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Barack Obama’s Health Care Plan Won’t Work
by Wendy Edwards Wednesday, Mar. 24, 2010 at 7:20 AM

Barack Obama’s Health Care Plan Won’t Work

Health care and health insurance issues have been at the forefront of the race for the White House in 2008. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama the Democrats
Have swindled the public again!
Is the Plan Really Universal?
Universal health coverage is a hot topic and it seems every serious candidate needs to have some sort of plan. Barack Obama created a universal health care plan, but it does not really seem that all that universal. He will allow people to have either private insurance or national health insurance, so the entire country will not be united under one plan. What happens if private insurance starts offering better rates than national insurance? It benefits the consumer, but the universal national health care policy falls by the wayside. John Edwards has called his plan “simply inadequate”, while Hillary Clinton says of his plan, “We have to achieve true universal health care.”
How does Obama plan to fund his plan? He plans to tax the wealthiest of Americans, and he also plans to use the emergency funds each state c
urrently has set aside to fund the cost of emergency uninsured medical coverage. Without these funds uninsured people will be forced to acquire health insurance, something they may be unwilling to do or afford.
Are we also going to totally rely on the wealthiest of American’s to fund our program? This often means taxes on big business. If our economy continues to go south and cash flows decrease from these businesses, are we going to have enough money to fund this program?
Government Intervention
According to Obama’s plan, the Government will be a watch dog to the health insurance industry for both national and private insurance. This can be a good thing and keep everyone in check, but it could also be a deterrent. Who knows what the government will strike down if they feel does not meet the “needs” of the program.
Can we trust the Government? No, I’m not talking about wack job conspiracies or anything. We have all seen what the Government has done to the Social Security program over the past few decades; it is possible the same thing could happen to the health insurance program: We could run out of money to fund it quicker then we think.
The bottom line is we need a comprehensive universal health care program, and as much as Obama wants to claim the opposite, this plan is not comprehensive or universal.

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