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BP's Past and Present Wars... Update
by All Beings Friday, Jul. 02, 2010 at 9:55 PM

see below

BP as Anglo Iranian Oil in the first few years of the 20th Century had one of their oil engineers draw a line around the richest oil deposits of Iraq and called them Kuwait, subsequently installing a puppet on the throne of the BP created country.
(BP, Shell, Exxon and Chevron are the 4 biggest oil companies driving the Afghan and Iraq wars.)
G H W Bush deliberately goaded Saddam Hussein by directing slant drilling from Kuwait into Iraq.

Mossadegh, elected in 1951 in Iran, exercised the sovereign right of that country to nationalize oil. BP didn't like that. MI6 (British intelligence) and the CIA organized a coup in 1953,
kicked Mossadegh out of office, and installed the torturing dictator whom they named the Shah of Iran. He invited BP back into the country.

There were 2 illegal invasions of Iraq. BP operatives were given control of the oil rich areas of Basra. BP and its parent have been involved in 6 invasions of Iraq in the 90 years since.. Oil was a nickel a gallon in pre-invasion Iraq. BP now trying to get back into Iraq.
George Monbiot: It is now producing oil from the Rumaila field in Iraq as a result of a contract agreed in controversial circumstances.

BP operatives are in Afghanistan along with those of Chevron, the paymaster of Hamid Karzai (as
Well as Condoleezza Rice.)

BP is involved in extreme risk ultra-deepwater drilling off the coast of Angola

Workers have occupied a BP plant in Colombia.

It is pouring money into deepwater oil off the coast of Brazil

From George Monbiot of the Guardian
BP has recently started shipping liquefied natural gas out of the Tangguh project in West Papua The licence was provided by the Indonesian government, which brutally annexed the country to which the gas belongs, and committed genocide there. If West Papua achieves independence, BP will have a lot of explaining to do. Poster: New Guinea has some of the most sensitive rainforest in the world.

Turkey and Azerbaijan
BP’s pipeline between Azerbaijan and Turkey was built with the help of land seizures and a contract that effectively grants BP executive power over the Turkish government For how long will that be allowed to stand? (George Monbiot)

George Monbiot:
Having previously refused to invest in Canadian tar sands on the grounds of ecological risk, in 2007 BP reversed this position, plunging into the world's biggest environmental battleground.

North Sea
BP in the North Sea is drilling in waters more risky and deep than in the Gulf.

Alaskan Scofflaw

In Alaska rogue BP in a reckless drilling operation is building a gravel island to get around the Alaska ban on ocean drilling. Their stated goal is to drill through the BP made gravel dump into the sea.
BP paid for Sarah Palin's inauguration as they elevated her from the mayor of a 6000 resident town to the governor's office of the largest state in the United States. In return she yelled “drill baby drill” across the continent.
In Prudhoe Bay BP had an oil spill in 2006.

Pelicans waiting in pen to be cleaned

BP’spipeline across Alaska keeps leaking oil into sensitive habitats says Monbiot.

George Monbiot in the Guardian on BP’s dangerous investments in several countries

Texas Employees blown Apart
In Texas, BP killed over a dozen workers with its callous disregard for safety.

Gulf of Mexico
In the Gulf, only God knows the scope of BP’s planetary devastation

Where BP has been unable to have its way, as in socialist Venezuela and present day Iran,
it has through MI6 and the CIA attempted assassinations, coups.

The basis of all life: grasses and plankton.. threatened by BP oil spill

Sabotage in the Gulf as insider traders within BP dump their stock?

Corexit: neurotoxin, carcinogen dumped by the millions of gallons into the Gulf

Oily rain in South Carolina
Oil in NC oysters


Obama's top contributors
Rahm Emanuel’s ties to BP lobbyist
BP hires CIA General Counsel Stanley Sporkin as Lobbyist
Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana cares more about the oil industry than the safety of
Louisiana citizens.
Judge Martin Feldman did not recuse himself (owns Transocean Stock) before deciding to endanger all Americans with the rescinding of drilling moratorium.

