. Kaiser

Elaine and Ken Langone

Gerry and Marguerite Lenfest

Lorry I. Lokey

George Lucas

Alfred E. Mann

Bernie and Billi Marcus

Thomas S. Monaghan

Tashia and John Morgridge

Pierre and Pam Omidyar

Bernard and Barbro Osher

Ronald O. Perelman

Peter G. Peterson

T. Boone Pickens

Julian H. Robertson, Jr.

David Rockefeller

David M. Rubenstein

Herb and Marion Sandler

Vicki and Roger Sant

Walter Scott, Jr.

Jim and Marilyn Simons

Jeff Skoll

Tom Steyer and Kat Taylor

Jim and Virginia Stowers

Ted Turner

Sanford and Joan Weill

Shelby White

Which Billionaire Has Not Caused The Blood, Sweat, and Tears
of Innocent Human Beings, Animals?

Some of these billionaires (Gates, Bloomberg,
Rockefeller and others) are proponents of
decreased population. However the pharmaceutical
companies with which they are connected
have in the guise of vaccine disseminators
been sterilizing women in the Philippines, Africa

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