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BNP Apartheid Racist Not Welcome Back in The US
by Antifa Friday, Nov. 13, 2009 at 9:51 AM

Antifa is encouraging all US activists to call their elected representatives, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security with any information they may have about a racist criminal alien who plans to travel to the United States this month. Arthur Benjamin Kemp, a leader in the fascist British National Party, is reportedly attempting to gain US citizenship after arranging a sham marriage with a fellow neo-Nazi and Stormfront poster, Jeannine Delp Gerace, of Mount Joy, PA.

Photos of Arthur Kemp can be found here:

Photos of Jeannine Delp Gerace can be found here:

Although the couple resides in the UK, ARA has learned Kemp and Gerace plan to visit Pennsylvania, Illinois and New York this month. It is our hope that Kemp and his “wife” are arrested as soon as they attempt to gain entry into the US.

ARA has uncovered evidence that Arthur Kemp, an outspoken opponent of undocumented workers in America, is, himself, an illegal worker in the United States. ARA has been collecting information about Kemp’s crimes for the past year. Here is some of what we know:

On or around April 2005, National Alliance chairman, Shaun Walker, knowingly hired a foreign national to work in the United States illegally. The illegal worker, Arthur Benjamin Kemp, was paid about $1,500 a month by the National Alliance for more than two years, until early Summer 2007. Kemp was paid “under the table,” with no withholding or reporting.

Internal National Alliance and National Vanguard bank wire transfer records (attached) show Kemp was paid more than $30,000 during this period. Shawn Walker’s successor, Erich Gliebe, and National Alliance business manager, Patrick Martin, are also directly implicated in the commission of this federal crime. Kemp eventually demanded a larger salary from the National Alliance and when they refused he returned to the United Kingdom to work for Nick Griffen at the British National Party.

Arthur Kemp worked illegally in the US under the name “Richard Preston.” Federal ICE agents we have spoken with suggest Kemp and the National Alliance may have committed immigration identity fraud and obstruction of justice by knowingly allowing Kemp to publicly work under an assumed name in his capacity as editor of the NA news website, racist magazine and membership bulletin. Failure to list Kemp as a paid employee of the business is an additional federal offense.

Criminal charges and civil asset forfeiture penalties can be assessed against Kemp and the National Alliance for these violations of federal law.

A formal complaint has been filed in this matter. Unfortunately, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) supervisors claim they have had to put this case “on hold” since Mr. Kemp is no longer residing in the US.

Thanks to our research, ICE received information this week that Kemp intends to attempt to travel to the United States in November 2009. Kemp is expected to be traveling to the Harrisburg, PA area, including Mount Joy, where his wife’s family resides. Jeannine’s former husband, Vincent Gerace, now takes care of the couple’s six children in Mt. Joy.

The couple may travel to New York to visit Jeannine’s racist mother, Betty MacLauglin Frandsen, who is an RN at Bridgewater Center in Binghamton NY. Photo here:

They may also be traveling to Chicago. Several of Jeannine Gerace Kemp’s children have been featured on the neo-Nazi forum “Stormfront.” Her daughter, Alyssa Gerace, is a student at North Park University in Chicago. Jeannine has posted several pictures of Alyssa on Stormfront over the years, claiming her home-schooled daughter shares her racist beliefs. Photo here:

Should Arthur Benjamin Kemp attempt to reenter the United State he will likely be arrested as a criminal alien and deported. It is hoped that Kemp will be sent back to his home country of South Africa; where authorities have finally reopened the investigation into Kemp’s involvement with the April, 1993 murder of ANC leader, Martin Thembisile “Chris” Hani.

ICE Agents have told us they are attempting to document a “timeline” of Kemp’s travels in the United States. He visited several cities selling books and conducting National Alliance business between 2005-2007. Anyone with further information about Arthur Benjamin Kemp or Jeannine Delp Gerace is encouraged to contact the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement division hotline. You need not give your name.


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