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by Kenny Hendrick Thursday, Apr. 02, 2009 at 2:25 AM (727) 277-8006 6741 Main St.

We all, irregardless of our forced pledging of allegiance, are sick....mentally (media and school helped to fill the limited capacity of the brain with slanted and foolish my opinion). With it being filled with crap there's no room for reason. By not informing the children of the real facts that our own government (or it's "sponsors") murdered all those American heroes, the minds of the people have been altered. Is murder really that glamorous anyway? Please think about that last sentence while you watch that crap they put on television and the "news". Do you as a parent still give tacit acquiesence by passing that kid off to the "schools" to get "education"?

video: windows media at 33.0 mebibytes

am of the persuasion that we all die....and that we're lucky if we live to be 50 in this neck of the woods (give or take a few years). Why NOT choose to do something good and great before we go? Choices choices...follow the crowd your government rejoices ...

You'll Notice the rulers have removed the website aforementioned
by Kenny Hendrick Sunday, May. 31, 2009 at 9:57 AM 727-277-8006 New Port Richey

In some future time there will be a stumbler on this site that will read the words contained herein and will wonder...invariably they will wonder what economic tragedy would have the poster unable to maintain a website of personal opinion or proofs to crimes by those privileged enough to be able to manipulate the media input into all of our minds.

The website is gone.

The free webspace given by RoadRunner (one of our local three choices of internet providors) has arbitrarily and summarily taken off the net those views. Who owns RoadRunner? Well it's Brighthouse (who also happens to own #2 of our local three choices for internet expression).

Monopolies. If they own everything and can simply turn off their servers offering no means of user-support or common courtesy for some forenotice, what happens when they are the killers and criminals that are robbing this country?

Enter Lobbyists. What happens when the top stockholders of these media moguls happen to be primarily non-American?

Monopolies: Killers of people (with their poisons of myriad types) and now killers of the free internet as we knew it (they simply bought up all the fun places we enjoyed).

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