Disaster Capitalists:
Halliburton to make money off of oil spill
Goldman Sachs sold 250 million in BP stock shortly before explosion
Tony Hayward sold oil shares in weeks before explosion
8 days before oil spill, Halliburton buys Boots and Coots, oil clean up firm
BP is attempting to combine thousands of lawsuits into 1 class action lawsuit… they attempted to have Alabama residents sign off on damage at $5000 a piece

BP is not paying poor fishermen who have no paper trail, having done a cash only business

Media Corruption:
With the exception of Diane Rehm, most of American and British media is minimizing the story. NPR, the BBC are 2 of these.

• Mass suffocation of trillions of marine mammals, birds, fishes, plants, destruction of marshes for generations to come
Millions of birds set to fly into Gulf mess
The Oil Spill as Seen From Space

• Toxic rains from the oil spill could destroy the Eastern US. while hurricane winds can
spread the damage.

• Corexit and Other Oil Dispersants Neurotoxic Carcinogens No toxicity studies have been performed on Corexit 9500 or Corexit 9527, 2-butoxyethanol, the use of which was discontinued These genocidal poisons and others in use by BP are one of many reasons the US government should immediately take over the oil flow stoppage.

. Careless disregard of human life… 15 burned in a Texas refinery 11 were blown apart and their body pieces are now at sea

• Lies… about the number of gallons being dumped daily into the ocean

• Pricegouging and Pricefixing

• Convenience store junk food, trash meats, toxic sodas generating obesity… many outlets don’t recycle

• Censorship BP Cuts Live Vid After Massive New Oil Eruption Begins(video deleted)

• BP purchases politicians, e.g. Sarah Palin whose inauguration as Alaska governor was paid for by BP which wanted a small town mayor as puppet. Palin has criticized those who criticize BP as has Rand Paul, Republican corporate hack running for the Senate in Kentucky. Senate pawns such as Senator Murkowski want to cap BP liability at a ludicrously low 10 billion.
• BP Controls the BBC which is not making the story a priority
• Lobbying Against Trains, Electric Cars, and green energy they can’t control
• Curious TransOcean stock began trading on the Swiss market the day of the oil well explosion.
• Attempting to Overthrow Socialist Democratic Governments
BP and other oil companies have driven Citgo of Venezuela out of
the Midwest US.
• History
BP took over all the Sohio stations
decades ago. Sohio was a tentacle of John D Rockefeller the first’s
Standard Oil in Ohio. Rockefeller had lived in Cleveland and worked with Harvey Firestone and Henry Ford to destroy train systems in America.
the history of John D Rockefeller's oil holdings becoming part of Anglo Iranian Oil.. now

"You can't walk on that island without stepping on a nest of eggs"
said a Louisiana bird rescuer, like millions angered by the continuing
massive oil spill in the Gulf.

The same official said that sea turtles gasping for air (many
have already suffocated) had workers trying to pull oil out of
their eyes and nostrils.

Governor Jindal of Louisiana is angered by the slow response of
the federal government to BP's continuing oil spill of tens of millions
of gallons of oil.

When the EPA asked BP to use a less toxic oil dispersant in the Gulf, their reply
was hostile, said an EPA spokesperson.

BP besides causing the largest oil spill in history is dumping a 2nd poison... tens of thousands
of gallons of toxic oil dispersant.. into the waters.
Elsewhere it would be a magnanimous gesture of England's Queen to liquidate her
BP stock and give the world an example by building British high speed trains to
end some of the carclogging in British highways.
It's time for nationalization of the world's oil, minerals, diamonds,
gold. Mother Earth's treasures belong to the people, not to blood-bloated profiteers.

Federal Govt. Neglect

The Obama government has failed yet to take over control of the recapping, allowing BP to continue
day after day to damage the environment.

The Obama regime has failed to stop offshore drilling.

The Bush, Clinton and Obama regimes have allowed Exxon to use litigation delay. It has not paid a penny
of fines since the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

(Shell caused the hanging murder of 9 Nigerian environment activists including Saro-Wiwa.)

Individual Response
Disinvesting pension, mutual and other funds from BP
Networking about boycott
Prayer for the planet and all its beings

BP has 500 million dollars invested in the Univ of Calif at Berkeley. Senator Dianne Feinstein's
husband through her undue influence, insider trading, and war profiteering, besides
funneling 1 billion to her husband Richard Blum's firm, has seen to it that he was made chairman
of the Board of Overseers of the Univ of California. Will Dianne Feinstein recuse herself from
Senate votes on BP?


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