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Gathering and March in Solidarity With Those Resisting COP15
by various Thursday, Dec. 10, 2009 at 8:13 PM

Gathering in support of real action to address climate change, and in solidarity with those resisting the COP15 summit.

Bring: Flags, Signs, Banners, etc.

The United Nations COP15 Climate Conference is taking place in Copenhagen from December 7-18. Billed, perhaps a bit hyperbolically by politicians and activists, as “the last chance to save our future,” it is nonetheless an important watershed in the global grassroots effort to roll back the drastically increasing human emissions of carbon dioxide that imperil the collective future of the planet and all it’s inhabitants.

Around the world we see people's desire to dramatically reduce emissions in the face of government and corporate opposition to real change. The continued roadblocks created by corporations who worry about reduced profits and offer false solutions that will do little but increase the flow of wealth of public money to private interests. The market is not the solution. Meanwhile, those in the global south who have contributed least to the problem are now facing the effects and simultaneously being asked to accept fundamentally unfair agreements that institutionalize the right of countries such as ours to pollute at greater levels.

Thankfully, the global movement for climate justice is also in Copenhagen, where tens of thousands of people are participating in a wide range of protests and direct actions. They are there to resist corporate influence on the proceedings, pressure for more systemic change in society, and demand equitable agreements between countries. In response, as Pittsburghers are no doubt aware from our experience during the G20, Denmarks government and police are engaged in a massive campaign of disinformation and repression.

Climate change is not a single-issue concern, it is inseparable from how our societies are organized, what we produce and consume, why we do so, and for whose benefit.

December 12 has been called as a global day of action in resistance to the COP15 summit and in solidarity with that days mass protests. Whether these solidarity protests are large or small, militant or passive, they are an important expression of our solidarity. It is a solidarity which recognizes the interdependence of people across the planet.

Called for by individuals from a variety of local networks, this event supports a diversity of tactics.

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