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Don't let Kagan become the Supreme Court's 6th Serial Killer
by Guillotine Dismantler Wednesday, Jun. 30, 2010 at 2:53 PM

Please call 202 224 3121 Pennsylvania senators to oppose Kagan

Don't let Kagan become the Supreme Court's 6th Serial Killer

Why is Elena Kagan's Stance in Support of the Death Penalty Or Govt. Murder Unconstitutional?

Elena Kagan made it clear in her Solicitor General
hearings and Senate nomination hearings that
she is not among the 88% of the world or 3/4
of states who refuse to commit government murder.
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Elena Kagan has said she has no qualms about enforcing a death penalty. Is this the reason that she has been nominated by Obama, who is willing to wage war and bomb civilians?

Kagan considers the death penalty constitutional and established precedent despite the fact that
a. it is cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the 8th Amendment (88% of the countries of the world have banned it while three quarters of US states do not execute).
b. it denies the executed the right of appeal
c. it denies the executed the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
d. for many years the Supreme Court in kinder times ruled it was unconstitutional
e. it is unequal enforcement of the law since 3 to 4 times the blacks as whites on death row
are executed.

If she were nominated, there would be 6 and
not 5 executioning serial killers on the Supreme Court.

Justice John Paul Stevens:
"I have relied on my own experience in reaching the conclusion that the imposition of the death penalty represents 'the pointless and needless extinction of life with only marginal contributions to any discernible social or public purposes. A penalty with such negligible returns to the state (is) patently excessive and cruel and unusual punishment violative of the Eighth Amendment,'" he said in a concurring opinion rejecting a challenge to lethal injections in Kentucky.

Justice Harry Blackmun: I shall no longer tinker
with the machinery of death. (quoted by Governor
Ryan of Illinois when he declared a moratorium
on Illinois executions) (quoted in the hearings
by Senator Dick Durbin)

Kagan also has no qualms about illegal detention, about violating the Geneva Convention.

Kagan has tried to limit the arrested person’s right to remain silent.

Kagan if nominated would make the pentocracy of the Supreme Court serial killers an hexocracy.

Isaiah: I delight not in your blood sacrifice.
Jesus: Let him without sin cast the first stone. (as he disbanded an execution)

Koran: Allah is all merciful.

Bhagavad Gita: He is closest to God who has no enemies among living beings.

Buddhist prayer: May all that have life be delivered from suffering.

Please call your Maryland and Virginia senators to ask for a vote against her.
202 224 3121

As Dean of Harvard Law, Elena Kagan was silent about that institution as the most war invested, the most ecocide invested, the most animal torturing of any US university.

As Dean of Harvard Law, Kagan defended torture advocate Alan Dershowitz.

Why is judicial murder with pens frightening? It is cold and premeditated unlike the often spontaneous and hot actions of those accused of murder.

Neither did Madame DeFarge have qualms about
supporting the death penalty.



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